Sexual Compatibility



Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Pisces with Aries

Pisces is a sensitive dreamer, Aries an aggressive doer. Pisces’ idea of a romantic date may be a night at the opera, while the ram would rather go to a basketball game. However, each is caring, idealistic, and romantic. If Pisces is willing to feed the ram’s ego, you two should get along okay.

Pisces with Taurus

Both are ultimate romantics, and share a deep appreciation for beauty, art, and music. Although dreamy Pisces may sometimes try the bull’s famous patience, you two have much to give each other. As long as Pisces is caring and attentive, the bull is usually willing to overlook the inevitable differences.

Pisces with Gemini

These two Mutable signs have some interests in common, but their differing temperaments make this an uncertain match-up. Gemini may be captivated by the elusive fish’s air of mystery, but has little patience with Pisces’ emotional outbursts. The twin’s cool indifference can drive the needy, ultra sensitive fish straight up the wall.

Pisces with Cancer

This is a very compatible combination. You two feel safe together, because you’re tuned to the same wavelength and are able to protect each other’s feelings. However, both are extremely sensitive. When hurt or disappointed, the crab crawls off to hide in his or her shell and brood in silence, whereas the emotional fish collapses in tears.

Pisces with Leo

Leo and Pisces often find themselves attracted to each other, precisely because they are so different. The fish is fascinated by Leo’s dramatic persona, and the lion is intrigued by Pisces’ mystical aura. Still, before long, flamboyant Leo begins to grate on the fish’s nerves, and Pisces’ moodiness gives the lion cause to bolt for the exit.

Pisces with Virgo

Virgo is cerebral, reserved, and fault finding. Pisces is super emotional and easily hurt. Even so, Pisces finds Virgo’s common sense approach to life comforting. Pisces is a warm, generous lover, capable of sensing Virgo’s moods and desires, and the naturally reserved virgin is intrigued and turned-on by the fish’s unrestrained sensuality.

Pisces with Libra

You two are the classic “people who need people.” Each is romantic, caring, and idealistic, and you get along well together because you both want peace and harmony. Sexually you two are compatible, but emotionally you are on different planets. Pisces’ clingy nature tends to scare Libra, and the scales’ cool detachment upsets the fish.

Pisces with Scorpio

The fish may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the scorpion’s power and intensity, but Pisces really likes having someone to lean on. Both are moody, yet Pisces has some difficulty understanding Scorpio’s need to be alone during dark times. Still, you two are genuine soul mates and share the Water signs’ deep psychic connection.

Pisces with Sagittarius

A match between these two can be difficult. Although Pisces is attracted to Sagittarius’ buoyant vitality, the archer’s spirit can be dampened by the fish’s tendency toward dependency. Archers are adventurous wanderers; fish are homebodies. When Pisces longs to spend time with Sagittarius, the archer usually has someplace to go.

Pisces with Capricorn

Despite differences in temperament, you two have a great deal to offer one other. While Capricorn is not as emotional as Pisces, the goat is protective and can be surprisingly patient when dealing with the fish’s insecurities. Pisces is kind and caring, and looks up to Capricorn in a way that makes the goat feel appreciated.

Pisces with Aquarius

A successful match between these two can be difficult to achieve. Pisces is arguably the most emotional sign in the zodiac; Aquarius the least emotional one. Although each of you is a visionary who gets off on helping people, in other ways you are very different. Compromise is the best hope for this pairing.

Pisces with Pisces

As psychic soul mates, you make an outstanding team. Thanks to the innate passivity of your natures, there is sure to be little conflict when you are together. However, neither of you is focused on the practical realities of daily living. Too much alike to avoid chaos, you may require hired help to keep your domestic lives in order.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius with Aries

True friendship and tolerance of idiosyncrasies form the basis of this relationship, even in its most passionate moments. You both love freedom and adventure, and can enjoy being together without trying to tie each other down. Problems may arise if Aries gets bossy, because Aquarius refuses to be dominated.

Aquarius with Taurus

If the choice of a lover was ruled by the head instead of the heart, neither of these Fixed signs is likely to be the other’s first pick. The bull wants material things, and the water bearer is far more interested in ideas. Even so Taurus is intrigued by Aquarius’s unconventionality and is interested in seeing where it can lead.

Aquarius with Gemini

This pairing often begins with a harmonious companionship that eventually grows into love. Even if the romantic relationship ends, these two airy partners are almost always able to salvage their friendship. The only real problem with this match-up is that both Gemini and Aquarius tend to be erratic and unlikely to commit.

Aquarius with Cancer

A love match between this pair can be difficult and requires a lot of compromise. Each is of you is caring, giving, and compassionate, albeit in different ways. Cancer’s possessiveness makes the freedom-loving water bearer uncomfortable, and Aquarius’s inability to respond to emotional needs is guaranteed to upset the sensitive crab.

Aquarius with Leo

With Leo and Aquarius there is no hidden agenda, what you see is what you get! However, your initial attraction to each other may be nipped in the bud if the water bearer insists on analysing the lion’s actions and decisions. Or if Leo tries to dominate, since no one can tell the fiercely independent Aquarian what to do.

Aquarius with Virgo

Temperamentally you’re very different, but on a mental level you’re both cerebral and analytical. Virgo delights in efficiency and order and may find the water bearer’s chaotic approach to life somewhat unnerving. Even so, a match between you two can result in a happy union if you’re able to confront your problems in a rational manner.

Aquarius with Libra

Each of you is extremely friendly and sociable, while remaining somewhat detached emotionally. Libra is focused on partnership and dislikes spending time alone, while Aquarius is independent and needs some space. However, you two can resolve most of your differences by talking them through.

Aquarius with Scorpio

Scorpio is the most controlling sign, and Aquarius is the least controllable. Whereas the scorpion is super emotional, the water bearer is cool-headed and logical. Yet Aquarius finds Scorpio’s compelling magnetism alluring, and the sexy scorpion is often fascinated by the quirky water bearer’s freewheeling Bohemianism.

Aquarius with Sagittarius

Although the fiery archer may not understand the water bearer’s remoteness, the intense mental connection between you usually makes up for any lack of emotional intimacy. Your shared curiosity and adventurous spirits extend to the bedroom, where the lovemaking is sure to be imaginative, uninhibited, and full of fun.

Aquarius with Capricorn

Both the goat and the water bearer are physically responsive, yet emotionally cool. Aquarius is a rebel; Capricorn is conventional. Still, a curious fascination can arise between you. Aquarius cherishes independence and may prefer friendship to commitment, but the goat can be persuasive.

Aquarius with Aquarius

Sexually, you two are well matched. Although not as passionate as some, as lovers you’re inventive and open-minded. You know how to stimulate each other mentally and physically and, while your emotional temperatures may be a bit cooler than those of other couples, the bond of loyalty between you is stronger than most.

Aquarius with Pisces

It can be difficult for you two to satisfy each other’s needs. Pisces demands attention and proof of love, when all Aquarius wants is to be left alone. Sexually, the sensuous fish projects an air of mystery that fascinates the water bearer, but the spell can be easily broken if your intimate moments turn into an emotional tug of war.

Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Capricorn with Aries

The typical ram is vivacious and outgoing, the goat reserved and cautious. As romantic partners, you two could have some major obstacles to overcome. Although lusty Capricorn is intrigued by Aries’ smouldering sex appeal, problems may arise if the possessive, domineering goat attempts to control the independent-minded ram.

Capricorn with Taurus

Taurus can be Capricorn’s ideal counterpart, because there is an intuitive understanding between these two. Over time, despite both signs’ strong sexual needs and desires, this earthy duo’s lovemaking could fall into a bit of a rut. While neither is particularly inventive in bed, the sensual bull has ways of warming up the cooler goat.

Capricorn with Gemini

A love match between these two is unlikely, but not impossible. Although members of these two signs have little in common, staid Capricorn is fascinated by Gemini’s spirited behaviour. To the goat, the twins represent temptation, yet deep down, the responsible Capricorn admires freewheeling Gemini’s audacity and wishes to emulate it.

