Aries Zodiac Sign Traits

Aries (March 21st–April 20th)

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Energy: Yang
Rulers: Mars and Pluto
Color: Red
Gem: Diamond
Anatomy: Head and face
Keywords: Pioneering, leading, new beginnings

Celebrity Aries: Marlon Brando, Tennessee Williams, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon, Russell Crowe

Being an Aries

It’s no accident that Aries is the first sign; if it hadn’t been, it would have rearranged the zodiac to get there! Aries is the sign of the pioneer, of the daredevil, of the person who just won’t say “No.” In legend, the Ram often came to the rescue, and, in fact, that’s how Aries ended up as a constellation as a reward from Jupiter for trying to save some children from the machinations of their wicked stepmother. Nothing can stop the Ram; as the first of the cardinal signs, no one has a stronger will. Rams want to be where the action is and will do anything to make sure they get there first. Don’t stand in a Ram’s way—you’re likely to get run down by this Butthead of the zodiac!

Rams are the only fire sign with a cardinal quality, which means they like to start things, but may not want to finish them. Because they’re also a fire sign, they’re enthusiastic and impulsively go off to start something without giving it much thought beforehand. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, true, but rushing in takes great courage, and Rams have plenty of that!

Positives and Negatives

Rams are assertive, direct, and straightforward, but this also means that they can be aggressive, blunt, or impatient. Strong-willed Rams can be remarkably single-minded once they have a goal in sight, but this single-mindedness can make them tactless, blind to side issues, or just plain irritating. Rams like challenges and are often wonderful leaders. Their courage can inspire others to follow their lead, and their confidence and enthusiasm get everybody where they’re going.

But anyone who likes a challenge also likes a good fight, and Rams can be argumentative. At their worst, they’re steamrollers, running over anything that stands in their way. But at their best, Rams are
idea people who can inspire others to help those ideas see the light of day.

Rams in love won’t take “No” for an answer; they’ll pursue their beloved to the ends of the world and beyond, if necessary. Rams have the happiest love matches with other fire signs: other Aries, or Leos, or Sagittarians; signs who, like Ram, crave excitement and passion. In fact, if those fires don’t keep burning, don’t expect Rams to stick around. They like relationships that can contain the fire, and may seek lovers who are dependent on them for love but independent in other ways. Rams can be jealous; they expect their love to give them the same fiery attention that they’re giving. But Rams also enjoy sharing everything with a lover they trust, and their ambition for those they love, like their ambition for themselves, knows no bounds. Rams and all air signs do well together: Ram’s opposite, Libra, for example, can provide some air to keep the fire burning, but Ram may get tired of Libra’s standards. The other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, can also feed Ram’s fire. But Ram is not a “householder” sign and that’s one reason why it doesn’t do well with Cancer and Capricorn. Love requires compromise and meeting the needs of others, and this is very hard for Rams to do!


Aries rules the head and face and also represents the eyes and the brain. With this influence, it’s easy to see why Rams are the quick thinkers of the zodiac, and therefore prone to injuries because they sometimes leap before they look. At the same time, because they’re quick to anger at both real and imagined slights, Rams may be susceptible to headaches and nervousness. The best health advice Rams could get would be to slow down, but don’t expect them to listen! Mars, Aries’ ruler, represents the blood and iron, and so Rams need to get enough iron to keep them oxygenated, to keep their haemoglobin up. They also need vitamin B12, which is required for the formation of red blood cells and metabolism, and potassium, which is necessary for maintaining their muscles and heart rate.


There’s never a dull moment with a Ram at home. Like adolescents, Rams see all the world has to offer and want to experience it all, too. But, also like adolescents, Rams may see that world from a self-centred point-of-view, and that can make life with a Ram a challenge. One thing’s for sure; don’t expect to find Rams snoozing next to the fire. They’re the ones throwing more logs on, just to see what happens!


Rams need work that holds their interest, things that totally involve them and allow them the freedom to express themselves. They don’t like to take orders, and they’ll always try to climb to the top themselves. Their love of competition means that they won’t let setbacks stand in their way, and their eagerness for new experience means they’ll jump whenever they see a new opportunity. Rams are often found in positions that need “idea people”; they’re project leaders; as long as there’s someone else around to handle the details. Rams also do well in creative fields, where their fiery independence can find self-expression. Some Aries like to work outdoors; like the archetypal cowboy of the American West, for example, or in construction, which is even more common; and many prefer work that enables them to maintain their independence. This can include areas like outside sales, consulting, or contract work.


Impulsive Rams sometimes spend first and think later: or don’t even bother to think later! Money for a Ram is one more way of getting ahead, and getting ahead is Ram’s credo. Rams can be, and often are generous, especially when it comes to pursuing something or someone they want. With money, though, Rams might do well to turn their cash over to an earth sign; someone who won’t burn it quite so quickly. They’ll often be the ones to see ways to make money, but it may just as often be others who take advantage of Ram’s moneymaking ideas.