The Seven Planets of Ancient Astrology - Jupiter

Jupiter is the next planet below Saturn and is of a bright, clear, azure colour. He much exceeds Saturn in motion, as he finishes his course through the twelve signs in twelve years. His greatest north latitude is 1 degree 38 minutes, and his greatest south latitude 1 degree 40 minutes. When he rises at birth well-dignified he gives an erect, tall stature, sanguine complexion, oval face, large grey eyes, thick brown hair, full lips and good teeth. In temperament those born under the good influence of this planet are honourable, generous and hospitable, but loving material pleasures, kind and affectionate to wife and family, charitable, desiring to be well thought of and hating all mean and sordid actions. The voices of those born under Jupiter are clear and sonorous. When this planet rises devoid of dignities the native will be gluttonous, profligate, vain, and boastful, of mean abilities and shallow understanding, easily seduced to extravagance and a tyrant to those of his family and household.
In man's body he rules the lungs and the blood, and of diseases he gives apoplexy, gout, inflammation of the lungs, pleurisy and all illnesses proceeding from corruption of the blood.
The herbs he governs are cloves, mace, nutmeg, marjoram, mint and saffron. Of trees, he rules the mulberry, the olive, the vine, the fig, the beech and the pear-tree.
Of beasts, the sheep, the hart, the ox and all those animals that are useful to man. Of birds, the stork, the snipe, the lark, the eagle, the pheasant, the partridge and the peacock. Of fishes, the whale, the dolphin and the sword-fish.
His metal is tin.
His stones are the sapphire, the amethyst and the emerald.
Of colours he rules red mixed with green.
His day is Thursday and he rules the first hour after sunrise and the eighth hour. His number is 78.
His orb is 9 degrees before and after any aspect.
All the planets except Mars are his friends.