Weekly Horoscopes for January 1 to 7


The first half of the week will be taken up with financial deals and planning. It will be slow going, but it';s important work that will get you in good with the powers that be. Even if you don't have direct control over the details, your input will be vital - so make sure you're heard. Life is much easier for you and most others late in the week, as the atmosphere seems to drop its resistance to new ideas and implementations and you get twice as much done as you'd expected. You might have to force yourself to relax this weekend.


From Monday through Wednesday, you'll feel great and really comfortable in whatever position you find yourself. That easy confidence will impress potential customers and employers alike. If you spend energy on any ongoing projects, it'll come back twice over. You might be fooled by this feeling into rushing ahead with new business ideas, but these will come back to haunt you later in the week - especially if you haven't planned them out carefully and checked in with all parties beforehand. Weekend social events might give rise to networking opportunities you hadn't expected, so turn on the charm.


Get ready for a slow few days. Monday through Thursday will be like long video game levels, with unexpected obstacles and puzzles to vex you as you try to wend your way toward your bonus points and high scores. When you reach the end, things take a definite turn for the better. You won't need to worry about keeping up with deadlines either, due to a sudden extension or your own tenacious charm. Your energy will pick up your coworkers and help create unprecedented productivity. If you need to work over the weekend, keep a tight fist on your money.


You breeze into the week high on currents of charm and good fortune. You'll be the go-to person for client meetings, investor relations and any other tasks that need a convincing smile. Lunch meetings might extend past business hours, you'll be so magnetic. Later in the week you'll want to break out of your mold a little bit and try to incite changes internally. This might take more energy than you've got to spare, but your allies will step up if you ask them. The weekend is a great time to consider where you are on your career track - and where you'd rather be.


When you start work this week, take stock of your reputation. You might not have considered it much before, but until Wednesday ends, you'll need to calibrate how other people see you so as to squeeze every last bit of productivity out of them. You can meet every objection with a little thought. Convene a group later in the week to begin long-range planning. Your natural leadership will help keep things on track, but don't be afraid of going far afield. The weekend is perfect for starting new endeavors or applying for new jobs.


Everyone gets along great for the first half of the week, even die-hard opponents. If you have rivals you need to make up with or clients who haven';t been satisfied in a while, now is the time to shine their apples. Business-related travel might be good for the bottom line. You'll have the mental energy to go over all the details of your recent plans later in the week, and the determination to correct them, no matter who gets in your way. The weekend is best spent on personal and family activities, but if you must work, try not to go it alone.


You've got three days to make a fabulous impression at the start of this week. You'll be as magnetic as ever, but equally important, those around you will be primed for your particular brand of charming energy. Just don't overdo it with any one person. The latter half of the week is good for hardcore brain work. You'll be able to sift the very best ideas out of your peers and make a killer presentation on anything from systemic trends to new marketing strategies. The weekend might be a hard one for you, so work could be troublesome or a respite, depending on your unique situation.


Your peers and customers will be a little overwhelming this week, so try to deal with them firmly but respectfully. Early on, you'll need to give up a little in order to get a lot, but make sure not to give away the store. Your gut should tell you what you need to know. Later on - say Thursday and Friday - you'll need to make sure to take lots of time to go over agreements and communications before signing off. Check every detail! The weekend is a time of power for you, so plan to make your big move then.


Take every opportunity to check in with your peers and customers early this week. Your communication style is in ascendance through Wednesday, so you should find people eager to hear what you have to say and easily swayed by your arguments. You'll be eager to keep up the good talk through the week, but as Thursday and Friday roll around, you'll find that people start to turn their attention elsewhere. You might be able to get a good brainstorming session out of it, but you'll need to make sure to include everyone. Work over the weekend will go smoothly if you're on your own.

The energy that accompanies you as you storm into work Monday will bowl over your coworkers. You're usually pretty reliable, but for the first half of the week you'll be an unstoppable powerhouse of creativity, coming up with ideas and implementations that will stun everyone. You might attract attention later in the week that could lead to unwelcome diversions and distractions. Try to gently remind people that you've got to take care of business. You will most likely need to address some residual issues over the weekend, but you'll still be up for it.


The first half of this week might just drive you nuts. You'll be stuck with old projects, possibly redoing work you thought you'd never have to touch again. You might be able to drag some of your peers in to help you. Things pick up in a big way on Thursday, when you hit it off with someone new - client, coworker or even the barista at the local cafe. There could be a romantic connection there, but it will definitely pick up your spirits. You might have to bear down and finish up some work over the weekend, but once you're over this hump, it should be relatively smooth sailing.


Writing, email, sms - all of these will suit your style perfectly for the first part of the week. You'll be able to express yourself in writing more fluidly and persuasively than face-to-face - but don't let that stop you from attending meetings or interviews, where your charm will still shine through. By Thursday you'll feel overwhelmed by all the responses, and might have to take some time out just to prioritize them and figure out how to respond. The weekend will be fun and open up new creative outlets for you, whether you're at work or on your own.

Weekly horoscopes for December 25 to 31


Your reputation precedes you this week - whether you're known for slacking or getting the job done, that perception will determine how people react to you. Midweek, you'll find that you're meeting deadlines faster than expected, and probably will want to turn your attention to setting new goals. Problems will arise late in the week with clients or coworkers, so take extra care with your interpersonal relations and make sure that you keep everyone on the same page. The weekend is a time of rejuvenation; your energy will come back with interest.


Starting the week with a rush of power isn't all bad. Monday brings a sense of place that you might not have had before in this position -you should be able to exert your presence more than usual. Through the middle of the week, you'll find yourself enmeshed in struggles with your closest rivals that might feel silly on the surface but are deadly serious at a deeper level. Allies come to your aid by the end of the week, and if you ask for any level of help you'll be sure to get it. Be careful with spending over the weekend.


If you stick with your own immediate projects on Monday, you'll do fine -but teamwork and schmoozing will be difficult at best. Things pick up dramatically right away, and by Wednesday at the latest you'll be trading hot ideas back and forth with your peers. Your brainpower is peaking, so make the most of it. The end of the week sees you thinking about tweaking your career path, maybe in a radical new direction. It will be hard to figure out the specifics, so don't jump on any plan of action just yet. Ask some friends from outside the workplace for advice.


Monday is one of those all-too-typical Mondays when you'd rather wrap yourself up in your blankets than face the day. If you force yourself to work, though, you'll find that you can whiz through paperwork in record time. Financial issues, most likely related to higher-risk investments, come up midweek and might require a team effort to deal with. Thursday and Friday bring a surge of energy that forces your mind out of its narrow focus on work, but you might find some intriguing possibilities out there. Take it easy over the weekend and do your own thing.


Even though you're excited about your big plans, try to keep a lid on them, at least during Monday. Secrecy isn't that important, but few will share your enthusiasm quite yet. A big storm rolls into the workplace midweek - you might find yourself swept up in fights that arise out of nothing and disappear as quickly as they came. Don't let them make a permanent dent in your relationships. Stay away from high-level financial dealing later in the week. Make sure you research every possibility thoroughly.


The week starts with a burst of positive energy that will make even the dullest tasks feel worthwhile. It won't be hard to share this energy, so feel free to let others in on the secret. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you should be far enough ahead of yourself to take time out for reorganizing and making your routine more efficient. There might be tensions under the surface later in the week. Try not to make them worse with idle comments that might be misinterpreted. Work slowly over the weekend, if at all.


Monday brings a blast from the past: an old decision, project or coworker comes back to haunt you. It won't be the most pleasant experience, but you should be able to dismiss it with ease. Once that's taken care of, the week lightens up tremendously and you find yourself having a great time, skirting the edge of flirtation with coworkers or customers while never going too far. The fun gives way to busy-time late in the week, so be ready for more work than you can comfortably squeeze into eight hours. Good teamwork can get things done, but it will still take heroic efforts.


