Capricorn Zodiac Sign Traits

Capricorn (December 22nd –January 21st)

Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Energy: Yin
Ruler: Saturn
Color: Brown
Gem: Garnet
Anatomy: Bones, joints, and knees
Keywords: Achievement, structure, organisation
Celeb Goats: Muhammad Ali, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King Jr., Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ricky Martin, Tracey Ullman, Kate Moss

Being a Capricorn

No sign’s public persona is closer to its values than a Goat’s, and no sign is more directed toward its goals. Intense and practical, Goats will bide their time, waiting for the right moment to climb that peak, because once they do, they intend to stay there. Self-control, of both will and emotion, helps Goats achieve their aims. As the cardinal earth sign, Goat is decidedly down to earth in its efforts, and, with its yin energy, a Goat uses the mind rather than physical force to reach its goals. But Capricorn isn’t just any goat; it’s a sea-goat, and, as a creature that’s half fish, it also can use water’s deeper powers to its advantage. Ultimately, though, Goats’ goals are always down-to-earth, so, no matter what their means to get there, their ends are always practical and constructive. Capricorn is society’s “elder.” Goats are here to accept responsibilities for helping others and building a society
that meets the needs of the people. They also want to build something stable and enduring—after all, this sign is ruled by Saturn, also known as Father Time. Goats are meant to create a balance between responsible nurturing and meeting the responsibilities of being the elders. People don’t become elders when they’re young, though, so Goats understand the patience required to learn what’s important.

Positives and Negatives

It can be lonely at the top, but if Goats want to be there, they’ll have to learn to live with solitude. At their best, Goats are ambitious, organised, efficient, and responsible, but Goats also can be cold, calculating, suspicious, and rigid. In their effort to achieve security, Goats may step on anything, or anyone, that stands in their way. But they can be surprisingly kind, too, especially to those who have
done them favours or kindnesses. Goats are motivated by pride; they don’t like to be beholden, and they’ll repay favours generously. Goats’ practicality can be a welcome asset in the cold of winter: The logs will be stacked ready next to the door, and the cupboard will be filled with all that’s needed
to get through the cold months. And Goats will surprise you, too, with their quiet, dry wit helping to pass the winter nights.


Goats seek their approval from the world-at-large, which may make personal relationships seem secondary to them, but once you discover Goats’ dry sense of humour, you’ll find a way to their hearts as well. When you penetrate that icy reserve, in fact, you’ll find the possibilities for deep love and strong loyalty. With their deepest feelings buried beneath the surface, Goats protect those they care for, and they’ll stick around when the going gets tough. Stability matters more to Goats than to any other sign, so when it comes to romance, they’ll seek comfort over pleasure, and longevity over romance. Goats do well with other earth signs, but it can be with water signs that the best connections
may occur: a nurturing Cancer, passionate Scorpio, or sympathetic Pisces may help a Goat grow in
new ways.


Goats can be pessimistic, and they need to beware of the melancholy that pessimism can bring. But
cautious Goats often live long, long lives: Helena Rubinstein, Albert Schweitzer, and Carl Sandburg
lived well into their 90s, for example. What seems to shorten Goats’ lives most often is their potential
power: both Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King Jr. were Goats, after all. Many Goat afflictions are due to too much rigidity in their thinking or behaviour: The difficulty of representing tradition is getting too rigid about it! Eventually this can translate into arthritis or rheumatism. As for vitamins, what else? Goats need calcium to build those bones and teeth, as well as to keep their nerves under control. Goats also need plenty of vitamin C, which is necessary for forming skin, ligaments, bones, healthy teeth, and gums. And they need to get enough vitamin D and magnesium for utilising the calcium to build their bones. Capricorn rules the skeleton, bones, and teeth; all the structural aspects of the body that Goats are associated with. For this reason, alternative therapies that deal with the structure of the body, such as chiropractic or Feldenkrais, a form of structural and physical therapy, are very appropriate for Goats.


Our favourite Goats seem to understand the importance of a place of their own, a quiet, private retreat from all the trappings that can come with power. Here they’ll have their favourite music playing, their favourite pictures on the walls, and their favourite books stacked up next to their favourite chair. Like all earth signs, Goats appreciate the comforts of home, but they’re more likely to use it as a getaway than a base of operations. Goats know the importance of strong foundations, and their home will be warm and secure, a haven from those cold winter storms.


Goats like to be in charge, and if they don’t start there, it’s usually where they’ll end up. Rags-to-riches Goats abound, such as Howard Hughes and Aristotle Onassis, as well as powerful Goats, such as Mao Tsetung and Joseph Stalin. The older Goats get, the more rewarding their lives are likely to become. Once they’ve achieved the power they’ve sought, they can relax with the wisdom they’ve gained and the lessons they can share with others. Many Goats live long lives as writers or artists,
including J. R. R. Tolkien, Alfred Stieglitz, and Anton Chekhov. And Goats are found in business, where there are a lot of mountains to climb. As Goats are very achievement-oriented, they reach the top of many fields!


Goats understand the power that can come with money, and, as a cardinal sign, they’re likely to do things with it in order to turn it into even more money: buying, selling, and making deals. Goats use their money to attain and maintain power: money means control to a Goat, and control and power are Goats’ driving forces. They also are generous with their money once they have it, but the generosity is tied to their power and prestige: Goats truly understand the phrase “Money talks.”