Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries with Aries

While this match up is rarely boring, neither is it tranquil. Your nights are filled with passion and romance and your days with true companionship. Yet your sense of togetherness is often threatened by the fiery chemistry of your competitive natures. Fights are inevitable, but you both forgive easily, and the making up is awesome.

Aries with Taurus

Despite the differences in temperament, you complement each other in ways that count. The tranquil bull adds stability and serenity to the ram’s madcap life. In bed, the bold ram guides the shy bull to new heights of sexual pleasure. If problems arise it’s often because Aries demands freedom, and Taurus tends to be rather possessive.

Aries with Gemini

Since both are active and have an unquenchable desire for new experiences, you’re rarely bored. Some differences may develop because Aries is intensely passionate, and Gemini doesn’t take love or sex all that seriously. However, you’re both curious and open to engaging in sexual experimentation.

Aries with Cancer

Although Fire and Water don’t mix well, a strong physical attraction and psychic bond can develop between the ram and the crab. You are both ardent, sensuous, and romantic, and sexually you two can be very compatible. However, if insecure Cancer gets overly emotional, insensitive Aries may lose patience and take off.

Aries with Leo

As a couple, you two are temperamentally and sexually well suited. Leo is loyal and affectionate, and Aries is dynamic and exciting. You’re both self-motivated, and concerned with your own work and interests. Whereas Aries likes to win, Leo needs to rule. This match up works best when the ram lets the lion play the role of boss.

Aries with Virgo

The ram is temperamental and outspoken, and the reserved virgin is totally unequipped to handle emotional scenes. Virgo is critical, which Aries can’t stand, and Virgo’s penchant for analysis drives Aries crazy. Still, there is passion smouldering beneath Virgo’s cool facade, and hot, sexy Aries knows how to release it.

Aries with Libra

The chemistry between you two is strong, and lovemaking will be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. Moreover, you’re both fun-loving and gregarious, and enjoy an active social life. Even so, the ram can be driven to distraction by the scales’ indecisiveness, and Libra may feel pressured by Aries’ super-fast decision making.

Aries with Scorpio

Sexually, these two signs are well matched, because both partners are passionate, energetic, highly sexual, and adventurous. However, the ram tends to view the act of love as exciting, pleasurable, and fun, whereas the intense scorpion is almost always seeking a deeper connection that is spiritually and emotionally transforming.

Aries with Sagittarius

Each of these fiery individualists is idealistic and affectionate, with a life affirming, healthy attitude toward love, sex, and intimacy. Physically and mentally, you two are well matched. However, Aries tends to be more demanding and emotional, and may look upon tolerant Sagittarius as detached and impersonal.

Aries with Capricorn

As romantic partners, impulsive Aries and cautious Capricorn have some formidable obstacles to overcome. Socially, goats tend to be rather reserved, whereas rams are outgoing and vivacious. While seemingly prudish, Capricorn actually has one of the stronger libidos in the zodiac, and is turned-on by Aries’ sex appeal.

Aries with Aquarius

Each of you brings additional excitement and unpredictability into the other’s life. Fiery, demonstrative Aries may secretly wish the Aquarius lover were more passionate. However, any lack of ardour is more than compensated for by the water bearer’s love of experimentation and willingness to try new things, in the bedroom and out.

Aries with Pisces

Temperamentally you are quite different, but your differences are complementary. Ethereal Pisces appeals to the romantic side of Aries’ nature, and the ram may be seduced by the fish’s need for protection. Aries gets off on Pisces’ erotic fantasies and instinctive sexuality, but the ram’s boldness can overwhelm the timid fish.