Monday is optimal for starting new projects and relationships. If it's your first day on a new job, it's extremely auspicious. In any case, put all concerns about new things aside for the day. There might be some troubles stirring in your immediate workplace midweek; try not to get involved unless you absolutely must. Thursday and Friday should see these troubles smoothed out, while you personally feel a new sense of excitement that should reinforce Monday's good feelings. You could be obligated to work this weekend, but you shouldn't mind too much.


Monday's issues are all about money, so be ready to crunch numbers and make your projections look better than they've ever been before. Once that's out of the way, you can turn to wooing new customers or schmoozing your supervisors to get that new pet project going. It shouldn't be tough, as you'll have charm to spare. Thursday and Friday will be harder for you - your energy level will never quite reach the peak you want it to, and you might have to leave work unfinished until the weekend. Your energy will pick up then, so try sneaking into the office on Saturday or Sunday.


Monday is just about as close to perfect as you can get - everything goes smoothly, there are few interruptions, and the spirit of agreement reigns supreme. Financial issues will dominate your attention for much of the week. Whether you're thinking of new investments, refinancing assets or just drawing up budget projections, use a little extra caution. You'll be glad you did. As the week draws to a close, most of your peers will seem to be stuck in their heads, while you're focused on reality. You won't be able to prod them out of it, so stick to your own projects.


Monday will be tough, with more than a hint of discipline coming from on high. It probably won't be focused squarely on you, but you'll definitely feel the effects. Tuesday brings a breath of fresh air and you'll be recognized for the quality of your ideas (not to mention the sheer number of them). Sound warnings about the financial situation later in the week - things might be rosy now, but you'll have the insight to see that the situation won't last forever. The weekend might bring you a fantastic new plan, so write it down for later.


You'll have plenty of help on Monday as coworkers and even supervisors check in to see what you need. Don't be shy about asking. Return the favors midweek - find out where you can make the biggest splash, then dive in. Your thinking will be much clearer than usual. Late in the week your intuitions will be strong and powerful. Listen carefully, then make sure to get the message out. You can make faster progress on your own projects if you focus on them. Try to avoid work over the weekend if possible; your time will be better spent in personal pursuits.

Weekly horoscopes for November 27 to December 3


Your management instincts are sharp early in the week and you'll know exactly where to allocate resources to solve any problem that comes your way. It's a good time to score some points with higher-ups. Midweek you might be called upon to lead a meeting or work group out of its in-the-box thinking. You might be surprised at how quickly the team lines up behind you. Toward the end of the week you'll want to focus on old business and not worry too much about new or future projects. Sunday comes with a bang, and you might be energised enough to burn through some work.


The early days of the week will be especially productive. If you need to firm up plans for travel or long-distance communication, do so now. By midweek you could find yourself drawn into a low-key power struggle centred on superficial qualities like dress or office decoration. Let it pass if you can. Make sure you've got the team on your side late in the week -- though it's a good time to get your wildest ideas implemented, you won't get far without your peers. Take it easy Sunday and don't worry about the rat race so much.


Other people will be problematic early in the week, so if you can lie low and stick with your own projects you should be fine. Try to put off meetings until Wednesday or later. By then the rest of the world should be more receptive to your point of view and you might find yourself unusually persuasive. Late in the week it's likely that you'll feel restless and anxious for a change in your job. Play around with different ideas, but don't settle on anything permanent or irrevocable. On Sunday you might have to make a bold move to ensure things go well in the week to come.


It might be friendly fire, but it'll still sting on Monday when problems with coworkers erupt into craziness. You might feel better hiding in your cube, but eventually you'll have to come out and face it. Money issues crop up midweek, and everyone around you will need to pitch in to make them right again. By Friday you'll be back on top of the game and ready to think big about the future -- yours and your industry's. If there's work to be done Sunday, get it over with quickly. You'll be prone to frustration, but your mind will be sharp.


You'll be on top of the world early in the week -- but don't let your enthusiasm be mistaken for arrogance. Make sure you listen to what everyone around you has to say. Midweek you might have to let go of a certain amount of power or territory in order to reap larger gains in the future. Take the long view. Toward the end of the week your sharp business sense will be dulled a little; it's a good time for research and fact-finding, but not so much for negotiation. Sunday will be fun even if you're chained to a desk.


The early portion of the week brings the first wave of visible reward for all the hard work you've put in lately. You might want to take a short break to celebrate. Open up to new ideas midweek, especially those regarding restructuring or new organisational schemes. Even people you ordinarily wouldn't think twice about might have ideas worth hearing out. By Friday you'll have so much going on that you won't be able to take on any new projects or business, so try to hunker down and work with what you've got. It might be worthwhile on Sunday to take some time to figure out budget issues.


Old grudges or battles come back to haunt you early this week. It won't feel quite right -- in fact, you might feel like you're stuck in a time warp, but at least you'll have learned from any mistakes you may have made the first time. Midweek you'll be over it and ready to move on -- new projects and assignments will be especially appealing. You should be able to convince your boss of almost anything. It's a narrow window, because Friday brings restrictions and large-scale structural impediments to projects that will slow you down until next week at the earliest.


Your interpersonal mojo is strong early this week -- it's a great time to sign new agreements, cajole favour out of the boss, ask for extensions or just get things you need out of those who are ordinarily reluctant. All this goodness is balanced midweek with a little workplace tension, especially if you've been flaunting your recent good fortune. Supervisors will be especially touchy and unresponsive. On Friday you'll fly under everyone's radar to pull off a magnificent coup, possibly something you didn't even think you could make happen. Congratulations! Take the weekend to celebrate.


Every business has money troubles, but early this week you'll have to think your way out of a doozy. The answer will lie in redefining values in one way or another, and you'll look good when you come out the other side. Midweek you can practically feel sparks of social energy flying off of you. It's a great time for picking up new contacts and meeting new partners or clients. Friday will feel like a Monday to you as you drag yourself into work and fight inertia to get anything done. You might want to take time to think strategically. You can make up for lost time on Sunday.


Everything works perfectly on Monday and Tuesday, with all the pieces of your projects sliding right into place. Expect recognition for your hard work. Money issues pop up midweek, and you'll find that a new scheme to save bucks or organise finances will be all hat and no cattle. You won't be able to stop it, but you can guide it in the right direction if you act quickly. Lateral thinking rules Friday, and you'll be best suited to make practical use of the wild ideas floating all around. Sunday could bring a conflict between your family and career.


Monday is just like Mondays always are -- slow, confusing and weird. This time it stretches out through Tuesday, but you can glide through it all by sticking with the grunt work you have to get done and not moving far from your work space. By Wednesday the whole world will shift in your favour and you'll find yourself exploring radical new territories and possibly wiggling your way toward a promotion. Check finances on Friday -- there's a good chance that there's some unnecessary spending that's eluded your attention up until now.


Expect a change in leadership early in the week. It might not be dramatic, just a shift in power toward someone different. You might be able to guide the process subtly. Midweek it will seem hard to focus on the mundane tasks at hand, but if you can get to work on a creative project or a free-form brainstorming session, you'll be in your element. By Friday you'll feel right at home wherever you are and able to devote your full attention to anything you like. Odds are you'll be in demand as people realise how on top of things you are.

Weekly Horoscopes for October 16 to 22


This week you’ll have to watch your back, especially at work where some of your associates are determined to stop you in your tracks. Be more proactive, your perceived lack of interest might be the catalyst for their actions. Money seems to be coming in towards the end of the week.


Changes in your love life are in the stars for you, and they are for the better. You’ll finally decide to let go of a toxic relationship and start over again with someone more worthy. If you’re the one with the bad attitude a harsh lesson will be served to you, watch your mouth.