Capricorn with Cancer

The crab and the goat have many of the same goals, and share a similar respect for convention and tradition. Both are physically passionate, and there’s likely to be a strong sexual attraction. Problems that arise are almost always emotional. Cancer is openly affectionate, whereas Capricorn is cooler and more reserved.

Capricorn with Leo

A love match between Capricorn and Leo can be quite interesting. The dramatic, flamboyant lion loves having a good time. Yet the goat is more practical, and wary of too much self-indulgence. Even so, both are strongly sexed, goal-oriented, and focused on success. This combo works, as long as neither tries to control the other.

Capricorn with Virgo

There is often a strong attraction between Virgo and Capricorn. These signs tend to be reserved and reluctant to express their deepest feelings, yet both long for love and approval. If these two can learn how to relax and trust, they may forge a bond of true intimacy.

Capricorn with Libra

Members of these two Cardinal signs are more likely to be drawn together as business partners than lovers. Still, there is often a strong physical attraction, and the possibility of a romance cannot be discounted. Capricorn is intrigued by Libra’s magnetic charm, while Libra admires the goat’s driving ambition.

Capricorn with Scorpio

These two signs have a great deal in common and understand each other better than most. Both are careful about revealing true feelings, and it takes time for each to trust and open up emotionally. Sexually, you’re well matched, but where Scorpio feels things very deeply, Capricorn is cool and unemotional.

Capricorn with Sagittarius

The question here is whether Capricorn can deal with Sagittarius’ lighthearted approach to life, and whether the archer can put up with the goat’s controlling ways. Even so, this union may work. The goat grounds the flighty archer, and Sagittarius injects excitement into the goat’s humdrum existence.

Capricorn with Capricorn

Sexually, this should be a good match, because Capricorns typically possess well-developed sexual appetites. Nevertheless, two serious, responsible goats may forget to have fun. Still, nobody understands one goat as well as another one. Once you settle the power and control issues, you two can build a lasting relationship.

Capricorn with Aquarius

At best, this is a difficult match-up. Capricorn is conventional, and Aquarius a born rebel. The water bearer demands freedom to come and go without questions or restrictions, and this trait doesn’t sit well with the possessive goat. A considerable amount of tolerance and understanding is required for this union to work.

Capricorn with Pisces

At first glance it may seem as though the goat and the fish don’t have much in common, but these two actually have a great deal to offer each other. Sexually, your relationship should be close and satisfying, in spite of the fact that Pisces may sometimes wish that the goat was a bit more romantic and emotionally accessible.

Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Sagittarius with Aries

It’s nonstop fun when the archer and ram get together. You two have so much in common that you probably feel like soul mates. Still, Aries may consider the outspoken archer’s blunt remarks too candid and the easygoing Sagittarius can have difficulty with the ram’s hot temper and domineering ways.

Sagittarius with Taurus

These two march to different drummers. Sagittarius needs excitement and freedom, while Taurus demands safety and security. Where the archer is active and impulsive, the bull is slow and controlled. Although a fiery sexual relationship helps soften your differences, this combination only works if you both agree to make concessions.

Sagittarius with Gemini

Since these opposite signs are so much alike, there’s often an instant physical and mental attraction. Both are sociable, intellectual, athletic, and adore travel. Because each is restless and freedom-oriented, with a relaxed attitude toward relationships, you two may ultimately wander off in separate directions.

Sagittarius with Cancer

The crab and the archer make an odd combination, yet often find themselves strongly attracted to each other. Watery Cancer wants a permanent union with a settled home life, while fiery Sagittarius craves excitement, freedom, and adventure. Still, both like to travel, and Sagittarius enjoys the comforts Cancer provides at home.

Sagittarius with Leo

These fiery signs usually get along famously in the bedroom and elsewhere. Both are passionate, openhearted, and cheerful. Sagittarius won’t resent the lion’s need to shine, and Leo is too busy to envy the archer’s popularity. When Sagittarius allows the lion to rule, it’s fun and excitement times two for this near perfect match-up.

Sagittarius with Virgo

A love match between a Sagittarius and a Virgo is unlikely, but not impossible. The virgin focuses on the trees, whereas the archer is interested in the forest. While these different approaches may balance each other, they can also cause conflict. Tolerance and understanding of your differences are required for this to work.

Sagittarius with Libra

You two have a lot in common, and can be great pals as well as lovers. Each is friendly, outgoing, and exceedingly sociable, but the cultured scales love beauty and luxury, while the athletic archer is more the rugged outdoorsy type. Problems may arise because Librans tend to think in pairs, and archers prize freedom above all else.

Sagittarius with Scorpio

Sagittarius is intrigued by Scorpio’s magnetic sexual intensity. Scorpio, however, cannot quite comprehend the archer’s fun-and-games approach to life and love. When the open, jovial Sagittarius tries getting close to the brooding, secretive scorpion, the archer may become disenchanted and go skipping off to the nearest party.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Although this combination makes for a super-exciting, exhilarating rollercoaster ride, once the fun stops you two may drift apart. A double dose of restless independence can be too hectic and unstable for either of you. At least one archer should be capable of handling practical matters, while the other goes out to play.
Sagittarius with Capricorn

This is a difficult, but not totally impossible combination that works best if each partner is willing to accept the other without trying to change him or her. Sexually, the fiery archer is warm-blooded, passionate, and desirous, and the goat, while not overly demonstrative, is highly sexed, ardent, and responsive.

Sagittarius with Aquarius

These two usually fall in “like” at first sight, and can be great buddies as well as lovers. Your shared curiosity and adventurous spirits extend to the bedroom, where the lovemaking is uninhibited, and full of fun. While your temperaments and interests may be somewhat different, they blend together well.

Sagittarius with Pisces

Sagittarius is readily captivated by ethereal Pisces’ aura of mystery. Pisces is typically attracted to the archer’s magnetic personality and vibrant self-assurance. However, a long-term relationship between you two can be problematic. Fish are needy and possessive, and Sagittarians resent restrictions on their personal freedom.

Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio with Aries

Sexually, you’re well matched, because each of you is imaginative, passionate, ardent, and energetic. Since neither is bound by convention, you’re adventurous and willing to experiment sexually. Even so, Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy can drive the happy-go-lucky, independent ram up the wall.

Scorpio with Taurus

When the jealous scorpion and the possessive bull come together, the union can turn into an ongoing battle. Despite the strong physical attraction, you can only achieve harmony through the exercise of tolerance and patience on both sides. If you overcome your differences, you may forge a bond strong enough to last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Gemini

A difficult combination. Scorpio is intense and emotional. Gemini is cool and easygoing. Scorpio has a jealous nature and Gemini can be quite fickle; if the scorpion holds the reigns too tightly, the twins might bolt. Still, the twins may find the scorpion’s sexual aura compelling. Gemini enjoys differences. Scorpio does not.

Scorpio with Cancer

The attraction between these two Water signs is typically strong and immediate. Because you two connect on so many levels, the chances of a long-lasting relationship are excellent. Still, there are some possible pitfalls along your road to happiness. Each of you is jealous, with a tendency to see rivals even when none exist.

Scorpio with Leo

The immediate and intense sexual attraction between these two often gives rise to an “all or nothing” relationship. Sunny Leo is outgoing and open, whereas the scorpion is complex and secretive. To Leo, Scorpio seems devious and manipulative, while Scorpio is likely to resent the lion’s attempts to dominate the union.

Scorpio with Virgo

Scorpio’s possessiveness scares Virgo, but it also gives the virgin a strong sense of being loved and protected. Virgo’s propensity for handing out unsolicited advice does not sit well with Scorpio, and if these two are to get along Virgo must realise that the scorpion won’t put up with nagging or criticism.

