The Seven Planets of Ancient Astrology - Mercury

Mercury is of a soft silver colour. His greatest north latitude is 3 degrees 33 minutes. His greatest south latitude is 3 degrees 33 minutes. When he rises well-dignified at a birth the native is a person of subtle intellect, an excellent logician, and possessing much eloquence in his speech; sharp and witty, of admirable memory, curious in occult knowledge, given to divination, and, if he should turn his attention to trade, no man would exceed him in the invention of new ways to gain wealth.
In person, when Mercury rises well-dignified, the native is of rather small stature, but elegantly formed, very active and supple in his limbs, and with long arms; he will have a long, narrow face, a high forehead, rather swelling at the temples, grey eyes with brown spots in them, delicate mouth, straight eyebrows, a skin of a pale yellow or olive colour, the hair of a red-brown, commonly called auburn. When ill-dignified at birth Mercury gives a person of very small stature, with small, insignificant features and very small and quickly-moving eyes; and in character he is shifty, a boaster, foolishly loquacious and a great liar.
He rules the liver, the tongue and the nerves, and the illnesses he gives are epilepsy, giddiness, dry cough, any affection of the tongue, and all nervous affections.
The herbs attributed to him are generally those having a subtle smell, and having effect on the tongue, brain, lungs, or memory; they are adder's-tongue, aniseed, dragon-wort, and the reed.
The trees are the elder and the filbert-tree.
The animals are the squirrel, the weasel, the spider, the greyhound, the fox, the ape and all cunning and quickly-moving creatures.
The birds, the parrot, the magpie, the crane, the linnet and the swallow. Of fish, the jack-fish and the mullet.
His metal is quicksilver.
His stones all those of divers colours, white and red carnelian and marcasite, or fire-stone.
In colours he rules azure, and all light blue colours.
His orb is 7 degrees before and after any aspect.
He governs Wednesday—the first hour and the eighth after sunrise. His number is 114. The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn are his friends; Mars is his enemy.