Faraway places and new beginnings on the job front are very likely for you, or you may be seriously thinking about taking your life in a new direction. Ideas that you come up with this week have a very high chance of becoming a resounding success, so stick with them.


You’ll have the distinct impression that members of your extended family are throwing everything in to make your life hell, relax it’s just an impression. Your best bet is to cut all communications with them and focus on your near and dear ones. Singles will have an excellent chance of meeting someone new.


All things related to property and money will require your full attention this week. This could go either way, depending on your actions in the past. If you’ve been frugal and disciplined, you’ll reap significant rewards, otherwise some kind of damage control will need to be put in place.


In typical Virgo style you’ll act cold and distant towards others, especially at the beginning of the week. There is no reason for this kind of behaviour as the stars are determined to make your life a wonderful place to be. Money and love are looking up, what else could you want.


Your diplomatic skills will come very handy this week, especially at work where a conflict with a colleague could spiral out of control. You’ll be able to defuse the situation and even save face for everyone involved. Bosses will be very impressed.


This week there will be lots of work on your plate, and you’ll feel like throwing in the proverbial towel at times. Don’t despair, it happens to the best of us. If you really can’t take it, go on a short holiday to recharge your batteries. A secret love affair is in the stars, could this be the source of your anxiety?


Staying away from the rumour mill at work is never a bad idea, however this week you’ll hear some interesting things about a rival. Act indifferent but make a note of what is being said, soon you’ll be able to use it to your advantage.


Your work load is set to grow exponentially and travel for business is very likely this week. You always claimed that you can work better and more than others, here is your chance to prove it. The hectic pace will die down towards the end of the week. An outing with friends will put a smile back on your face.


Everything related to foreign lands will bring you success this week. A job, a relationship or just learning about a foreign culture will somehow make your life significantly better in the future. At work your leadership qualities could finally be recognised for their true value. Your rivals will be forced to admit that you were right all along.


Hidden desires could come to the surface this week, which could prompt you to act on impulse, especially in your love life, where a secret liaison seems like a good idea. On the other hand you could become very passionate about a career goal that you want to achieve. A new you is emerging.

Weekly Horoscopes for August 7 to 13


Your social life will pick up this week with gatherings and parties being at the center of your interests. Love or possibly lust will also feature prominently and the above gatherings will be the source of it. Do be careful however, not to cause a scandal out of a misunderstanding. Staying well away from gossip at the workplace will be a necessity, or else.


Your professional life failed to bring the results you’ve hoped for, so this week you’ll be doing whatever you can to discover new ways of moving forward. It looks like your work will not be in wain, you will find a way out of your present predicament even if it’s a fresh start altogether. Revelations about certain friends and co-workers will make decisions easier for you.


You can expect an eventful week at work. The image you project is attracting a lot of attention your way, and a lot of envy too. The great unwashed masses will try their best to take you down, but to no avail. At times it may feel like you’re all alone but rest assured that the people who count are on your side, they trust in you, don’t betray their trust.


Your attitude towards certain family members will need to be revised. Forgive and forget seems to be the best strategy at this time. If wounds are deep, then reducing contact to a minimum or a parting of ways could be in order. Listen to your gut feeling and follow its advice. To a lesser extent the same energies could be applied to a work situation where a rethinking of alliances will be necessary.


If you’re not on holiday this week then you’ll do everything in your power to take one soon. Events going down at work will be anything but glamorous. Whether good or bad it will be up to your individual karma, but the effects will stay with you for a long time to come. Personal relationships could also see a changing of the guard in some way.


The way you relate to certain of your co-workers will change this week, and not for the better. Gossip you got involved into will come back to haunt you, some of you will even be asked to leave. Otherwise keep your head down and your mouth shut until the whole thing blows over. Be mindful of your spending towards the end of the week.


The current wave of endings and beginnings will be a theme for your sign too, but this time in your love life. If single, a fairy tale romance could begin this week, likely with someone born in a different country than yours. If coupled, and the relationship had more than its fair share of problems, then events this week will be the final straw and you will decide to end it all right here.


You’re looking at a period where your domestic situation could change dramatically, and it’s all connected to your love life, of course. You could be moving in with someone, starting a family, buying a house or, on the downside, you could finally leave someone and a place behind forever. Some of you may have seen this coming for a while, but for most of you the events of this week will be completely unexpected. Stay strong.


Family members or close friends could get you into a lot of trouble this week, if you let them. Some of them engage in self-destructive behaviour and you’ll feel the need to intervene. It’s ok to give advice but go no further than that, don’t make their drama your own, it will be your undoing. Stay out of it and focus on your own path in life.


Be very careful in your profession this week, as you could be led down a garden path. What you hear may not be the entire story and if you make final decisions based on these half-truths you’ll live to regret them sooner rather than later. It could also be a case where the truth was out in the open, you just chose to ignore it because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.


Clarity on the work front is in store for those of your sign this week. A murky situation will suddenly clear and this will help you make a decisive move. A steady hand will be needed to resolve a personal situation where you will finally be able to leave behind a place or person you don’t like. Money expected to come in will fail to show, don’t make it worse by overspending.


You’ve suspected for some time now that enemies are watching your very move at work. Information coming to light this week will confirm your suspicions, and they are not who you’d think. A confrontation may be unavoidable but at least you know where you stand. Don’t let events at work overshadow other parts of your life, it’s just not worth it.

Weekly Horoscopes for July 31 to August 6


Your connections with foreigners or foreign institutions are well aspected this week, there is also a growing need to pay more attention to your work which will soon bring benefits to your way; maybe the two are connected. In your private life you do need to pay more attention to the needs of your dear ones otherwise arguments and quarrels will be unavoidable.


Work and finances are the central theme for you this week. You will have to opportunity to show off your talents and that could improve your finances significantly. The launching of new projects is well supported not only by the stars but also by people in influential positions. The only downside this week is related to the jealousy of your co-workers, best to stay away from gossip.


You are a bundle of energy and a force to be reckoned with, however this also makes you somewhat impulsive in you relations with others which could cause some conflict, especially at work. New beginnings, new courses of action in all fields are strongly aspected for you this week and the heavens are backing you. You will get a blast from the past this week, either in the form of someone whom you haven’t seen in a long while or unresolved issues from your past will come back to your attention with a chance to be resolved for good.


Your relations with the people around you can be pretty chaotic and stressful this week, but these are only a mirror image of how you feel inside. Try and relax more, this will improve your standing with others as well. Some uncomfortable truths will come to light in your relationships with associates and co-workers. This may sound bad but in reality it will show you who has your best interest at heart and who doesn’t.


This continues to be a good period relating to studies, learning new thing and taking exams. Your mental state will be in top form. Not so good will be your relations with foreigners or foreign entities of all kinds which will cause you a lot of stress especially if they are work related. Unnecessary spending may also creep up on you so keep an eye on your budget and buy only what you need.


Family members and your dealings with them are at the forefront of this week’s forecast for you. Inheritance issues could be solved in your favour and that could improve your finances significantly. Your relations with your children are tense right now, more so if you are dealing with teenagers. Try and remember how you were at that age and give them some space, this will improve their self-esteem which is the greatest gift a parent can give to their child.


You could receive some unfortunate news relating to associates and co-workers, their job may be at risk and this could have implications for you as well. You are pinning great hopes to a recent love interest which may be unrealistic, you will reach a definitive conclusion this week. Relations with family members are tense as you feel that they are holding you back in some way. They may have your best interest at heart but you should live your own life.


You uncompromising attitude could lead to upheaval in your home. Problems with children and the family budget are coming to your attention this week. A heavy handed approach will not be the right answer, listen to what the others have to say and reach a compromise. On the career front leave your personal problems at the door, they will still be there when you go home.


