The Seven Planets of Ancient Astrology - Mars

Mars in order succeeds Jupiter. He appears of a red colour, and finishes his course through the zodiac in 1 year 321 days. His greatest north latitude is 4 degrees 31 minutes. His south latitude is 6 degrees 47 minutes. When he is well-dignified in a horoscope, the native is courageous, confident, loving war and all that belongs to it, jealous of honour, hot-tempered and a great lover of field-sports. In person he will be of middle stature, broad-shouldered and with big bones; the complexion of a red fairness; the hair is crisp or curly and also red, but this varies slightly according to the sign rising at birth; in watery signs the hair is not so red, and in earthy signs it is more chestnut; the eyes are grey and have a bold, fixed glance like that of a hawk.
When he is ill-dignified at birth, the native is turbulent, cruel, boastful, a promoter of sedition, ungracious in manners and unscrupulous in his actions, with no fear of either God or man. He rules the head and face, the gall, the throat and intestines; and the diseases he gives are fevers, carbuncles, smallpox, all throat affections, all hurts to the head and face (especially by iron), and all diseases which arise from too much heat of blood; also accidents from four-footed beasts.
The herbs over which he rules are the nettle, the thistle, onions, garlic, horehound, cardamons, mustard and all herbs giving heat.
Of trees, all those which are of a prickly nature, such as the holly, the thorn and the chestnut.
Of beasts, all fierce animals—the tiger, the panther, the wolf, the horse, the leopard, the wild ass and the bear. The dog is sometimes assigned to Mars on account of its courage and combativeness. This delightful animal is probably ruled by both Saturn and Mars; the former giving it the quality of fidelity which it possesses in a degree beyond all other creatures.
Of fish, the pike, the barbel and the sword-fish. Of birds, the hawk, the vulture, the kite, the eagle, the magpie and the cock, all of which are combative.
The metal he rules is iron. The colour he rules is red.
The stones, the carbuncle, the ruby and the blood-stone.
His orb is 7 degrees before and after any aspect.
He governs Tuesday—the first hour after sunrise, and the eighth. His number is 39.
His friend among the planets is Venus, all the others are his enemies.