Scorpio with Libra

In this union, Scorpio leads the way in most things, and gentle Libra appears to follow. However, Librans usually find a way of getting others (even intractable scorpions) to do their bidding. Cardinal Air and Fixed Water have little in common. Yet, if this relationship can get past the initial courtship, it may very well last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Scorpio

A love match between two scorpions can be interesting, and you two actually get along surprisingly well together. You’re able to read each other’s minds, and have the same likes and dislikes. Problems may arise if either of you tries to run the show. Shared power and responsibility is the only way for a happy union.

Scorpio with Sagittarius

It’s pure sexual attraction at first sight when the archer and the scorpion meet. But Scorpio cools down pretty fast when hit with the realisation that Sagittarius is just out for fun and games. The freewheeling archer won’t stand for Scorpio’s jealousy, whereas Scorpio views Sagittarius’ flighty ways as acts of disloyalty.

Scorpio with Capricorn

Sexually, you’re very well matched. Even so, Scorpio feels things deeply, and Capricorn is cool and unemotional. Both are ambitious and each likes being in charge, so your powerful personalities may clash. However, this union works, because you two understand each other better than most.

Scorpio with Aquarius

Airy, absent-minded, freedom-loving Aquarius and intense, possessive Scorpio make an odd couple. Yet, despite all your differences (or perhaps because of them), Scorpio and Aquarius often find each other totally fascinating, and a successful love affair or even marriage between you is possible.

Scorpio with Pisces

Both Scorpio and Pisces are sensitive, feeling, and compassionate individuals, and together you have a depth of intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others. Moreover, you share a deep psychic link that typifies true soul mates. This is a good match, as long as you can put up with each other’s dark moods.

Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra with Aries

The natural chemistry between Libra and Aries is exceptionally strong, and your sex life should be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. But Libra wants partnership, and Aries demands freedom. Moreover, the ram usually makes up his or her mind in the blink of an eye, whereas Libra hems and haws before deciding.

Libra with Taurus

Airy Libra is drawn to the bull’s earthy stability, and Taurus is captivated by the scales relaxed charm and fun-loving nature. You both seek peace and harmony, and tend to avoid conflict as much as possible. Still, beneath the smooth facade, Taurus is basically a homebody, while Libra is more of a social butterfly.

Libra with Gemini

Indecision reigns when Libra and Gemini get together, since Librans can’t make up their minds, and the twins are constantly changing theirs. Nevertheless, this is an excellent match-up. You two will laugh, talk, and make love all night long, with virtually no jealousy or possessiveness to spoil your fun and games.

Libra with Cancer

Both are sociable, but Libra tends to focus on humanity in general, while Cancer is focused on home and family. The scales are also more detached than the clinging crab, and in danger of feeling suffocated by Cancer’s possessiveness. Moreover, Cancer requires considerably more attention and emotional support than Libra can give.

Libra with Leo

Each of you possesses a loving, affectionate nature with an artistic temperament. The lion is enchanted by the scales’ charm and tact, and Libra loves Leo’s strength and dependability. This can be a remarkably fine match, as long as the Libra partner acknowledges Leo as king or queen of his or her jungle.

Libra with Virgo

Virgo tends to see Libra as indecisive and too easygoing, while the scales may view the virgin as a prim stick-in-the-mud. The real problem between these two often comes from Libra’s self-indulgent ways and love of luxury, which can drive the serious, ultra responsible Virgo straight up a wall.

Libra with Libra

The attraction between these two can be unusually strong, with lots of laughter, fun, and socialising. At first, it may seem that you are perfectly compatible and have so much in common that you feel like soul mates. But, this pairing often runs into difficulty when harsh reality intrudes on your idealistic dream of the perfect relationship.

Libra with Scorpio

There is a lot of physical magnetism between these two, yet the relationship can run into major difficulties. The scorpion is down-to-earth, ardent, and extremely jealous, whereas Libra tends to be easygoing, romantic, and flirtatious. Scorpio’s passion and possessiveness may too strong for Libra to tolerate.

Libra with Sagittarius

Sexually, you’re well matched, despite the fact that the romantic Libra generally prefers a less direct approach than the frank, fiery Sagittarius is capable of providing. Libra is partnership minded, and the archer is fiercely independent. Still it’s a nice match-up, because you two enjoy each other’s company.

Libra with Capricorn

Libra is very sociable and prefers a lifestyle that involves lots of interaction with others. Capricorn is more concerned with career, family, and practical affairs. Despite some personality conflicts, you two do have traits in common. Although Capricorn is typically more physically passionate than Libra, the Libra partner is readily seduced by a show of affection and a touch of romance.

Libra with Aquarius

Relationship-minded Libra may view the quirky Aquarian as too independent and Bohemian, and the water bearer can find the scales’ hesitancy and indecision annoying. Even so, these two Air signs have a great deal in common. You both tend to live in your minds, and need mates who are mentally alive.

Libra with Pisces

Although Air and Water don’t mix well, this combination can work out beautifully. Each is basically kind, considerate, and sympathetic, and cares about people’s problems. While the devoted fish may fulfil the scales’ need to be adored and admired, Libra’s emotional detachment could disappoint the emotionally needy Pisces.

Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries with Aries

While this match up is rarely boring, neither is it tranquil. Your nights are filled with passion and romance and your days with true companionship. Yet your sense of togetherness is often threatened by the fiery chemistry of your competitive natures. Fights are inevitable, but you both forgive easily, and the making up is awesome.

Aries with Taurus

Despite the differences in temperament, you complement each other in ways that count. The tranquil bull adds stability and serenity to the ram’s madcap life. In bed, the bold ram guides the shy bull to new heights of sexual pleasure. If problems arise it’s often because Aries demands freedom, and Taurus tends to be rather possessive.

Aries with Gemini

Since both are active and have an unquenchable desire for new experiences, you’re rarely bored. Some differences may develop because Aries is intensely passionate, and Gemini doesn’t take love or sex all that seriously. However, you’re both curious and open to engaging in sexual experimentation.

Aries with Cancer

Although Fire and Water don’t mix well, a strong physical attraction and psychic bond can develop between the ram and the crab. You are both ardent, sensuous, and romantic, and sexually you two can be very compatible. However, if insecure Cancer gets overly emotional, insensitive Aries may lose patience and take off.

Aries with Leo

As a couple, you two are temperamentally and sexually well suited. Leo is loyal and affectionate, and Aries is dynamic and exciting. You’re both self-motivated, and concerned with your own work and interests. Whereas Aries likes to win, Leo needs to rule. This match up works best when the ram lets the lion play the role of boss.

Aries with Virgo

The ram is temperamental and outspoken, and the reserved virgin is totally unequipped to handle emotional scenes. Virgo is critical, which Aries can’t stand, and Virgo’s penchant for analysis drives Aries crazy. Still, there is passion smouldering beneath Virgo’s cool facade, and hot, sexy Aries knows how to release it.

Aries with Libra

The chemistry between you two is strong, and lovemaking will be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. Moreover, you’re both fun-loving and gregarious, and enjoy an active social life. Even so, the ram can be driven to distraction by the scales’ indecisiveness, and Libra may feel pressured by Aries’ super-fast decision making.

Aries with Scorpio

Sexually, these two signs are well matched, because both partners are passionate, energetic, highly sexual, and adventurous. However, the ram tends to view the act of love as exciting, pleasurable, and fun, whereas the intense scorpion is almost always seeking a deeper connection that is spiritually and emotionally transforming.

Aries with Sagittarius

Each of these fiery individualists is idealistic and affectionate, with a life affirming, healthy attitude toward love, sex, and intimacy. Physically and mentally, you two are well matched. However, Aries tends to be more demanding and emotional, and may look upon tolerant Sagittarius as detached and impersonal.

Aries with Capricorn

As romantic partners, impulsive Aries and cautious Capricorn have some formidable obstacles to overcome. Socially, goats tend to be rather reserved, whereas rams are outgoing and vivacious. While seemingly prudish, Capricorn actually has one of the stronger libidos in the zodiac, and is turned-on by Aries’ sex appeal.