This is a time of reckoning for you in all fields of life but especially so in your career. Either you have put in the hard work and now your reaping the benefits or you have slacked off and now you have to face the music. Either way the final showdown is this week. Your love life looks more like a train crash than a relationship but this has been going on for a while for you and it will be for some time to come.


Personal finances are the leading theme in your life this week. Issues relating to an inheritance may come up between you and close relatives, try to keep your calm and don’t overreact. Seek the advice of people in the know. Discussions relating to your family budget may also come up with your spouse or children, try to come up with a way of managing your daily expenses and cut unnecessary spending.


Behind the scenes activities are not only favoured by the stars for you right now, they are also recommended. Unscrupulous people may take advantage of you if you share your future plans with everyone. Long distance associations of all kinds are well starred at this time, romantic ones will have a great chance of success. You might reach a cherished goal soon.


Gossip and misinformation are prevalent in your work environment at this time. Do your job to the best of your ability and ignore the rumour-mongers. Despite this you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you have friends and supporters who have your best interests at heart. Frivolous spending might creep up on your budget towards the end of the week, try and contain it. 

Weekly Horoscopes for July 17 to 23


This week it looks like you’re going to splash the cash on the needs of some of your family members, children most likely. The trouble is, you may not agree entirely with the purpose of this expense. Even if you have a valid point try to explain it in a calm and collected manner. For the singles among you a new love is on the horizon toward the end of the week.


Work and money will be the main themes of the week for you. It could go either way, you could receive news of a raise or you’ll be dissatisfied with how much you’re being paid and you’ll set off for pastures new. Whatever the case a new situation will improve your financial outlook. Promises made by some of your friends will be broken.


Love is featuring prominently in your stars Gemini. A new romance or the promise of one will get you into a state of euphoria. As all of this is most likely to happen at work, tread very carefully. You’re still centre stage and every word and gesture is scrutinised so make sure you don’t neglect your duties. On the other hand, it is this attention that will bring love your way.


You’re standing in front of some major changes happening in your career this week. An ongoing problem could finally be solved, or an important new project will be launched. Decisions you make now will be in place for a very long time to come, so keep that in mind. Financial dealings and investments are favourable this time, especially if property is involved.


Long distance dealings and communication will require your attention this week. You could be making the final arrangements for the trip of a lifetime. The voyage you undertake could be permanent, as you could be moving to the other side of the country or emigrating to a foreign land. Leaving your past behind you will be key to your future happiness.


The lack of funds for a household purchase will cause arguments with family members this week. Each of you will blame another for careless spending and although, there is some truth to what is being said, the blaming game has no winners. The only solution will be to sit down at the kitchen table and come up with a budget and savings plan for every member of the household.


The image you project at work is somehow not in line with what is expected from you by management. Your working style could be out of place or ineffective. If your superiors fail to provide you with any feedback, you will have to pay more attention and start taking behavioural cues from the more successful among your colleagues. While imitating success is not possible, it could improve your image somewhat.


If you’re planning to launch a new business, then the stars have your back this week. Any decision that will have a major impact on your future can be taken in confidence this time, as you have the necessary clarity and energy to follow them through successfully. The downside is, you’ll tend to neglect your family life, but you can’t have it all.


Your personal relationships are going through a stormy patch right now. Your partner could complain about the fact that you’re never there for them or your children. To avoid more serious problems, schedule more time to spend with your family this week. Better yet take a long holiday together and have fun. A family that plays together, stays together.


Financial dealings related to your home are at the forefront of your activities this week. You could be approved for a loan to buy a house or you could refinance the existing one. At the very least you will spend some money on a home improvement project. Needless to say, you’ll have to be very careful with all documents you’re required to sign. Read the fine print.


At the beginning of the week try your best to minimise the damage caused by recent tension in the workplace. Keep your head down and do the best work you possibly can. You’ve hurt someone with a big ego recently and they’re not going to let it go, so do your best to avoid them. In your love life a certain suspicion is creeping in regarding your partner.


Happy moments in your family life are in the stars for you this week. Going on a long family vacation is very likely and it looks like you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Your spending is set to skyrocket but for once you don’t care, the smile on your children’s faces is priceless. If you don’t have a family of your own, you’ll have one soon as love is looking very promising.

Weekly Horoscopes for July 10 to 16


Some stressful aspects are foreseen in your dealings with family members and anything related to your house, living arrangement etc. Try to take things one day at a time and maintain your composure at all times; you’ll survive. Job interviews, examinations or any other test taken have a high chance of success, so focus your energies on these this week.


This week you’ll be thinking a great deal about investments and other ways to increase your income. Property related investments are very much favoured by the stars, as long as you practise due diligence in all paperwork and financial aspects. Crunch those numbers, they never lie, although people might.


Love is coming and it’s going to hit you like a freight train. Those of your sign often take evasive action against Cupid’s arrows, but this time he will not miss. If someone is trying to love you, don’t fight them, there is happiness in surrender. Professionally you’re very much the center of attention so be on your best behaviour, whatever that means for you.


You’re in front of deep and long lasting changes on the home front, and for those of your sign, that’s a touchy area indeed. You could move, renovate or people will come and go from the household, and all of this will make you very uneasy. If you were planning any of these things, then this is the best time to get started as the full support of the universe is behind you.


At work you could be dragooned into a new project that you don’t really fancy. This could cause some tension between you and your superiors. Refrain from expressing your opinion to categorically, chances are you’ll grow to like the thing you’re involved in. As an added bonus, new colleagues will be brought in and you’ll click with them instantly.


Conflicts and miscommunication with teenagers in your family are still a theme for you. Observe from a distance their behaviour, but don’t try to shape them to your image or isolate them from life’s hardships entirely. Allow them to fail early, it will be an invaluable lesson for them later on. Otherwise, watch your spending.


At work, rivals and some of your superiors continue to undermine your authority. Your only option will be to go on a charm offensive and bring colleagues to your side, let them empower you. Your love life on the other hand, will bring you many happy moments. If you’re looking you could meet the love of your life, and it will come with a celestial blessing too.


Things are picking up on the job front and you’ll have to do your best to keep up, otherwise you’ll be left in the dust. The road to success is rough and bumpy, but the rewards will be all worth it. Foreign connections seem to be favoured more than others, so focus your energies on those. You could also have a craving to go on a trip to an exotic place. Do it, if you have the means, you’ll have pleasant memories for a lifetime.


This week you can so easily get into financial trouble. For some reason you don’t pay attention to what you sign or what you buy. Leave your credit cards and pen at home, just to be safe. Try and postpone the conclusion of any important financial deal, if you can. If you can’t, you’ll be better off employing the services of a professional (accountant, lawyer, financial adviser etc.).


Business relationships are rather tense this week, as nothing is going according to plan, or so it seems. It’s very possible that the world is not out to get you, you just project some of your insecurities onto others, and this erodes trust. The root of all evil is probably on the home front, where you don’t feel you get the emotional support you need.


Storm clouds that were building on the work front, are ready to unleash their fury. Decisions that were forever postponed will be taken now, and it will all boil down to past performance. If you have a clean conscience you’ll emerge a winner, otherwise start updating that resume now. Events going down this week will influence your life for a long time to come, so plan accordingly.


Events involving your children or their behaviour could cause you some serious concern this week. A long distance trip could be taken to come to their help in some way. Teenagers are obviously more likely to cause trouble, but younger children should not be spared supervision. If it’s not your kids who get into trouble then they could be younger relatives, neighbours or kids that you work with.

Weekly Horoscope for July 3 to 9


Communication off all kinds will play an important role in your life, this week. Long distance dealings could be especially profitable as you could get a job that requires relocation to a faraway place or you could be accepted by a prestigious university that’s not in your hometown. Whatever happens, it’s guaranteed to make you happy.


