Weekly horoscope for May 1 to 7


You may expect negative surprises coming from family or parents. Pay attention to appliances because they may create problems in this period. Slowly but surely you have the chance to get involved in a new love relationship or you can return to better feelings in the relationship. It is time to make vacation plans or you can take sudden decision to go on a trip later this week. It is a favourable time for negotiations, the resumption of contractual matters, business partnerships, especially in the second half of the week.


No matter how much you try to give back to others progress seems slow, materially and spiritually. It's time to resubmit old ideas and projects, they will bring consistent gains. While you listen to your soul, no one and nothing can prevent you chose the high road. Ignore gossip and envy! You now have valuable people on your side and will guide you to success. Is it possible to deal with some arguments with relatives in the first part of the week. Towards the end it is time to get involved in new activities related to renovation or buying a home, property. Enjoy this weekend, with children. You can expect surprises from loved ones.


You are full of energy, eager to get involved in more activities hoping to go safely through. In the first week you have the opportunity to note that many of the promises coming from others are not respected. You might get into quarrels, with spouse or partners. Your state of dissatisfaction may increase towards the end of the period. You tend to say words that you will later regret. Exuberant physical and mental mental energy which can help greatly when it comes to investments, creativity and launching actions in a group where you are likely to attract attention through your way of being. This weekend you think of home and family.


It is recommended they take care of their health. Pay attention to your relationship with coworkers and collaborators because you are likely to be on the receiving end of unjust actions coming from them. It is time to act professionally, especially in the second half of this week, whether we talk about taking over new tasks, responsibilities within the work group or suddenly decide to participate in a contest or go to an interview for a job that can bring more advantages from a financial standpoint. It all depends on your decision. Towards the end of this period it is possible to get reunited with close relatives, have intense discussions with neighbours or even go on a trip.


At the beginning of the week you are somewhat undecided, about a journey, where to go or who you want to meet. It is very possible to make a sudden change of direction and get in a different place than originally scheduled. On 2 and 3 May you feel much better, when a person of the opposite sex give you the opportunity to share the same ideals, enjoy the romance and affection. At the end of this week you will have to give proof of balance and loyalty in relationship with your beloved.


It is likely to start this period quite dissatisfied with the attitude of some of your friends. You can not rely on what you were promised, especially in the first part of the week. It is recommended to postpone any decision taken by a group, association until after May 4. You can expect changes related to home, family, yet there are some secrets that are stressing you being hard to know where they come from. It requires more flexibility from you, compassion and understanding towards others. At which time you feel in your element but the business relationship can be quite tense.

At the beginning of this week you are dissatisfied with your spouse. Restlessness coming from within will create a profound discomfort. You sense that all oppose you and that no matter how much you try to be a better man you're still not respected and appreciated enough. You still have the opportunity to spend the 2 and 3 May with dear friends, to unwind, perhaps now you can meet a person of the opposite sex that will impress. At the end of this period you prefer to retire quietly to worry about your own soul.


At the beginning of the period under review you may have some inconvenience related to travel or remote relationships with people, possibly abroad. We can now talk about sudden work coming in or you have a chance to negotiate a new work contract. Pay special attention to legal issues. This weekend you have the chance to feel good with a group of friends.


We can talk about a special time, spent with a loved one, especially on 2, 3 and 4 May. It is a mutual exchange of emotions, feelings and intense experiences. Also in this period you can suddenly decide to increase your family. Towards the end of this period you have the chance to talk with others about new ways of progress or implementation of original ideas and you will benefit in the long term financially.


You're not you completely satisfied with certain aspects of your couple's relationship or business, especially earlier this week. It is possible to think of abandoning projects that do not bring enough benefits, even more if it caused all sorts of limitations, damage for some time. The time is right now to change direction, both in personal relations and profession. Towards the end of this period you'll pay more attention to the spiritual side of existence. It is now possible to meet people from far. You are more concerned with heritage, home and family.


You'll have to devote more attention to your health, especially in the first two days of the period. You may be surprised by some unpleasant news. The calmer you are, the more you will be able to take wiser decisions related to collaborations or a partnership. You can now start a love relationship that can turn into marriage. This time of making sudden changes bode well, whether it's about relationships, sentimental or study, travel, business, home, relationship with parents. This weekend should realise that you must let destiny to work for your success, you really can not control everything!


It is very possible for you, to be quite confused in terms of relationships. You're in great shape, decided to get involved with more courage and confidence in everything related to work. You can expect favourable changes in finances. You may receive a raise that you did not expect or some money coming in. The weekend will put more emphasis on the couple relationships. We can talk about a party that you attend with your spouse.