Weekly Horoscope August 27 to September 2


Several opportunities present themselves at the beginning of the week, and you should go for them. You're driving for success these days -- and it's working. In spite of everything, it's important to stay grounded. A trophy for outstanding performance might land on your desk on Wednesday or Thursday. Don't let it get to your head. Coworkers see you as a role model. Do something to assist someone else on Friday. And then, this weekend, do as little as possible. Even the world's great leaders needed their rest.


Enlightenment figures strongly at the beginning of the week. You're seeing something in a whole new way. Recent developments in the business have been telling. Among other things, they've told you that you can't anticipate everything. Although one thing you can anticipate is a minor power struggle on Wednesday or Thursday. Determine whether this is really something to fight for. Is your energy best spent elsewhere? On Friday, a colleague will give you some terrific advice, and it will have something to do with not flying solo. You need allies. You need troops. You have very big goals.


Nothing is easy on Monday or Tuesday. A person you considered a trusted partner turns into an authority figure. A hidden agenda becomes apparent. As hard as this all may be to deal with, don't let it drag you down. The middle of the week is full of opportunities to learn more about the people who surround you (and more about yourself as well). Don't hold fast to your own opinions. Let yourself think radically. You'll spend Friday dreaming about making a big change. This weekend -- especially on Sunday -- seek advice from a good friend.


Whatever you say on Monday and Tuesday, speak clearly. Don't give anyone the chance to misinterpret you. And, on Wednesday, don't give anyone free reign with the budget. Everyone has a different philosophy about how money should be spent, and if someone feels particularly strongly about where the cash flow should go, hear him or her out. Then respond intellectually rather than emotionally. You are at your best when you're in a listening mode this week. That is, until Friday, when you'll be at your best simply staring out the window. The end of the week will be to relax.


Just because you know what you want doesn't make you arrogant. Unless you start behaving arrogantly. As a preventative measure, try to be helpful to other people in the beginning of the week. (And don't bore them with details about your new health regime!) Wednesday and Thursday, be as good-natured as possible, and be at the ready with solutions to the problems that your new ideas present. With all of the attention, you're under a lot of scrutiny. Friday is not the time to strike any financial deals.


You've deserved this for a while. Everything is going your way early this week. The ambitious goals you set long ago now seem more possible than ever. And in your private life, too, things are looking up. (If you're single, you might meet someone through work.) All this newness has you reevaluating the way you do everything. A change in routine might be in order Thursday. On Friday, focus on developing your relationships with other people instead of being right. Let yourself relax this weekend. Spend some time in la-la land.


A sense of imbalance has you feeling funny from the get-go this week. You just feel weird. Avoid interactions with authority figures and drink your tomato juice, and things will be better soon. They'll at least be better by Wednesday morning, when you'll wake up with rays of sunshine shooting from your head. Thursday, too, you'll feel incredible. Capitalize on that by getting closer to coworkers and being upfront with ideas in meetings. You'll set more wheels spinning than you have time to deal with come Friday, but you love to have a lot going on. This weekend, appreciate the smaller things.


You are nothing if not determined. Don't be a complete steamroller at the beginning of the week. Try to get everyone else on the same page as you on this project before you begin the march toward victory. (But congratulations about it going so well.) Your confidence is a key reason why you're successful right now. But at home, you're on crazy footing midweek. There is conflict in the air. Look into it. By Friday, you're back to your super heroic self. A work situation is going to require you to show off one of your hidden talents. Jaws will drop.


You are a magician about money on Monday and Tuesday. You can make the impossible happen without spending an extra dime. (In your own life you're keeping the budget comfortable but tight as well. Good work.) And by Wednesday, you'll be impressing people in other ways too. You are able to comprehend a lot quickly this week. Nothing is lost on you. In a conversation on Thursday, it's crucial that you keep an open mind and concentrate on the other person. On Friday, you won't be able to concentrate on anything. You'll be misplacing files right and left.


If you can take a picture of yourself on Monday or Tuesday, maybe you should. They'll be days you want to remember. Everyone will be doing what they should be doing, everything will go your way, you will get some recognition, people will tell you you're impressive, and you'll end your days full of energy. Wednesday and Thursday, by comparison, will seem a bit drab. But that come down is temporary. You'll be flying high again Friday (some creative thinking on your part will significantly advance the status of a project) and on into the weekend.


If you don't find a way to discipline yourself, you'll flail all day Monday and Tuesday. No coffee break until you get X amount done? It's funny to set goals like that, but sometimes it's also helpful. Don't worry about the bigger picture. Just get your piece of the puzzle done. Then you can really enjoy the rest of the week. Beginning Wednesday, skies are clear. On Friday, put yourself first, but don't let putting yourself first become an expensive policy. (Your bank account might not be as padded as you think.) This weekend, think about anything other than work.


Friends in high places figure into your work life at the beginning of the week. The right phone call, placed at the right time, worded the right way, may be the key to getting exactly what you want. Anyway, it's basically a done deal. Toward the middle of the week you'll have the desire to give something back to the team. Join forces with someone else who could use your good luck (and your sweat). You'll wish you could keep working on your own projects at the same time, but you should really give yourself a break. Lavish yourself this weekend.