Aquarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Aquarius (January 21st–February 19th)

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Energy: Yang
Rulers: Uranus and Saturn
Color: Violet
Gem: Amethyst
Anatomy: Ankles and circulation
Keywords: Humanitarian, unique, revolutionary
Celebrity Aquarians: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Virginia Woolf, Paul Newman, Christina Ricci, Heather Graham, Edward Burns, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock

Being an Aquarius

Aquarius is where you’ll find the zodiac’s eccentric individualists and crazy inventors. Anything out of the ordinary interests this independent sign, and Water Bearers are often trend spotters and trendsetters. Water Bearers’ fixed air represents persistent development of the intellect through communication, and their planetary influence, Uranus, means they’ll be committed to innovation and change. Aquarians will often be progressive and open-minded, but that fixed quality means they’ll often be fixed in their opinions as well. Most W-Bs find Earth to be a very dense place! Most of them are 50 years or more ahead of their time, and talking to the rest of us can seem like a difficult and laborious process. Aquarians often feel like they’re visiting from another planet, because their ideas are so advanced. Trouble is, sometimes they forget their missions once they get here and find out how dense this place really is! So why is it that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is an air sign, not a water sign? Good question. But look at this sign’s symbol, ~ , to find your answer. This water is in the form of waves, which are caused by wind: the motion of air on water. These wavy lines also represent the serpents of knowledge; the parts of the body ruled by Aquarius, the ankles and the circulatory system; and lightning that cleans air and leaves that “ozone buzz.” Remember that this name doesn’t refer to the water itself but to its carrier: Aquarius is the “water bearer,” the most human of the signs.

Positives and Negatives

Idealistic, inventive, and original, W-Bs can all-too-easily seem aloof, detached, or just plain cranky. In fact, W-Bs’ tendency to go against the grain can separate them from other people, even the more
abstract “humanity” they are trying to help. More than any other sign, W-Bs have a human connection, and they seek to bring all humans together without regard for any of the imaginary divisions humans themselves have created. This same disregard for human difference, though, may
leave W-Bs without any close relationships of their own. W-Bs’ strongest trait is their intellectual independence, their refusal to be pigeonholed. W-Bs really do hear a “different drummer,” and it may even be they who are playing those drums! W-Bs can be radicals, renegades, or bohemians too, but depending on other factors in the chart, this may not be obvious. They can look perfectly normal yet have very different ideas. So even though they may pass for one of us, they don’t feel like us. It’s almost as though they’re aliens from another star system, living in human bodies. W-Bs often experiment with or observe friends, mates, or partners, just to see what they will do under a particular set of circumstances, and they can be very detached about this process, although the results may be enough to keep them interested in a person!


Independent W-Bs need partners who understand that independence and who won’t feel threatened by it, and in return they’ll offer their partners the same kind of freedom. With the right partner, W-Bs will be constant and true: Remember, this is a fixed sign, reluctant to change once it’s established what it considers the right path. Some W-Bs may sacrifice personal relationships to pursue a greater good, and some may seem aloof even in the best of relationships. Sometimes W-Bs’ relationships
themselves will become laboratories for their creativity, as they did in the cases of James Joyce, Federico Fellini, Gertrude Stein, and W. Somerset Maugham. W-Bs are always seeking what’s best for humankind, and they may sometimes lose sight of individual humans in the process. Air signs, Gemini, Libra, other Aquarians will naturally combine well with Aquarius, but pay attention to the fire-feeding capabilities of air, too: The innovation of a W-B may be just what Aries, Leo, or Sag needs for some mutual excitement.


The ankles and the circulatory system are ruled by Aquarius: the ankles supporting our ability to stand, and circulation the movement of our very lifeblood through our bodies. W-Bs are the very essence of human existence, and it’s important that in their tendency to think and see globally, they don’t lose sight of these areas closer to home. Vitamins and, of course, eating right can keep W-Bs at their fittest. W-Bs need magnesium, and plenty of it, in their diets to keep their circulation and heart (Leo is their opposite) in good shape. Magnesium also is needed for the electrical charges that move nutrients in and out of cells, as well as for absorbing and using vitamins and minerals. W-Bs may heal well with acupuncture or chiropractic, because Saturn is their co-ruler and these healing techniques deal with the nervous system and their energy. Exercise also plays an important role; with their heads in the clouds, W-Bs may forget that they have a body to take care of as well! W-Bs hold the mind and spirit in high esteem, but they need to pay attention to what connects them to the rest of humanity, too, and to keep their lifeblood circulating freely.


W-Bs’ home is the world, and they populate that world with a variety of people, especially the unusual, the eccentric, and those who are just plain different. “Live and let live” is a W-B motto, and they’ll open their doors to anyone who needs their shelter. W-Bs believe that they can change people’s lives just by being a part of them, and if their homes sometimes resemble Noah’s Arks of humanity, it’s no coincidence. Even though they may seem aloof, W-B’s individual goals are always based on a greater good. This holds true at home, too: Altruistic and giving, W-Bs share their homes with all.


Clever, original W-Bs can excel in any profession in which creativity is a plus. This isn’t limited just to the arts, either, but can extend to scientific innovation and invention, to public service or civil rights reform, even to owning a business of their own or marketing someone else’s unique ideas. Many also work in broadcast media. W-Bs understand that the future is where innovation lies, and their careers may often lead others toward that future. Charles Lindbergh was a W-B, for example, and so is Ronald Reagan. W-Bs also may be geniuses within their chosen field, like golfer Jack
Nicklaus or dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. W-Bs can be revolutionaries, sometimes associated with actual government revolutions, like Boris Yeltsin and Angela Davis, and often associated with ideas, causes, or inventions that eventually revolutionise the world. But no matter where they work, you can count on W-Bs to be the ones at the cutting edge, the ones with ideas, the ones with creative solutions to the problems everyone else thought insoluble.


Aquarians are givers rather than keepers, and, with their vision focused on the future, they’re not likely to concern themselves with the here and now. This can translate into a disregard for money, including a tendency to go beyond their budgets or overextend themselves in other ways. With their vision for the future, though, W-Bs can potentially do well in speculative ventures, especially in areas that will be using new technology. Well-selected investments in these areas now can protect W-Bs moving into their more uncertain futures.