Aries with Aquarius

Each of you brings additional excitement and unpredictability into the other’s life. Fiery, demonstrative Aries may secretly wish the Aquarius lover were more passionate. However, any lack of ardour is more than compensated for by the water bearer’s love of experimentation and willingness to try new things, in the bedroom and out.

Aries with Pisces

Temperamentally you are quite different, but your differences are complementary. Ethereal Pisces appeals to the romantic side of Aries’ nature, and the ram may be seduced by the fish’s need for protection. Aries gets off on Pisces’ erotic fantasies and instinctive sexuality, but the ram’s boldness can overwhelm the timid fish.

Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Gemini with Aries

This lively, energetic pairing makes for good friends as well as good lovers. Both of you thrive on constant activity and variety. Moreover, you enjoy each other’s humour and share a preference for an active social life. There will be bedroom high jinks, because you’re both enthusiastic about sex.

Gemini with Taurus

You’re intrigued by the bull’s uncomplicated directness, and Taurus responds to the twin’s devil-may-care attitude. There is rarely a dull moment when fast-talking Gemini leads Taurus on a merry chase. But the bull wants life to be stable and ordered, and you’re easily bored and always searching for new experiences.

Gemini with Gemini

The pace is frenetic, and you two are never bored when you’re together. Sharing dreams and ideas makes you feel like true soul mates. Sex for Gemini is fun and games, so you’re both open to trying anything new and different. But emotional coolness and the need to over analyse everything may open up a huge gulf between you.

Gemini with Cancer

Temperamentally, the two of you are not at all alike. Cancer is sensitive and emotional, and Gemini’s a cool intellectual. Moreover, the crab’s mood swings are about as frequent as the twins’ mind changes. Even so, adoring Cancer is able to fulfil all your sexual fantasies, and your cheerfulness can brighten up a crabby disposition.

Gemini with Leo

This is a lively, fun-loving combination that works great as long as you’re willing to concede center stage to the lion or lioness. Each is super sociable and enjoys a good party, but Leo demands loyalty and won’t tolerate Gemini’s flirtatious ways. Both of you are playful, passionate, amorous lovers, and in bed you set off sparks.

Gemini with Virgo

Both of these signs love to talk, but neither of you is comfortable opening up and expressing your true feelings. Sexually, you’re on different wavelengths, yet romantic Virgo can be swept away by Gemini’s fast-talking seductive manner. Despite the differences in temperament, you two share many common interests in and out of the bedroom.

Gemini with Libra

Libras can’t make up their minds, and Geminis are always changing theirs. Still, you make an affectionate, fun-loving couple that enjoys an active social life, and adores entertaining and travel. Each of you is fervent in bed, yet neither is jealous or demanding. Libra usually goes along with Gemini’s taste for sexual diversity.

Gemini with Scorpio

Gemini’s airy openness is hard for serious, secretive Scorpio to comprehend, and the scorpion’s burning intensity frightens and fascinates the twins. Nevertheless, your differences can serve as the spark that ignites your sexual passion. However, even with strong physical attraction, an ongoing relationship may be difficult.

Gemini with Sagittarius

These two zodiacal opposites attract each other like magnets. Because of your wide-ranging and varied interests, you complement each other. Each of you has a fun-and-games attitude toward love and romance. In the bedroom, anything goes with this combination, which usually translates into exhilarating sexual encounters.

Gemini with Capricorn

This is one of the more difficult combinations. The dependable, serious goat considers Gemini irresponsible and unpredictable. Although Capricorn finds the twins’ lack of reserve embarrassing, deep down the lusty goat admires Gemini’s freewheeling sexual attitude, and may secretly yearn for the audacity to emulate it.

Gemini with Aquarius

Your compatibility is virtually assured. You take great pleasure in each other’s company, and any sexual union between you can be truly exciting. Each of you view love as an extremely enjoyable part of life, but friendship and true companionship mean more to both of you.

Gemini with Pisces

The passion quotient is likely to be high in this match-up, but so are the inevitable problems. Gemini needs freedom and new vistas; Pisces craves unending adoration. The fish doesn’t feel secure with the gadabout twins, and attempts to pull the net tighter. Still, Pisces is enigmatic and mysterious, and Gemini loves solving mysteries.

Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Taurus with Aries

You two tend to approach life quite differently. Yet, despite your differences, passionate, romantic Aries poses an irresistible challenge to sensuous, affectionate, romantic Taurus. Even when your ideas are poles apart, life is a lot more interesting when slow-moving Taurus and fiery Aries form an intimate alliance.

Taurus with Taurus

This may not be the most exciting romantic combination, but it’s rock solid. Each of you is steady, reliable, practical, and devoted to home and family. A close relationship between you is virtually guaranteed to be emotionally comforting and sexually satisfying. Boredom poses the only threat to a happy, long-lasting union.

Taurus with Gemini

Sexually and emotionally both partners find a romantic union stimulating, exciting, and satisfying. However, the bull is likely to grow weary of hearing Gemini chatter on and on, and the swift-moving twin could become increasingly annoyed by Taurus’s slow reactions and stubborn, plodding nature.

Taurus with Cancer

Sexually and romantically this is a near perfect match. Both are homebodies and appreciate the simple joys of a comfortable domestic life. Even so, difficulties may arise because Taurus is stubborn and intractable, Cancer is moody and thin-skinned, and neither of you is inclined to talk about what’s really bothering you.

Taurus with Leo

Be prepared for a battle of wills between the irresistible force (Leo) and the immovable object (Taurus). Still, this can be a surprisingly loving and successful romantic union. Each of you is affectionate and loyal, and you share a desire for luxury and the many other goodies life has to offer.

Taurus with Virgo

This pair is nicely matched sexually and lovemaking is erotic and intense. Virgo may be slower to arouse, but Taurus’s patience is legendary. With tenderness and affection, the bull easily melts the virgin’s reserve. This twosome works well as long as Virgo avoids criticism, and Taurus keeps overindulgence to a minimum.

Taurus with Libra

Both love peace and harmony, and strive to avoid conflict and tension as much as possible. The affable sweetness in each of your natures makes for a pleasant relationship. While the bull’s stability and persistence anchors the scales’ airy indecisiveness, Libra’s easygoing approach to life can drive Taurus up a wall.

Taurus with Scorpio

The magnetic attraction you feel for each other can overcome any lack of common interests, and a physical relationship between you could be intense and long lasting. Even so, straightforward Taurus may be put off by the sly scorpion’s deviousness, and thin-skinned Scorpio can misinterpret the bull’s playful sense of humour.

Taurus with Sagittarius

Despite their lack of commonality, Taurus is drawn to outgoing, exciting, fun-loving Sagittarius. The passionate bull may enjoy the archer’s lusty sexuality, but is easily irked by Sagittarius’ devil-may-care attitude toward love. Taurus is settled and longs for security, and Sagittarius is a gambler and wanderer.

Taurus with Capricorn

This pairing of Earth signs usually results in a good match. Both of you want the emotional and material security of a stable, long-lasting relationship. Each of you has strong sexual needs and desires, however the goat’s passion often burns well beneath the surface and the bull may have to bring it out.

Taurus with Aquarius

The only traits you two have in common are stubbornness and a reluctance to change your ways. Even so, Taurus may be intrigued by the freewheeling water bearer’s openness to sexual experimentation and willingness to explore new erotic techniques, and Fixed Aquarius is likely to appreciate the bull’s loyalty and dependability.

Taurus with Pisces

In bed, sensual, romantic Taurus can easily get caught up in Pisces’ dreamy, erotic fantasies. The lovemaking between you two is likely to be sensuous and satisfying. But ultimately, the pragmatic, straightforward bull could be irritated by the enigmatic, impractical fish’s inability to deal with day-to-day realities.

Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer with Aries

Both are passionate, sensuous, romantic, and sentimental, and sexually you two can be very compatible. However, problems may develop when upbeat Aries gets a taste of the crab’s sullen moods. The ram’s need for autonomy and independence frequently conflicts with Cancer’s desire for closeness, intimacy, and mutual dependency.

