Weekly horoscope for April 17 to 23

Bellow you will find the weekly forecast for all zodiac signs for the week starting 17th of April 2017.

Your relationships with partners and collaborators remains tense, you should focus more of your attention towards friend and family. Nonetheless it seems that a group of associates will support you in a professional endeavour. Towards the end of the week you have the chance to negotiate a contract in your favour, as long as you remain patient and stay out of the rumour mill.

You will find that all of your professional efforts will pay off soon, allowing you to reach a higher level in your career. Keep in mind though that not all of your colleagues have your best interest at heart. Jealousy among your peers is runs deep. Make an effort to distance yourself from these people. Towards the end of the week you will meet new associates who you can readily relate to.

Mercury, your ruler is retrograde so be extra cautious about what you communicate and double check all documents that you need to sign. Changes in your career and workplace are looming large this week and it looks like these changes will be in your favour. Support from influential friends is coming your way. This period may not be the best for your love life.

Problems and misunderstandings are foreseen for coupled Cancers. Avoid any arguments and try to use diplomacy at all times. Professional relations are also tense and you may need to stand up for your rights in front of a boss or co-workers. Furthering your education at this time could be the best investment you make.

Some minor health issues are foreseen at the beginning of the week, make sure you attend to them as soon as possible. In your work you need to be more focused and organized. Your family life will bring you happiness towards the end of the week. Achievements and material gains are possible trough family members.

Financially you seem to be stretched to the extreme, however things are not as bad as they look. Disappointments may come from a family member, possibly a child. Changes to the place you live are very likely this week, renovating or even mowing to a new place are in the cards. Exercise caution in buying any gadgets or electronics as they may not perform as you expect.

This is a very agitated period for you, try to relax more or you will end up physically ill. Do not try to rush things, be patient and focused, especially on the job front. Towards the end of the week you will have the chance to reconnect with and old friend. New partnerships are looming on the horizon and they seem to bring success.

Your relationships with friend and family members are looking tense at this time. The place you live might also be at the centre of discussions. Try to remain calm and patient at all times. Tension is also prevalent in your workplace, beware of some your colleagues and stay away from gossiping. Keep your head down as important changes are coming.

Significant changes are foreseen in your family life, for some of you anyway. You may be determined to solve everyone’s problems but that will not be possible. Unpleasant surprises are likely to come out of the blue, both at home and at work. Stay alert.

Secrets regarding some of the more recent actions of family members will come to light. This will allow you to reach important conclusions regarding your home. You have the universe’s support on your side. At work you will be challenged by open and hidden enemies alike in everything that you do. You now have the chance to build something new away from the prying eyes of other people.

You don’t feel your usual bubbly self and will try to avoid the limelight as much as possible this week. It is a good time for reflection, studying or other leisure activities. Extra money is likely to come in from non-work related activities towards the end of the week.

You feel somewhat dissatisfied professionally, you feel like you are not sufficiently rewarded for your efforts at work. Try to focus more on your health and personal happiness instead. Spring is here, go for a walk in nature, smell the flowers, meditate.