Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer with Aries

Both are passionate, sensuous, romantic, and sentimental, and sexually you two can be very compatible. However, problems may develop when upbeat Aries gets a taste of the crab’s sullen moods. The ram’s need for autonomy and independence frequently conflicts with Cancer’s desire for closeness, intimacy, and mutual dependency.

Cancer with Taurus

This combination often results in a near perfect match-up in both the kitchen and the bedroom. Together you make passionate, affectionate domestic partners who are usually on the same sexual wavelength. The main obstacles to total contentment are the bull’s legendary stubbornness and the crab’s frequent mood swings.

Cancer with Gemini

Gemini views the world through a mental window, while Cancer sees it through a cloud of emotion. Curious Gemini enjoys experimentation, while the crab, though passionate, is sexually conservative and emotionally possessive. Still, the freewheeling twins can help the uptight crab emerge from its shell and have more fun.

Cancer with Cancer

While not the most exciting pairing in the zodiac, this coupling can be one of the longest lasting, especially since neither likes letting go. Serious differences may arise because both are sensitive, moody, and easily hurt. Even so, you understand each other so completely that this can be a very rewarding union of genuine soul mates.

Cancer with Leo

Sexually, these two are almost always compatible, especially if the lion is willing to demonstrate enough love, consideration, and devotion to reassure the insecure crab. Leo’s sunny self-confidence acts as a stabiliser for Cancer’s moody insecurity, and the crab’s readiness to offer praise fulfils the lion’s need for adoration.

Cancer with Virgo

Cancer is much more emotional than the shy, reserved virgin. Virgos, however, are incurable romantics, and crabs are absolute suckers for romance. Each is inclined to mood changes that, at times, can irritate the other. Still, this is a good match so long as the super critical virgin avoids hurting sensitive Cancer’s tender feelings.

Cancer with Libra

Your basic temperaments are very different. Although airy Libra is the sign of partnership, the scales are more emotionally detached than the clinging crab, and dislike being tied down. Major problems can arise if Cancer becomes excessively possessive. The more the crab tries to hold on, the harder Libra struggles to break free.

Cancer with Scorpio

This is generally an excellent match. When the passionate, emotional crab and the highly sexed scorpion get together, sparks fly. The hyper-intense emotionalism of your relationship fosters a deep, lasting bond. There may be some melodramatic rows between you, but the making-up afterwards will be heavenly.

Cancer with Sagittarius

Sagittarius longs for freedom and adventure, whereas Cancer is home and family-oriented. Given your opposite goals, you two make an odd couple. Even so, your dissimilarities complement each other. The crab finds the archer exciting, and Sagittarius gets Cancer to abandon the shell and live a little.

Cancer with Capricorn

These two opposite signs have a lot in common. You share similar goals: success, security, and a stable home life. The crab and the goat are both highly sexed, and your physical union should be imbued with passion. But Cancer is warm and caring, and Capricorn can come off as cool and emotionally detached.

Cancer with Aquarius

Although Aquarian independence may intrigue Cancer, these two signs have little in common. The crab responds emotionally; the water bearer is mainly influenced by ideas. While this isn’t an easy match, you two should get along fine in the bedroom. With a little effort to understand each other you can overcome your differences.

Cancer with Pisces

These Water signs have a natural affinity, both sexually and emotionally. Both are ardent, affectionate lovers with an inclination toward romance and a desire to make the honeymoon last forever. Since both are extremely sensitive, each should be extra careful to avoid hurting the other’s feelings.