Cancer with Taurus

This combination often results in a near perfect match-up in both the kitchen and the bedroom. Together you make passionate, affectionate domestic partners who are usually on the same sexual wavelength. The main obstacles to total contentment are the bull’s legendary stubbornness and the crab’s frequent mood swings.

Cancer with Gemini

Gemini views the world through a mental window, while Cancer sees it through a cloud of emotion. Curious Gemini enjoys experimentation, while the crab, though passionate, is sexually conservative and emotionally possessive. Still, the freewheeling twins can help the uptight crab emerge from its shell and have more fun.

Cancer with Cancer

While not the most exciting pairing in the zodiac, this coupling can be one of the longest lasting, especially since neither likes letting go. Serious differences may arise because both are sensitive, moody, and easily hurt. Even so, you understand each other so completely that this can be a very rewarding union of genuine soul mates.

Cancer with Leo

Sexually, these two are almost always compatible, especially if the lion is willing to demonstrate enough love, consideration, and devotion to reassure the insecure crab. Leo’s sunny self-confidence acts as a stabiliser for Cancer’s moody insecurity, and the crab’s readiness to offer praise fulfils the lion’s need for adoration.

Cancer with Virgo

Cancer is much more emotional than the shy, reserved virgin. Virgos, however, are incurable romantics, and crabs are absolute suckers for romance. Each is inclined to mood changes that, at times, can irritate the other. Still, this is a good match so long as the super critical virgin avoids hurting sensitive Cancer’s tender feelings.

Cancer with Libra

Your basic temperaments are very different. Although airy Libra is the sign of partnership, the scales are more emotionally detached than the clinging crab, and dislike being tied down. Major problems can arise if Cancer becomes excessively possessive. The more the crab tries to hold on, the harder Libra struggles to break free.

Cancer with Scorpio

This is generally an excellent match. When the passionate, emotional crab and the highly sexed scorpion get together, sparks fly. The hyper-intense emotionalism of your relationship fosters a deep, lasting bond. There may be some melodramatic rows between you, but the making-up afterwards will be heavenly.

Cancer with Sagittarius

Sagittarius longs for freedom and adventure, whereas Cancer is home and family-oriented. Given your opposite goals, you two make an odd couple. Even so, your dissimilarities complement each other. The crab finds the archer exciting, and Sagittarius gets Cancer to abandon the shell and live a little.

Cancer with Capricorn

These two opposite signs have a lot in common. You share similar goals: success, security, and a stable home life. The crab and the goat are both highly sexed, and your physical union should be imbued with passion. But Cancer is warm and caring, and Capricorn can come off as cool and emotionally detached.

Cancer with Aquarius

Although Aquarian independence may intrigue Cancer, these two signs have little in common. The crab responds emotionally; the water bearer is mainly influenced by ideas. While this isn’t an easy match, you two should get along fine in the bedroom. With a little effort to understand each other you can overcome your differences.

Cancer with Pisces

These Water signs have a natural affinity, both sexually and emotionally. Both are ardent, affectionate lovers with an inclination toward romance and a desire to make the honeymoon last forever. Since both are extremely sensitive, each should be extra careful to avoid hurting the other’s feelings.

Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo with Aries

There is a lot of energy and excitement in this pairing. Sexually, the sparks will fly. Temperamentally it’s a good match, because each of you is idealistic, optimistic, and outgoing. Despite the harmony, volatile, hot-tempered individuals are sure to clash. When you do, your battles will be boisterous and dramatic.

Leo with Taurus

The combination of these two strong-willed, Fixed sign individuals can be challenging, to say the least. Everything should go very well, especially in the bedroom, until you two fail to see eye-to-eye on something. Compromise is necessary to make this pairing successful.

Leo with Gemini

This mixture of Fire and Air can be great as long as the twins don’t try to manipulate the lion or steal the regal star’s audience. Leo is jealous, and may begin to resent Gemini’s independent, freewheeling lifestyle. Still, you two have fun together, in the bedroom and out, and you’re not likely to grow bored or tire of each other’s company.

Leo with Cancer

This pairing can be difficult because of your different temperaments, but it is definitely doable. Leo is flattered by Cancer’s worshipful attention, yet resentful of the crab’s emotional neediness. Even so, you two have a lot in common. You both want to live in the grand manner that comes with success, affluence, and social prestige.

Leo with Leo

Romantically you two get along famously, with lots of hot sex and fun at the outset. However, both need to be the centre of attention, and neither wants to share the starring role with the other. If your union turns into a competition, the relationship may fizzle out.

Leo with Virgo

This isn’t the easiest combination in the zodiac. Leo is sensitive to criticism and likely to regard Virgo’s idea of “constructive criticism” as a personal attack. In bed, however, the exciting lion inflames the imagination of the hesitant virgin. Because of Virgo’s flexibility, this match can work as long as Leo has the starring role.

Leo with Libra

This blend of Fire and Air sounds ideal, but there are possible pitfalls. Both of you are romantics, and your sex life should be hot. However, Leo normally sees life in terms of “I” not “we,” whereas Libra, born under the sign of partnership, tends to think in pairs.

Leo with Scorpio

The question here is not whether you two get along in the bedroom; it’s if you can stand each other in the rest of the house. Both of you tend to be dictatorial and domineering. Scorpio’s dark secrecy presents a sharp contrast to Leo’s sunny optimism. This all or nothing union only works if both pull in the same direction.

Leo with Sagittarius

The sexual relationship between you two is sure to be fiery and exciting. However, the archer refuses to take love seriously, and this tendency to avoid commitment could bother the more settled lion. Short term you’ll surely have a wonderful time together, but may have to work at sustaining a life-long union.

Leo with Capricorn

The goat’s emotionally detached, reserved attitude presents a sharp contrast to the lion’s warm enthusiasm and cheerful temperament. Nevertheless, there is a solid sexual energy between you, and you may enjoy many passionate bedroom romps. You both honour your commitments, and prize loyalty and fidelity above all else.

Leo with Aquarius

Opposites attract, and Leo is often intrigued by the water bearer’s oddball originality. But the more conventional lion may be turned off by Aquarius’s anything goes approach to lovemaking. Although you’re both upfront and sincere, your Fixed natures make you extremely stubborn and sometimes intractable.

Leo with Pisces

You two function on totally different psychological levels. The fish dwells on an emotional inner plane, whereas the lion is extroverted and action-oriented. Nevertheless, mysterious, mystical Pisces fascinates the worldly lion. Easily enchanted by Pisces’ flattery and adulation, when the fish seeks protection, the lion eagerly obliges.

Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Virgo with Aries
Although you both value honesty and the unadorned truth, you’re better at giving advice than following it. Moreover, Aries is hot tempered and outspoken, and Virgo prefers avoiding emotional scenes. Even so, the virgin is fascinated by the sexy ram’s boldness and zest for living.

Virgo with Taurus

Sexually, this pair is well matched. Although the virgin may be slower to arouse, the bull has a ton of patience. With tenderness, warmth, and affection, Taurus easily melts the well-known Virgo reserve. Overall, these two Earth signs get along famously, and you two can build a rich and rewarding life together.

Virgo with Gemini

Sexually, you are on different wavelengths, but romantic Virgo can easily be swept away by fast talking Gemini’s seductive manner. Gemini is more of a risk taker and will gladly do something “just for the experience” while Virgo is more cautious and careful. Communication or miscommunication is the key to this union.

Virgo with Cancer

The relationship between this combination of Earth and Water often starts out as a friendship, and grows into a love match. Virgo is an incurable romantic, and Cancer is an absolute sucker for romance. Together you can develop a warm, loving, affectionate match, with a physical relationship that is extremely satisfying.

Virgo with Leo

Temperamentally, you two are very different. The typical Virgo is modest, self-effacing, and unobtrusive, whereas Leo craves approval, recognition, and applause. The virgin is practical, the lion extravagant. Virgo likes routine. Leo craves excitement. Nonetheless, you make a good team since each provides what the other lacks.

