Weekly Horoscopes for May 8 to 14


This is a time when you will be faced with a major decision between two equally important matters. Even though you will not feel totally in control, have faith in yourself and trust that whatever you decide will be for the best. Some problems are foreseen in your love life at the beginning of the week. In business you are likely to receive the support of your superiors which will lead to unexpected gains. Connections to foreign lands are well starred towards the end of the week.


You are likely to come across some very interesting information regarding your work or profession, which will help you in climbing the corporate ladder. Gains from previous investments are likely to finally make their way to your wallet. It is also a favourable time to hatch out new plans regarding future investments and business dealings. Your intuition is working overtime this week which will hep you in overcoming recent hurdles.


This week you are likely to face challenges in your relations, be they sentimental or professional. Put on your best behaviour and be diplomatic at all times. Simply ignore the people who are trying to provoke you, they do so out of jealousy. Long awaited answers and forever pending applications will come to a favourable conclusion for you this week. Promotions and great strides in your career are very likely especially if it involves the media or Internet.


You will need to exhibit more confidence in your own ideas and convictions, this will show your detractors that you are a worthy opponent. Be vary of controversies, gossip and outright deception in your workplace. Learning and studies are well starred this week, courses that you began some time ago can be graduated successfully.


Stay out of other peoples lives this week, failing this could lead you into big trouble, both personally and professionally. Show diplomacy and professionalism at all times. God job prospects are foreseen for some of you especially if your job is somehow related to international dealings. Do not rely to much on your associates, they may not be there for you when you need them.


You have pending, unresolved situations related to your home and family, this would be a good time to devise a plan of action. You could also receive good news regarding a gift from your parents or an inheritance. Your energy levels are set to return and you will no longer feel lethargic and depressed. Home, family and taxes are main themes for you this week.


This week you are likely to have deep and meaningful conversations with your parents or some other authority figures who you look up to. You are likely to seek their advice concerning a situation in your love life, however financial advice is also a possibility. These discussions may be triggered by your strong desire to beak away from routine. If you feel stuck in a rut you may be tempted to employ desperate measures to break free. The stars advise you to careful consideration before making irreversible changes.


Marital problems could be at the forefront of your existence right now, however it will be your working life that will require the most focus this week. Significant changes are on the horizon for you, even a new job. Make sure you read the small print on any contract that you may be required to sign as deception is in the air. Gossiping, backstabbing are time- honoured Scorpio activities but this week stay well away.


Sagittarians will feel a strong pull towards starting something new or something they always wanted to do. Writing and publishing should be their main point of focus at this time, that's where the greatest strides can be made as their level of inspiration is at an all time high. New money making ventures also stand a good chance of success if they are launched this week.


Discussions regarding you work or career are the main theme for you this week. You will be seeking the advice of a mentor or simply someone with a greater life experience in your quest to solve a never-ending problem. Heed their advice. Important paperwork and other red tape dealings feature prominently in your stars this week.


This week you exude a cheerful and sunny disposition, even while everyone around is grumpy and serious. You couldn't care less and will effectively apply your efforts to your work. Friends in far away places are beckoning even if only in your mind. This is a good time to plan for future trips or a relaxing holiday.


Your hard work is finally set to pay off this week. You may hear news of a promotion or pay rise which will make you content with your work and position in society. Don't let this get to your head and continue working diligently, important eyes are on you. Make sure, however, that you don't neglect your family in the process. It's all to easy to get caught up in the rat race and forgetting about what's really important in life.