Cancer Zodiac Sign Traits

Cancer (June 22nd–July 23rd)

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Energy: Yin
Ruler: Moon
Color: Silver
Gem: Pearl
Anatomy: Stomach and breasts
Keywords: Feeling, sensitivity, nurturing
Celeb Crabs: Ernest Hemingway, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Harrison Ford, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, the Dalai Lama

Being a Cancer

Touchy, touchy, touchy: No one else feels like a Crab. And no one retreats like a Crab, either: Quick to hurt, they’re also quick to crawl into their shells. But remember, these shells are also their houses. Crabs are nurturers, too: The Mamas and the Papas of the zodiac. Others look to Crabs for warmth and understanding, and Crabs always lend a sympathetic ear, lap, or shoulder. But these Moon-ruled Moon Children won’t look to get the same from you. They may be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, but they’re also the least likely to let you know what they’re feeling. Crabs hide their emotions behind what they believe is an impenetrable shell. For Crabs, it’s all about security; in fact, that’s the major point of Cancer. Crabs are learning about emotional and physical security, as well as responsible nurturing. After the primal instincts of Ram, the building of Bull, and the thinking and mental development of Twins, there’s the emotional foundation of Crabs, which can take many forms, like a house or a shell.

Positives and Negatives

At their best, Crabs are dependable, loving, adaptable, and self-sacrificing, which means at their worst, they’re clinging, over-sensitive, moody, and smothering. Want a money manager? Let a Crab handle it. Need an advance? Better have those numbers ready! Late for dinner? Tell Crab your sob story. Didn’t show up at all? Better move to another town! Because one of us is a Crab, we know how easily Crabs are distracted, and how anything can set Crabs’ imaginations running in another direction. Crabs are always off on tangents. Picture a crab on the beach, always moving sideways rather than forward. They do get where they’re going, often without the rest of us realising they’ve done it. Sneaky? Yes, Crabs can be sneaky. Clever? Yes, they’re that, too. Don’t ever take a Crab for
granted, that’s for sure. They’ll leave you standing in the sand, wondering which way they’ve gone!


No one sends more confusing messages than a Crab; just when you think they might be interested, off they go into their shells! Crabs are so afraid of being hurt that they may never let you know they’re interested, but on the other hand, if they decide they’ve got a chance with you, look out! Crabs can hang on very tightly. Crabs who didn’t feel coddled as children may seem cold and distant as adults. But in their indirect Crab way, they’re really dying for attention. Crabs have a natural fear of revealing themselves those soft insides are very vulnerable ,so they’re never going to approach you directly. You know those conversations that go, “What’s the matter?” “Nothing”? Chances are they’re with a Crab! Water signs, other Cancers, Scorpios, or Pisces, understand things the same way Crabs do, and Pisces in particular may inspire Crabs to use their intuition. But Crabs are good with earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and their opposite, Capricorn, keeping them watered and fertile. Gemini can be fun, but may feel smothered, and Leo may love the attention, but not return it.


Nurturing Crabs rule the stomach and the breasts, sources of food and nourishment. So naturally, sensitive Crabs are prone to stomach troubles and, with their love of creating comfort through food, can also be prone to overweight. No sign is as sensitive to touch, and Crabs are always reaching out and touching. But they’re sensitive to hot and cold, too: You’ll see Crabs wearing socks in July, or, if it’s very hot, scuttling into the shade or the water to cool off. Remember that Crabs’ ruler is the Moon, and the Moon has no light source of its own. Crabs reflect everything around them, and their emotions swing with the tides. Vitamin A and beta carotene are especially helpful for growth and maintenance of all mucous membranes, including the stomach and digestive tract, which is very important to a Crab. They also help build strong bones and teeth (ruled by Capricorn, the opposite sign). Crabs also may have allergies, which are often aggravated by dairy products, so if digestion becomes a problem, it’s best to monitor what they eat in relation to how they feel.


Crabs’ homes are their safe havens, even if they do carry their houses on their backs! It may be the pillows tossed about for comfort, or it could be those good smells coming from the kitchen, but you’ll always feel like a Crab’s home is a place where you can relax and unwind. Within that cosy home, though, there’s a place that’s Crab’s alone. It may just be a corner on a couch, but in that corner will be Crab’s favourite book or blanket, and maybe a picture or two. Chances are Crab’s dog or cat will snuggle up there, too, whether or not Crab’s there at the moment. But rest assured there will be a dog or cat, or maybe more than one. Crabs nurture any creature that comes their way.


While it may seem that Crabs can be too dreamy or unfocused to do well in business, it often happens that the opposite turns out to be true. Intuitive and sensitive to change, Crabs can often sense future trends and be on the cutting edge. Crabs are often found in creative areas like writing, too, because writing involves the part of motherhood that requires gestation, creating something new and unknown, and then birthing it. In addition, Crabs’ empathy for others, as well as their prodigious
memories, come into play with the creative arts, helping them generate works that connect with everyone. Alternative ways that mothering may come out at work can be birthing new products,
projects, or companies, taking care of others by feeding them, or nurturing their emotional selves via teaching.


Tenacious Crabs hoard their money just like they do everything; in fact, no matter how much they accumulate, they may never feel entirely secure. Crabs don’t differentiate between things and security, and because of their nature (hard on the outside, soft on the inside), they hold onto everything with a tenacious grip. Sometimes this hoarding tendency can move into selfishness, not because Crabs don’t want to help, but because they’re so afraid of being hurt from the outside that
they’ll do anything they can to protect themselves; including keeping all their assets to themselves.
You won’t often find Crabs broke, they’re far too concerned with security. And, because they want this security for those they love as well, they’ll make sure to create a safe haven for them, too.