Virgo with Virgo

Perfectionism times two can be problematic. One possible difficulty is that Virgos are somewhat shy about lovemaking. You’re more likely to flourish sexually with a bolder bed-mate. Still, each one is caring and able to understand the other. Over the long term, this match can be tense, yet gratifying.

Virgo with Libra
Virgo is attracted to Libra’s charm and intelligence, and Libra relates to the virgin’s mental agility. Sexually, this match can work, because you both value good taste and discretion in the bedroom. Even so, you’re very different. The virgin is much more exacting in all areas of life than the easygoing, relaxed scales.

Virgo with Scorpio

Earth and Water get along well in most things, but in the sexual sphere modest Virgo may be a bit overwhelmed by Scorpio’s lusty sensuality. A lot depends on the Scorpio partner’s approach to lovemaking. Ultimately the virgin may be secretly thrilled by Scorpio’s attempts to entice him or her into bolder sexual adventures.

Virgo with Sagittarius

Despite common interests, the energies of these two signs don’t mesh well. You make a good working team because Virgo has an eye for small detail, while Sagittarius sees the larger picture. You’re both romantic, but sexual compatibility may depend upon the uninhibited archer’s ability to coax the virgin out of his or her shell.

Virgo with Capricorn

Both of you tend to be reserved and reluctant to express your deepest feelings. Moreover, neither of these two practical, down-to-earth signs is likely to admit to frivolous thoughts and romantic ideals. Yet you both need affection, and you’re a lot more interested in the physical and emotional side of life than you let on.

Virgo with Aquarius

Natives of these two very different signs are often great friends, and under the right circumstances can be a great deal more. A love match between this unusual duo can result in a happy union, because each is rational and cerebral, and lives to learn (and teach) new things.

Virgo with Pisces

There is often a strong attraction between these two opposite signs. Since each admires certain qualities in the other, your differences tend to balance out. Pisces is a warm, generous lover who can sense the virgin’s desires, and the reserved Virgo is swiftly captivated by Pisces’ unrestrained sensuality.

Funny Zodiac Stereotypes


They have a volatile go-getter attitude paired with explosive energy. Their motto is 'Act first, think later' to which they stick religiously.


Hardworking and stubborn in everything they do, but often not very smart. They sometimes splash the cash on the good life, at other times they pray to the mighty dollar and are stingy as hell.


Childish know-it-all people with a twisted sense of humour and the attention span of a fly. A cerebral sign, everything happens in their head, even sex.


A pessimist whiner who is always on the lookout for a shoulder to cry on. The phrase 'misery loves company' was invented for them. Most people in prison are cancers.


You think you're a born leader, others think you're an asshole. You are so vain that you often enjoy masturbating better than sex.


Perfectionists in everything they do, they'll go mad if they find a speck of dust on the carpet. They have no sense of humour and sex with a Virgo is only slightly better than with a blow-up doll.


Annoyingly indecisive they never seem to know what they want, although whatever it is it better be glitzy and expensive. Most men of this sign tend to be gay, although they're not sure.


Often mysterious, they are the embodiment of evil. A Scorpio thinks nothing of backstabbing a former friend if they're of no use anymore. Their sex life is taboo and very kinky.


This is the loud-mouthed optimist of the zodiac. They often have no talent or skills and rely exclusively on luck in their life, with predictable consequences. Their love life is a train wreck.


You are the career type of the zodiac, ruthless and ambitious you always want to be in control. This combined with the fact that you're secretly very insecure and risk averse makes for a wicked man indeed. Of course you're just over-compensating for your lack of virility.


The sign of the scientist and innovator, you come up with the greatest inventions, only to have them stolen from you by other more ambitious signs. You're also prone at making the same stupid mistakes over and over again.


You are the most insecure sign in the zodiac, driven by your wishy-washy emotions. A dreamer and a nut-case who believes in conspiracy theories and other far-out concepts.

Weekly Horoscopes for June 26 to July 2


This week you’ll run the risk of scattering your energies without a direction or purpose, as you take on every challenge in your way but quickly get bored and jump to the next one. A conscious effort will be needed to concentrate on one thing at a time and this will allow you to reach your goals. There is some friction in your dealings with your extended family or that of your spouse, stay calm and don’t say things that you’ll later regret.


Changes in the way you relate to co-workers are in the stars for you this week. You’ll finally see who is on your side and who is better to avoid. If you’re the boss, you’ll likely start a weeding process among your protégés as some of them will prove ungrateful. Jointly held resources in your private life will also cause the exchange of some heavy words; reaching a compromise will be best for everyone involved.


Work and money will be the main theme for you, and it’s looking better than ever. You’ll finally start to see rewards coming in for past efforts, or at least signs that you’re on the right path, which will raise your spirits. Make no mistake about it, these rewards will only come to those who have put in the effort; for those of you who’ve been slacking off the opposite will be true and may even be shown the door. Either way it’s reckoning time.


Tension in the family and close relationships are at the forefront of events for you, this week. You’ll have the distinct feeling that others have ganged up on you, and they’re taking your opinions into consideration less and less. This may not be the case, you’ve learned to play the victim card and the effects are now in. If you want to be taken more seriously you’ll have to assume more responsibilities and not be afraid to state your case. Be a leader and the world will follow.


A business or project that you’re launching this week will be a success in the future. The only downside is that people around you are jealous of your success and they may try to hinder your progress; it’s the bucket of crabs effect. Keep your own council and if necessary cut any contact with people whose actions seem even remotely suspicious. Oh yeah, it’s lonely at the top.


This week you may have to cut loose some people in your life, who have overstayed their welcome. Friends who have disappointed you will need to be issued their walking papers, doubly so for romantic partners. On the money front you may discover some irregularities or losses and it may all be connected to the actions of the afore mentioned friends and partners. The sooner you move on, the better.


You’ll burry yourself deep into your responsibilities at work and this may prevent you to notice some of the subtler effects of office politics and behind the scenes activities. Keep an eye out and listen which way the wind is blowing; it will save you a lot of trouble in the near future. That person who apparently is hated by everyone is actually the favourite in the race, stay on his good side.


You may be witnessing some disturbing events at work. Some of your hidden enemies will finally show their true colours and you will be surprised by who they are. The good news is, when people come out like that, they’re getting desperate so the end is near. Keep doing what you’re doing, the more opposition you encounter, the more you know you’re on the right path.


Some unsettling information will come to light within a group or association you’re involved in. It may not be all bad, just very different than what you imagined. It’s very likely that something you’ve been stressing over since the beginning of the year has been decided a long time ago and it was kept secret by the people running the show. Financial news will be disappointing as a loan application could be rejected or a credit extension denied.


Close relationships and the troubles within are likely to take up most of your time this week. Your partner could vent all their frustration on you, and you may find all this so unfair. Try and analyse objectively the things being said, they may have a lot of truth in them. As bad as it all sounds, events going down now will actually improve the way you relate to others in the future. Lessons are everywhere, you just have to learn.


At work the pressure is on, and as much as you try to hide your frustration it will be apparent to everyone. Promised support fails to materialise as the people who had your back are on shaky grounds themselves. In your love life, if you’ve been waiting for an answer it will arrive this week and it looks very promising.


This week you should turn all your attention towards your personal finances. There is a good chance that you’ve neglected some of your taxes, bills, payments etc. and you may have to pay a fine or penalty. Tend to these matters as soon as possible, call the institutions or companies in question and ask them nicely to forego the penalties, they often do.