Earnings from you regular job could increase this week, but the workload will increase accordingly. You could inadvertently be dragged into a power struggle that’s going on between some of your superiors at work. There are only 2 options here, either you stay on the winning side or you stay well away from it all, which I would recommend.


Money is prominent in your stars this week; you’ll either see it coming in by the bucket loads or you’ll stay up late at night to figure out a way to make this happen. Events this week will have a positive impact on your future finances, one way or the other. At work your style brings you infamy and hordes of envious co-workers. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the losers, you’re so much better than them, and they know it.


You’re full of energy this week and it will have a positive impact on your work performance. This will attract the appreciation of your superiors, but your co-workers will be annoyed, as you make them look like they’re slackers. Don’t worry about them, looking good in the eyes of management is what counts at a job, not popularity.


Your recent efforts in the work sphere could finally land you a new position or more likely, a new job altogether. Foreigners and their influence will be key to your success this week. New relationships in your personal life are also well starred, with new being the word emphasised. Embrace the things that are coming to you at this time, you’ll be glad you did.


Misunderstandings with people in your inner circle will abound this week. This will prompt you to start a weeding process, and distance yourself from those who are nothing but a drag to your life. Conflicts could arise between you and some of your children, mostly because they have expectations that you’re unable to fulfil. If they’re teenagers of working age let them get a part-time job, that will snap them right back to reality.


At work you’re eager to push things through on a recent project that took up a lot of your time. Alas, it’s not going to be that easy, the machinations of your peers will constantly block your way. Try and identify the influencers in your circle and strive to be on good terms with them. They may not be the ones you think. If all else fails, take a vacation, things will look different after a break.


Conflicts at work will exacerbate and hidden enemies will come out of the woodwork, but at least you’ll know who they are. The good news is, that whenever things escalate like this, the end is near. Make no mistake about it, justice will be served; if you’ve done nothing wrong no harm will touch you, on the other hand, you may want to update your resume.


A promotion or some kind of leg-up in your career is very likely this week. Before you get the keys to the kingdom though, you may have to take a trip, possibly to visit company HQ. Personal finances will likely require some attention, prompting you to revise a budget or even apply for a new loan. Take out only as much as you need, or you’ll regret it before the year is out.


A state of conflict continues to prevail on the work front, and even though you get moral support from friends and family, the problems will not go away by themselves. Towards the end of the week you could come up with a solution, and it may well be that you’ll seek pastures new. Chances are a new job will be far better than the one you’re leaving behind.


This week you should employ the utmost care in all of your dealings with colleagues and associates at work. You could so easily step on the toes of people with great influence and they will strike back. Things you said a long time ago will come back and haunt you. Your love life on the other hand is doing very well; new relationships have every chance to stand the test of time.


Problems in your close relationships will rear their ugly heads once again, and this time you’re determined to put an end to them. Yes, this could mean that you’ll have to issues the walking papers of an on again, off again lover. Tolerating this state of affairs any further will only make things worse, so deal with it now.

Sexual Compatibility



Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Pisces with Aries

Pisces is a sensitive dreamer, Aries an aggressive doer. Pisces’ idea of a romantic date may be a night at the opera, while the ram would rather go to a basketball game. However, each is caring, idealistic, and romantic. If Pisces is willing to feed the ram’s ego, you two should get along okay.

Pisces with Taurus

Both are ultimate romantics, and share a deep appreciation for beauty, art, and music. Although dreamy Pisces may sometimes try the bull’s famous patience, you two have much to give each other. As long as Pisces is caring and attentive, the bull is usually willing to overlook the inevitable differences.

Pisces with Gemini

These two Mutable signs have some interests in common, but their differing temperaments make this an uncertain match-up. Gemini may be captivated by the elusive fish’s air of mystery, but has little patience with Pisces’ emotional outbursts. The twin’s cool indifference can drive the needy, ultra sensitive fish straight up the wall.

Pisces with Cancer

This is a very compatible combination. You two feel safe together, because you’re tuned to the same wavelength and are able to protect each other’s feelings. However, both are extremely sensitive. When hurt or disappointed, the crab crawls off to hide in his or her shell and brood in silence, whereas the emotional fish collapses in tears.

Pisces with Leo

Leo and Pisces often find themselves attracted to each other, precisely because they are so different. The fish is fascinated by Leo’s dramatic persona, and the lion is intrigued by Pisces’ mystical aura. Still, before long, flamboyant Leo begins to grate on the fish’s nerves, and Pisces’ moodiness gives the lion cause to bolt for the exit.

Pisces with Virgo

Virgo is cerebral, reserved, and fault finding. Pisces is super emotional and easily hurt. Even so, Pisces finds Virgo’s common sense approach to life comforting. Pisces is a warm, generous lover, capable of sensing Virgo’s moods and desires, and the naturally reserved virgin is intrigued and turned-on by the fish’s unrestrained sensuality.

Pisces with Libra

You two are the classic “people who need people.” Each is romantic, caring, and idealistic, and you get along well together because you both want peace and harmony. Sexually you two are compatible, but emotionally you are on different planets. Pisces’ clingy nature tends to scare Libra, and the scales’ cool detachment upsets the fish.

Pisces with Scorpio

The fish may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the scorpion’s power and intensity, but Pisces really likes having someone to lean on. Both are moody, yet Pisces has some difficulty understanding Scorpio’s need to be alone during dark times. Still, you two are genuine soul mates and share the Water signs’ deep psychic connection.

Pisces with Sagittarius

A match between these two can be difficult. Although Pisces is attracted to Sagittarius’ buoyant vitality, the archer’s spirit can be dampened by the fish’s tendency toward dependency. Archers are adventurous wanderers; fish are homebodies. When Pisces longs to spend time with Sagittarius, the archer usually has someplace to go.

Pisces with Capricorn

Despite differences in temperament, you two have a great deal to offer one other. While Capricorn is not as emotional as Pisces, the goat is protective and can be surprisingly patient when dealing with the fish’s insecurities. Pisces is kind and caring, and looks up to Capricorn in a way that makes the goat feel appreciated.

Pisces with Aquarius

A successful match between these two can be difficult to achieve. Pisces is arguably the most emotional sign in the zodiac; Aquarius the least emotional one. Although each of you is a visionary who gets off on helping people, in other ways you are very different. Compromise is the best hope for this pairing.

Pisces with Pisces

As psychic soul mates, you make an outstanding team. Thanks to the innate passivity of your natures, there is sure to be little conflict when you are together. However, neither of you is focused on the practical realities of daily living. Too much alike to avoid chaos, you may require hired help to keep your domestic lives in order.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius with Aries

True friendship and tolerance of idiosyncrasies form the basis of this relationship, even in its most passionate moments. You both love freedom and adventure, and can enjoy being together without trying to tie each other down. Problems may arise if Aries gets bossy, because Aquarius refuses to be dominated.

Aquarius with Taurus

If the choice of a lover was ruled by the head instead of the heart, neither of these Fixed signs is likely to be the other’s first pick. The bull wants material things, and the water bearer is far more interested in ideas. Even so Taurus is intrigued by Aquarius’s unconventionality and is interested in seeing where it can lead.

Aquarius with Gemini

This pairing often begins with a harmonious companionship that eventually grows into love. Even if the romantic relationship ends, these two airy partners are almost always able to salvage their friendship. The only real problem with this match-up is that both Gemini and Aquarius tend to be erratic and unlikely to commit.

Aquarius with Cancer

A love match between this pair can be difficult and requires a lot of compromise. Each is of you is caring, giving, and compassionate, albeit in different ways. Cancer’s possessiveness makes the freedom-loving water bearer uncomfortable, and Aquarius’s inability to respond to emotional needs is guaranteed to upset the sensitive crab.