Weekly Horoscope for June 19 to 25


Your family life will take up most of your time this week. So much so that it could get in the way of your regular work, don’t let that happen. Problems are not likely to come from dealings with family members, rather they’re connected to ongoing, or newly started, household projects. The main culprits here are likely third parties involved, like builders, appraisers, carriers etc. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


This week the stars are looking good for starting a new business, or transforming a hobby into a small business, which will bring in some extra cash. You’ll do well as long as you listen to yourself and ignore the negative or even malicious comments of some of your friends. Family members will be supportive of this new venture. This goes double if the business in question is somehow related to the general public. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


A resounding success in your career, towards the end of the week, or a new creative project that you’ve recently started will evolve at an unexpectedly rapid pace. This will cause you to rethink some of your plans for the future, but worry not, it’s all for the best. Romantically you could do very well at this time, with some great new possibilities coming out from where you least expect them. Secret affairs could tempt you, tread carefully here. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


This week you will be very active at work and could come up with some great ideas towards improving the workflow. Unfortunately, this could get you into conflict with some of the more conservative, or stupid, colleagues and even bosses. Try to use tact and diplomacy in all your communications and when it comes to bosses make it sound like it was their idea in the first place. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Dealings with foreign lands are still a theme for you, especially in your profession, where this could be a very good week as long as you keep your cards close to your chest. Otherwise, some of the people in your inner circle will disappoint you with their actions. Higher ups are supportive, so keep up the good work. Events in your love life will allow you to reach a final conclusion regarding a relationship or love interest. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Money is going out as you’ll finally have to pay off your past obligations, you know, the ones that you kept postponing, in hope that they’ll somehow just go away. Do the right thing, you’ll be relieved. Transformations in relationships of all kinds are also a thing this week, where new partners in business, love or crime are very likely. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Events in your family life are set to be very hectic at the beginning of this week, and they’re somehow related to events at work. You could change your work schedule, relocate or your partner could be in this situation and one of you will have to adapt. The good news is, that all of this will lead to an increase in your combined income. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Endings and final conclusions are in store for you in all walks of life. Although it sounds scary, much of it was pending for a very long time now and you just accepted that as normal. This week it will all be finalised. In your love life you’ll either agree to go to the next level or part ways altogether. The same is true in your work, where a new position, new responsibilities or a new company are the most likely events to occur. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Improvements is your love relationships are the most likely events to occur this week. Your recent efforts to improve and open up in your communications will not go unnoticed. Your partner finally gets where you’re coming from; if he doesn’t then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Cut down the tree and move on, that will be an improvement. Work relationships will also improve, putting an end to a very demanding period. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Conflicts and arguments in your close relationships are the theme for you, this week. As a Capricorn you have very rigid ideas of how things are supposed to be, and when people don’t adhere to these ideas you tend to take it as a personal attack. The reality is, everyone, yes even your children, is an individual with free will. Be more tolerant and you’ll see that the atmosphere improves instantly. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Financial transactions of high value are well starred this week, for you. So if you were planning to sell/buy a house, a car or any other thing of great value this is the week to do it. If you were planning to buy something but you don’t quite have the money, family members will lend a hand. Not so great are thing on the job front, where you feel stuck in a rut. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...


Spending and more spending, mostly on the needs of family members and the household. If it’s any consolation to you, family members will greatly appreciate your efforts and will give you all their love. Running a family is not cheap, that’s one reason single or gay people tend to have more money. Don't forget to read your daily horoscope...

Pisces Zodiac Sign Traits

Pisces (February 19th–March 21st)

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yin
Rulers: Neptune and Jupiter
Color: Sea-green
Gem: Aquamarine
Anatomy: Feet, immune system, hormonal system
Keywords: Compassion, universality, inclusiveness
Celebrity Fishes: Billy Crystal, Mikhail Gorbachev, Liza Minnelli, Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Taylor, Thora Birch, Drew Barrymore, Bruce Willis, Queen Latifah

Being a Pisces

Mutable water: from solid (ice) to liquid to gas (vapour). This is the character of Pisces, changing according to outside conditions. And yet Fishes live largely in the world of the imagination, the realm of dreams, where objects and events seem to have no connection to outer reality. What’s going on here? This last sign creates the possibility to move beyond self into transcendence, represented to humans as the world of dreams and faith. But this also can be a world of sheer escapism, where dreaming is done for its own sake. Fishes, we could say, can either sink or swim. Put another way, Fishes know which way the river is running and may swim with it or against it. Swimming against it can mean they may find a way to another stream (“hooked” Fishes can channel their addictions, for example), while swimming with it may mean, quite literally, “going with the flow,” and living intuitively. Fishes are highly intuitive, in fact, and Pisces is the sign that merges with others so easily that these people don’t always know what’s theirs and what belongs to someone else. Fishes are frequently so sensitive to the vibrations of others that they can go into work and instantly feel how others are doing. Unfortunately, they also may unconsciously take responsibility for how others are doing, or wonder why they feel so bad—especially when they woke up feeling so good! For this reason, fishes can have a hard time maintaining their boundaries and knowing what they’re feeling, as opposed to what others are feeling. The reason for this boundary stuff goes back to the main point of Pisces, which is to merge with others and eventually the Source or God. Fishes are in a highly spiritual sign, living in a very nonspiritual world. For this reason it’s easy for them to get off-track by merging with the wrong people and to get away from their true spiritual focus. Above all, Fishes are here to give, not just to those like themselves, but to anyone who needs their help, love, attention, or whatever.

Positives and Negatives

Compassionate Fishes can see deep into the human psyche, probe the depths of emotions, lend a sympathetic ear, or play an intuitive hunch. But they can also be oh-so-sad, shy, timid, or just plain impractical. Fishes can seem both lazy and talkative, the talk seeming to go on and on about any number of unlikely possibilities. But Fishes can change too, and change can be good: It can mean adaptability. Because of their extraordinary sensitivity, Fishes are often creative artistically, and their
understanding of people sometimes seems limitless (though the understanding doesn’t always extend to themselves). Pisces is the sign that represents spirituality, not religion, like Sagittarius, but a true
need to have a relationship with a higher power. When these spiritual needs aren’t fulfilled, Fishes become involved in the negative side of this energy, which is escapism. That’s where the drugs, alcohol, or sugar addictions come in, as well as the wrong kinds of people. Fishes need to learn to live by faith and intuition: Once they do this, they’re on the right track. Physicist Albert Einstein was a Pisces, and his theories were “impractical,” but correct. Does the universe need dreamers and people who can transcend the boundaries of normal reality? And does that make them impractical? Or just different from the rest of us?


Kind, perceptive, sensitive Fishes look at the inner soul of others, at the essence rather than the surface. Fishes are truly seeking their soulmates, the most profound love possible and so may be disappointed when real people fail to live up to their idealistic expectations. Fishes in love can create an enchanting place where love happens, a space separate from the rest of the world for Fishes and their loved ones alone. Fishes feel, and they can translate that feeling, too: You’ll always know when you’re the object of Fishes’ affection. Water, water, water: Of course Fishes will do well with Cancers, Scorpios, and other Pisces. But here’s a sign where empathy can go far, if Fishes are careful. More flighty signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may leave Fishes swimming in their wake, or raise them to new heights of awareness. Fishes can do especially well with nurturing earth signs, and earth signs’ practicality can also keep Fishes’ tendency toward flights of fancy a little more rooted. As in all areas, though, Fishes need to beware of those who would take advantage of them: They’re quick to trust, and all too easily hurt.


Fishes can tend to overindulge, and need to be careful to limit their intake of everything from bread to wine. Fishes may be overweight or have a tendency to retain water. In addition, Pisces rules the feet, and Fishes should take particular care to avoid sprains, or even breaks, to that sensitive area. Fishes don’t always take care of themselves as well as they do others, but one way to start would be through a holistic fitness regimen that takes into account both body and soul. One vitamin that can help Fishes feel their best is pantothenic acid, which helps stimulate their adrenal glands and increase their immune systems. Because Pisces appear to rule the immune system, all aids to this system are helpful for Fishes. Pisces also seems to be in charge of hormones, so keeping them in balance may be very important. Fishes are very sensitive to foods and poisons in their environment, and may need to be detoxified more frequently than any other sign. Alcohol and drugs are very difficult for them to process. Even prescription drugs can wreak havoc on their systems, so it’s very important for Fishes to watch their intake and notice the changes in their bodies.