Aquarius with Leo

With Leo and Aquarius there is no hidden agenda, what you see is what you get! However, your initial attraction to each other may be nipped in the bud if the water bearer insists on analysing the lion’s actions and decisions. Or if Leo tries to dominate, since no one can tell the fiercely independent Aquarian what to do.

Aquarius with Virgo

Temperamentally you’re very different, but on a mental level you’re both cerebral and analytical. Virgo delights in efficiency and order and may find the water bearer’s chaotic approach to life somewhat unnerving. Even so, a match between you two can result in a happy union if you’re able to confront your problems in a rational manner.

Aquarius with Libra

Each of you is extremely friendly and sociable, while remaining somewhat detached emotionally. Libra is focused on partnership and dislikes spending time alone, while Aquarius is independent and needs some space. However, you two can resolve most of your differences by talking them through.

Aquarius with Scorpio

Scorpio is the most controlling sign, and Aquarius is the least controllable. Whereas the scorpion is super emotional, the water bearer is cool-headed and logical. Yet Aquarius finds Scorpio’s compelling magnetism alluring, and the sexy scorpion is often fascinated by the quirky water bearer’s freewheeling Bohemianism.

Aquarius with Sagittarius

Although the fiery archer may not understand the water bearer’s remoteness, the intense mental connection between you usually makes up for any lack of emotional intimacy. Your shared curiosity and adventurous spirits extend to the bedroom, where the lovemaking is sure to be imaginative, uninhibited, and full of fun.

Aquarius with Capricorn

Both the goat and the water bearer are physically responsive, yet emotionally cool. Aquarius is a rebel; Capricorn is conventional. Still, a curious fascination can arise between you. Aquarius cherishes independence and may prefer friendship to commitment, but the goat can be persuasive.

Aquarius with Aquarius

Sexually, you two are well matched. Although not as passionate as some, as lovers you’re inventive and open-minded. You know how to stimulate each other mentally and physically and, while your emotional temperatures may be a bit cooler than those of other couples, the bond of loyalty between you is stronger than most.

Aquarius with Pisces

It can be difficult for you two to satisfy each other’s needs. Pisces demands attention and proof of love, when all Aquarius wants is to be left alone. Sexually, the sensuous fish projects an air of mystery that fascinates the water bearer, but the spell can be easily broken if your intimate moments turn into an emotional tug of war.

Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Capricorn with Aries

The typical ram is vivacious and outgoing, the goat reserved and cautious. As romantic partners, you two could have some major obstacles to overcome. Although lusty Capricorn is intrigued by Aries’ smouldering sex appeal, problems may arise if the possessive, domineering goat attempts to control the independent-minded ram.

Capricorn with Taurus

Taurus can be Capricorn’s ideal counterpart, because there is an intuitive understanding between these two. Over time, despite both signs’ strong sexual needs and desires, this earthy duo’s lovemaking could fall into a bit of a rut. While neither is particularly inventive in bed, the sensual bull has ways of warming up the cooler goat.

Capricorn with Gemini

A love match between these two is unlikely, but not impossible. Although members of these two signs have little in common, staid Capricorn is fascinated by Gemini’s spirited behaviour. To the goat, the twins represent temptation, yet deep down, the responsible Capricorn admires freewheeling Gemini’s audacity and wishes to emulate it.

Capricorn with Cancer

The crab and the goat have many of the same goals, and share a similar respect for convention and tradition. Both are physically passionate, and there’s likely to be a strong sexual attraction. Problems that arise are almost always emotional. Cancer is openly affectionate, whereas Capricorn is cooler and more reserved.

Capricorn with Leo

A love match between Capricorn and Leo can be quite interesting. The dramatic, flamboyant lion loves having a good time. Yet the goat is more practical, and wary of too much self-indulgence. Even so, both are strongly sexed, goal-oriented, and focused on success. This combo works, as long as neither tries to control the other.

Capricorn with Virgo

There is often a strong attraction between Virgo and Capricorn. These signs tend to be reserved and reluctant to express their deepest feelings, yet both long for love and approval. If these two can learn how to relax and trust, they may forge a bond of true intimacy.

Capricorn with Libra

Members of these two Cardinal signs are more likely to be drawn together as business partners than lovers. Still, there is often a strong physical attraction, and the possibility of a romance cannot be discounted. Capricorn is intrigued by Libra’s magnetic charm, while Libra admires the goat’s driving ambition.

Capricorn with Scorpio

These two signs have a great deal in common and understand each other better than most. Both are careful about revealing true feelings, and it takes time for each to trust and open up emotionally. Sexually, you’re well matched, but where Scorpio feels things very deeply, Capricorn is cool and unemotional.

Capricorn with Sagittarius

The question here is whether Capricorn can deal with Sagittarius’ lighthearted approach to life, and whether the archer can put up with the goat’s controlling ways. Even so, this union may work. The goat grounds the flighty archer, and Sagittarius injects excitement into the goat’s humdrum existence.

Capricorn with Capricorn

Sexually, this should be a good match, because Capricorns typically possess well-developed sexual appetites. Nevertheless, two serious, responsible goats may forget to have fun. Still, nobody understands one goat as well as another one. Once you settle the power and control issues, you two can build a lasting relationship.

Capricorn with Aquarius

At best, this is a difficult match-up. Capricorn is conventional, and Aquarius a born rebel. The water bearer demands freedom to come and go without questions or restrictions, and this trait doesn’t sit well with the possessive goat. A considerable amount of tolerance and understanding is required for this union to work.

Capricorn with Pisces

At first glance it may seem as though the goat and the fish don’t have much in common, but these two actually have a great deal to offer each other. Sexually, your relationship should be close and satisfying, in spite of the fact that Pisces may sometimes wish that the goat was a bit more romantic and emotionally accessible.

Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Sagittarius with Aries

It’s nonstop fun when the archer and ram get together. You two have so much in common that you probably feel like soul mates. Still, Aries may consider the outspoken archer’s blunt remarks too candid and the easygoing Sagittarius can have difficulty with the ram’s hot temper and domineering ways.

Sagittarius with Taurus

These two march to different drummers. Sagittarius needs excitement and freedom, while Taurus demands safety and security. Where the archer is active and impulsive, the bull is slow and controlled. Although a fiery sexual relationship helps soften your differences, this combination only works if you both agree to make concessions.

Sagittarius with Gemini

Since these opposite signs are so much alike, there’s often an instant physical and mental attraction. Both are sociable, intellectual, athletic, and adore travel. Because each is restless and freedom-oriented, with a relaxed attitude toward relationships, you two may ultimately wander off in separate directions.

Sagittarius with Cancer

The crab and the archer make an odd combination, yet often find themselves strongly attracted to each other. Watery Cancer wants a permanent union with a settled home life, while fiery Sagittarius craves excitement, freedom, and adventure. Still, both like to travel, and Sagittarius enjoys the comforts Cancer provides at home.

Sagittarius with Leo

These fiery signs usually get along famously in the bedroom and elsewhere. Both are passionate, openhearted, and cheerful. Sagittarius won’t resent the lion’s need to shine, and Leo is too busy to envy the archer’s popularity. When Sagittarius allows the lion to rule, it’s fun and excitement times two for this near perfect match-up.

Sagittarius with Virgo

A love match between a Sagittarius and a Virgo is unlikely, but not impossible. The virgin focuses on the trees, whereas the archer is interested in the forest. While these different approaches may balance each other, they can also cause conflict. Tolerance and understanding of your differences are required for this to work.

Sagittarius with Libra

You two have a lot in common, and can be great pals as well as lovers. Each is friendly, outgoing, and exceedingly sociable, but the cultured scales love beauty and luxury, while the athletic archer is more the rugged outdoorsy type. Problems may arise because Librans tend to think in pairs, and archers prize freedom above all else.

Sagittarius with Scorpio

Sagittarius is intrigued by Scorpio’s magnetic sexual intensity. Scorpio, however, cannot quite comprehend the archer’s fun-and-games approach to life and love. When the open, jovial Sagittarius tries getting close to the brooding, secretive scorpion, the archer may become disenchanted and go skipping off to the nearest party.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Although this combination makes for a super-exciting, exhilarating rollercoaster ride, once the fun stops you two may drift apart. A double dose of restless independence can be too hectic and unstable for either of you. At least one archer should be capable of handling practical matters, while the other goes out to play.
Sagittarius with Capricorn

This is a difficult, but not totally impossible combination that works best if each partner is willing to accept the other without trying to change him or her. Sexually, the fiery archer is warm-blooded, passionate, and desirous, and the goat, while not overly demonstrative, is highly sexed, ardent, and responsive.

Sagittarius with Aquarius

These two usually fall in “like” at first sight, and can be great buddies as well as lovers. Your shared curiosity and adventurous spirits extend to the bedroom, where the lovemaking is uninhibited, and full of fun. While your temperaments and interests may be somewhat different, they blend together well.

Sagittarius with Pisces

Sagittarius is readily captivated by ethereal Pisces’ aura of mystery. Pisces is typically attracted to the archer’s magnetic personality and vibrant self-assurance. However, a long-term relationship between you two can be problematic. Fish are needy and possessive, and Sagittarians resent restrictions on their personal freedom.

Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio with Aries

Sexually, you’re well matched, because each of you is imaginative, passionate, ardent, and energetic. Since neither is bound by convention, you’re adventurous and willing to experiment sexually. Even so, Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy can drive the happy-go-lucky, independent ram up the wall.

Scorpio with Taurus

When the jealous scorpion and the possessive bull come together, the union can turn into an ongoing battle. Despite the strong physical attraction, you can only achieve harmony through the exercise of tolerance and patience on both sides. If you overcome your differences, you may forge a bond strong enough to last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Gemini

A difficult combination. Scorpio is intense and emotional. Gemini is cool and easygoing. Scorpio has a jealous nature and Gemini can be quite fickle; if the scorpion holds the reigns too tightly, the twins might bolt. Still, the twins may find the scorpion’s sexual aura compelling. Gemini enjoys differences. Scorpio does not.

Scorpio with Cancer

The attraction between these two Water signs is typically strong and immediate. Because you two connect on so many levels, the chances of a long-lasting relationship are excellent. Still, there are some possible pitfalls along your road to happiness. Each of you is jealous, with a tendency to see rivals even when none exist.

Scorpio with Leo

The immediate and intense sexual attraction between these two often gives rise to an “all or nothing” relationship. Sunny Leo is outgoing and open, whereas the scorpion is complex and secretive. To Leo, Scorpio seems devious and manipulative, while Scorpio is likely to resent the lion’s attempts to dominate the union.

Scorpio with Virgo

Scorpio’s possessiveness scares Virgo, but it also gives the virgin a strong sense of being loved and protected. Virgo’s propensity for handing out unsolicited advice does not sit well with Scorpio, and if these two are to get along Virgo must realise that the scorpion won’t put up with nagging or criticism.

Scorpio with Libra

In this union, Scorpio leads the way in most things, and gentle Libra appears to follow. However, Librans usually find a way of getting others (even intractable scorpions) to do their bidding. Cardinal Air and Fixed Water have little in common. Yet, if this relationship can get past the initial courtship, it may very well last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Scorpio

A love match between two scorpions can be interesting, and you two actually get along surprisingly well together. You’re able to read each other’s minds, and have the same likes and dislikes. Problems may arise if either of you tries to run the show. Shared power and responsibility is the only way for a happy union.

Scorpio with Sagittarius

It’s pure sexual attraction at first sight when the archer and the scorpion meet. But Scorpio cools down pretty fast when hit with the realisation that Sagittarius is just out for fun and games. The freewheeling archer won’t stand for Scorpio’s jealousy, whereas Scorpio views Sagittarius’ flighty ways as acts of disloyalty.

Scorpio with Capricorn

Sexually, you’re very well matched. Even so, Scorpio feels things deeply, and Capricorn is cool and unemotional. Both are ambitious and each likes being in charge, so your powerful personalities may clash. However, this union works, because you two understand each other better than most.

Scorpio with Aquarius

Airy, absent-minded, freedom-loving Aquarius and intense, possessive Scorpio make an odd couple. Yet, despite all your differences (or perhaps because of them), Scorpio and Aquarius often find each other totally fascinating, and a successful love affair or even marriage between you is possible.

Scorpio with Pisces

Both Scorpio and Pisces are sensitive, feeling, and compassionate individuals, and together you have a depth of intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others. Moreover, you share a deep psychic link that typifies true soul mates. This is a good match, as long as you can put up with each other’s dark moods.

Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra with Aries

The natural chemistry between Libra and Aries is exceptionally strong, and your sex life should be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. But Libra wants partnership, and Aries demands freedom. Moreover, the ram usually makes up his or her mind in the blink of an eye, whereas Libra hems and haws before deciding.

Libra with Taurus

Airy Libra is drawn to the bull’s earthy stability, and Taurus is captivated by the scales relaxed charm and fun-loving nature. You both seek peace and harmony, and tend to avoid conflict as much as possible. Still, beneath the smooth facade, Taurus is basically a homebody, while Libra is more of a social butterfly.

Libra with Gemini

Indecision reigns when Libra and Gemini get together, since Librans can’t make up their minds, and the twins are constantly changing theirs. Nevertheless, this is an excellent match-up. You two will laugh, talk, and make love all night long, with virtually no jealousy or possessiveness to spoil your fun and games.

Libra with Cancer

Both are sociable, but Libra tends to focus on humanity in general, while Cancer is focused on home and family. The scales are also more detached than the clinging crab, and in danger of feeling suffocated by Cancer’s possessiveness. Moreover, Cancer requires considerably more attention and emotional support than Libra can give.

Libra with Leo

Each of you possesses a loving, affectionate nature with an artistic temperament. The lion is enchanted by the scales’ charm and tact, and Libra loves Leo’s strength and dependability. This can be a remarkably fine match, as long as the Libra partner acknowledges Leo as king or queen of his or her jungle.

Libra with Virgo

Virgo tends to see Libra as indecisive and too easygoing, while the scales may view the virgin as a prim stick-in-the-mud. The real problem between these two often comes from Libra’s self-indulgent ways and love of luxury, which can drive the serious, ultra responsible Virgo straight up a wall.

Libra with Libra

The attraction between these two can be unusually strong, with lots of laughter, fun, and socialising. At first, it may seem that you are perfectly compatible and have so much in common that you feel like soul mates. But, this pairing often runs into difficulty when harsh reality intrudes on your idealistic dream of the perfect relationship.

Libra with Scorpio

There is a lot of physical magnetism between these two, yet the relationship can run into major difficulties. The scorpion is down-to-earth, ardent, and extremely jealous, whereas Libra tends to be easygoing, romantic, and flirtatious. Scorpio’s passion and possessiveness may too strong for Libra to tolerate.

Libra with Sagittarius

Sexually, you’re well matched, despite the fact that the romantic Libra generally prefers a less direct approach than the frank, fiery Sagittarius is capable of providing. Libra is partnership minded, and the archer is fiercely independent. Still it’s a nice match-up, because you two enjoy each other’s company.

Libra with Capricorn

Libra is very sociable and prefers a lifestyle that involves lots of interaction with others. Capricorn is more concerned with career, family, and practical affairs. Despite some personality conflicts, you two do have traits in common. Although Capricorn is typically more physically passionate than Libra, the Libra partner is readily seduced by a show of affection and a touch of romance.