Fishes use their homes as places for spiritual renewal or spiritual abuse. Just as they may swim with or against the current, they may use their homes as refuges or dens of iniquity, and the choice they make will spill over into other areas of their life as well. If Fishes find true love, they’re more likely to create a home as refuge, and Fishes would do well to create their own hidden cave, a place to renew themselves, to meditate, and to be introspective, retreat can bring healthy renewal.


Because Fishes love to combine their real life with their imaginary one, they can often be found in the world of theatre or film, or in any of the arts. But they also can do quite well in business or even politics, where their sensitivity can give them powerful insights less intuitive signs might miss. Fishes like to work behind the scenes or alone: Fame and recognition aren’t what drive them. Because of this, Fishes can be great manipulators or builders. Or they may be photographers, beautifully capturing others’ spirits on film. Fishes are often found, too, in areas where their capabilities for the spiritual can be used: They may be astrologers or monks, religious leaders or healers. Fishes are known for their ability to sacrifice themselves for others. Pisces also deals with images, so these people are gifted at leading others through visualisation experiences and meditations and bringing people to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Above all, Fishes are here to help the rest of us transcend our normal ruts, beliefs, and boundaries, and see the illusions we live under.


Here again, Fishes need to be wary of others’ stories: They’re all too easily convinced to hand over their life savings to help a friend (or anyone) they think is in need. Money can swim in and out of Fishes’ lives as mysteriously as everything and everyone else does, and impractical Fishes don’t always understand why. Because they’re not really prone to money-making enterprises themselves, Fishes’ money may come from outside sources, and it may go back outside, too. Many Fishes work in the service sector, so they may not get the kind of money that business enterprises pay. But what Fishes are good at are the dreams where all good ideas including potential money-making ones, begin. Here’s a sign whose intuitive hunches are always worth pursuing.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Aquarius (January 21st–February 19th)

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Energy: Yang
Rulers: Uranus and Saturn
Color: Violet
Gem: Amethyst
Anatomy: Ankles and circulation
Keywords: Humanitarian, unique, revolutionary
Celebrity Aquarians: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Virginia Woolf, Paul Newman, Christina Ricci, Heather Graham, Edward Burns, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock

Being an Aquarius

Aquarius is where you’ll find the zodiac’s eccentric individualists and crazy inventors. Anything out of the ordinary interests this independent sign, and Water Bearers are often trend spotters and trendsetters. Water Bearers’ fixed air represents persistent development of the intellect through communication, and their planetary influence, Uranus, means they’ll be committed to innovation and change. Aquarians will often be progressive and open-minded, but that fixed quality means they’ll often be fixed in their opinions as well. Most W-Bs find Earth to be a very dense place! Most of them are 50 years or more ahead of their time, and talking to the rest of us can seem like a difficult and laborious process. Aquarians often feel like they’re visiting from another planet, because their ideas are so advanced. Trouble is, sometimes they forget their missions once they get here and find out how dense this place really is! So why is it that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is an air sign, not a water sign? Good question. But look at this sign’s symbol, ~ , to find your answer. This water is in the form of waves, which are caused by wind: the motion of air on water. These wavy lines also represent the serpents of knowledge; the parts of the body ruled by Aquarius, the ankles and the circulatory system; and lightning that cleans air and leaves that “ozone buzz.” Remember that this name doesn’t refer to the water itself but to its carrier: Aquarius is the “water bearer,” the most human of the signs.

Positives and Negatives

Idealistic, inventive, and original, W-Bs can all-too-easily seem aloof, detached, or just plain cranky. In fact, W-Bs’ tendency to go against the grain can separate them from other people, even the more
abstract “humanity” they are trying to help. More than any other sign, W-Bs have a human connection, and they seek to bring all humans together without regard for any of the imaginary divisions humans themselves have created. This same disregard for human difference, though, may
leave W-Bs without any close relationships of their own. W-Bs’ strongest trait is their intellectual independence, their refusal to be pigeonholed. W-Bs really do hear a “different drummer,” and it may even be they who are playing those drums! W-Bs can be radicals, renegades, or bohemians too, but depending on other factors in the chart, this may not be obvious. They can look perfectly normal yet have very different ideas. So even though they may pass for one of us, they don’t feel like us. It’s almost as though they’re aliens from another star system, living in human bodies. W-Bs often experiment with or observe friends, mates, or partners, just to see what they will do under a particular set of circumstances, and they can be very detached about this process, although the results may be enough to keep them interested in a person!


Independent W-Bs need partners who understand that independence and who won’t feel threatened by it, and in return they’ll offer their partners the same kind of freedom. With the right partner, W-Bs will be constant and true: Remember, this is a fixed sign, reluctant to change once it’s established what it considers the right path. Some W-Bs may sacrifice personal relationships to pursue a greater good, and some may seem aloof even in the best of relationships. Sometimes W-Bs’ relationships
themselves will become laboratories for their creativity, as they did in the cases of James Joyce, Federico Fellini, Gertrude Stein, and W. Somerset Maugham. W-Bs are always seeking what’s best for humankind, and they may sometimes lose sight of individual humans in the process. Air signs, Gemini, Libra, other Aquarians will naturally combine well with Aquarius, but pay attention to the fire-feeding capabilities of air, too: The innovation of a W-B may be just what Aries, Leo, or Sag needs for some mutual excitement.


The ankles and the circulatory system are ruled by Aquarius: the ankles supporting our ability to stand, and circulation the movement of our very lifeblood through our bodies. W-Bs are the very essence of human existence, and it’s important that in their tendency to think and see globally, they don’t lose sight of these areas closer to home. Vitamins and, of course, eating right can keep W-Bs at their fittest. W-Bs need magnesium, and plenty of it, in their diets to keep their circulation and heart (Leo is their opposite) in good shape. Magnesium also is needed for the electrical charges that move nutrients in and out of cells, as well as for absorbing and using vitamins and minerals. W-Bs may heal well with acupuncture or chiropractic, because Saturn is their co-ruler and these healing techniques deal with the nervous system and their energy. Exercise also plays an important role; with their heads in the clouds, W-Bs may forget that they have a body to take care of as well! W-Bs hold the mind and spirit in high esteem, but they need to pay attention to what connects them to the rest of humanity, too, and to keep their lifeblood circulating freely.


W-Bs’ home is the world, and they populate that world with a variety of people, especially the unusual, the eccentric, and those who are just plain different. “Live and let live” is a W-B motto, and they’ll open their doors to anyone who needs their shelter. W-Bs believe that they can change people’s lives just by being a part of them, and if their homes sometimes resemble Noah’s Arks of humanity, it’s no coincidence. Even though they may seem aloof, W-B’s individual goals are always based on a greater good. This holds true at home, too: Altruistic and giving, W-Bs share their homes with all.


Clever, original W-Bs can excel in any profession in which creativity is a plus. This isn’t limited just to the arts, either, but can extend to scientific innovation and invention, to public service or civil rights reform, even to owning a business of their own or marketing someone else’s unique ideas. Many also work in broadcast media. W-Bs understand that the future is where innovation lies, and their careers may often lead others toward that future. Charles Lindbergh was a W-B, for example, and so is Ronald Reagan. W-Bs also may be geniuses within their chosen field, like golfer Jack
Nicklaus or dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. W-Bs can be revolutionaries, sometimes associated with actual government revolutions, like Boris Yeltsin and Angela Davis, and often associated with ideas, causes, or inventions that eventually revolutionise the world. But no matter where they work, you can count on W-Bs to be the ones at the cutting edge, the ones with ideas, the ones with creative solutions to the problems everyone else thought insoluble.


Aquarians are givers rather than keepers, and, with their vision focused on the future, they’re not likely to concern themselves with the here and now. This can translate into a disregard for money, including a tendency to go beyond their budgets or overextend themselves in other ways. With their vision for the future, though, W-Bs can potentially do well in speculative ventures, especially in areas that will be using new technology. Well-selected investments in these areas now can protect W-Bs moving into their more uncertain futures.