Libra with Aquarius

Relationship-minded Libra may view the quirky Aquarian as too independent and Bohemian, and the water bearer can find the scales’ hesitancy and indecision annoying. Even so, these two Air signs have a great deal in common. You both tend to live in your minds, and need mates who are mentally alive.

Libra with Pisces

Although Air and Water don’t mix well, this combination can work out beautifully. Each is basically kind, considerate, and sympathetic, and cares about people’s problems. While the devoted fish may fulfil the scales’ need to be adored and admired, Libra’s emotional detachment could disappoint the emotionally needy Pisces.

Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries with Aries

While this match up is rarely boring, neither is it tranquil. Your nights are filled with passion and romance and your days with true companionship. Yet your sense of togetherness is often threatened by the fiery chemistry of your competitive natures. Fights are inevitable, but you both forgive easily, and the making up is awesome.

Aries with Taurus

Despite the differences in temperament, you complement each other in ways that count. The tranquil bull adds stability and serenity to the ram’s madcap life. In bed, the bold ram guides the shy bull to new heights of sexual pleasure. If problems arise it’s often because Aries demands freedom, and Taurus tends to be rather possessive.

Aries with Gemini

Since both are active and have an unquenchable desire for new experiences, you’re rarely bored. Some differences may develop because Aries is intensely passionate, and Gemini doesn’t take love or sex all that seriously. However, you’re both curious and open to engaging in sexual experimentation.

Aries with Cancer

Although Fire and Water don’t mix well, a strong physical attraction and psychic bond can develop between the ram and the crab. You are both ardent, sensuous, and romantic, and sexually you two can be very compatible. However, if insecure Cancer gets overly emotional, insensitive Aries may lose patience and take off.

Aries with Leo

As a couple, you two are temperamentally and sexually well suited. Leo is loyal and affectionate, and Aries is dynamic and exciting. You’re both self-motivated, and concerned with your own work and interests. Whereas Aries likes to win, Leo needs to rule. This match up works best when the ram lets the lion play the role of boss.

Aries with Virgo

The ram is temperamental and outspoken, and the reserved virgin is totally unequipped to handle emotional scenes. Virgo is critical, which Aries can’t stand, and Virgo’s penchant for analysis drives Aries crazy. Still, there is passion smouldering beneath Virgo’s cool facade, and hot, sexy Aries knows how to release it.

Aries with Libra

The chemistry between you two is strong, and lovemaking will be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. Moreover, you’re both fun-loving and gregarious, and enjoy an active social life. Even so, the ram can be driven to distraction by the scales’ indecisiveness, and Libra may feel pressured by Aries’ super-fast decision making.

Aries with Scorpio

Sexually, these two signs are well matched, because both partners are passionate, energetic, highly sexual, and adventurous. However, the ram tends to view the act of love as exciting, pleasurable, and fun, whereas the intense scorpion is almost always seeking a deeper connection that is spiritually and emotionally transforming.

Aries with Sagittarius

Each of these fiery individualists is idealistic and affectionate, with a life affirming, healthy attitude toward love, sex, and intimacy. Physically and mentally, you two are well matched. However, Aries tends to be more demanding and emotional, and may look upon tolerant Sagittarius as detached and impersonal.

Aries with Capricorn

As romantic partners, impulsive Aries and cautious Capricorn have some formidable obstacles to overcome. Socially, goats tend to be rather reserved, whereas rams are outgoing and vivacious. While seemingly prudish, Capricorn actually has one of the stronger libidos in the zodiac, and is turned-on by Aries’ sex appeal.

Aries with Aquarius

Each of you brings additional excitement and unpredictability into the other’s life. Fiery, demonstrative Aries may secretly wish the Aquarius lover were more passionate. However, any lack of ardour is more than compensated for by the water bearer’s love of experimentation and willingness to try new things, in the bedroom and out.

Aries with Pisces

Temperamentally you are quite different, but your differences are complementary. Ethereal Pisces appeals to the romantic side of Aries’ nature, and the ram may be seduced by the fish’s need for protection. Aries gets off on Pisces’ erotic fantasies and instinctive sexuality, but the ram’s boldness can overwhelm the timid fish.

Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Gemini with Aries

This lively, energetic pairing makes for good friends as well as good lovers. Both of you thrive on constant activity and variety. Moreover, you enjoy each other’s humour and share a preference for an active social life. There will be bedroom high jinks, because you’re both enthusiastic about sex.

Gemini with Taurus

You’re intrigued by the bull’s uncomplicated directness, and Taurus responds to the twin’s devil-may-care attitude. There is rarely a dull moment when fast-talking Gemini leads Taurus on a merry chase. But the bull wants life to be stable and ordered, and you’re easily bored and always searching for new experiences.

Gemini with Gemini

The pace is frenetic, and you two are never bored when you’re together. Sharing dreams and ideas makes you feel like true soul mates. Sex for Gemini is fun and games, so you’re both open to trying anything new and different. But emotional coolness and the need to over analyse everything may open up a huge gulf between you.

Gemini with Cancer

Temperamentally, the two of you are not at all alike. Cancer is sensitive and emotional, and Gemini’s a cool intellectual. Moreover, the crab’s mood swings are about as frequent as the twins’ mind changes. Even so, adoring Cancer is able to fulfil all your sexual fantasies, and your cheerfulness can brighten up a crabby disposition.

Gemini with Leo

This is a lively, fun-loving combination that works great as long as you’re willing to concede center stage to the lion or lioness. Each is super sociable and enjoys a good party, but Leo demands loyalty and won’t tolerate Gemini’s flirtatious ways. Both of you are playful, passionate, amorous lovers, and in bed you set off sparks.

Gemini with Virgo

Both of these signs love to talk, but neither of you is comfortable opening up and expressing your true feelings. Sexually, you’re on different wavelengths, yet romantic Virgo can be swept away by Gemini’s fast-talking seductive manner. Despite the differences in temperament, you two share many common interests in and out of the bedroom.

Gemini with Libra

Libras can’t make up their minds, and Geminis are always changing theirs. Still, you make an affectionate, fun-loving couple that enjoys an active social life, and adores entertaining and travel. Each of you is fervent in bed, yet neither is jealous or demanding. Libra usually goes along with Gemini’s taste for sexual diversity.

Gemini with Scorpio

Gemini’s airy openness is hard for serious, secretive Scorpio to comprehend, and the scorpion’s burning intensity frightens and fascinates the twins. Nevertheless, your differences can serve as the spark that ignites your sexual passion. However, even with strong physical attraction, an ongoing relationship may be difficult.

Gemini with Sagittarius

These two zodiacal opposites attract each other like magnets. Because of your wide-ranging and varied interests, you complement each other. Each of you has a fun-and-games attitude toward love and romance. In the bedroom, anything goes with this combination, which usually translates into exhilarating sexual encounters.

Gemini with Capricorn

This is one of the more difficult combinations. The dependable, serious goat considers Gemini irresponsible and unpredictable. Although Capricorn finds the twins’ lack of reserve embarrassing, deep down the lusty goat admires Gemini’s freewheeling sexual attitude, and may secretly yearn for the audacity to emulate it.

Gemini with Aquarius

Your compatibility is virtually assured. You take great pleasure in each other’s company, and any sexual union between you can be truly exciting. Each of you view love as an extremely enjoyable part of life, but friendship and true companionship mean more to both of you.

Gemini with Pisces

The passion quotient is likely to be high in this match-up, but so are the inevitable problems. Gemini needs freedom and new vistas; Pisces craves unending adoration. The fish doesn’t feel secure with the gadabout twins, and attempts to pull the net tighter. Still, Pisces is enigmatic and mysterious, and Gemini loves solving mysteries.