Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Gemini with Aries

This lively, energetic pairing makes for good friends as well as good lovers. Both of you thrive on constant activity and variety. Moreover, you enjoy each other’s humour and share a preference for an active social life. There will be bedroom high jinks, because you’re both enthusiastic about sex.

Gemini with Taurus

You’re intrigued by the bull’s uncomplicated directness, and Taurus responds to the twin’s devil-may-care attitude. There is rarely a dull moment when fast-talking Gemini leads Taurus on a merry chase. But the bull wants life to be stable and ordered, and you’re easily bored and always searching for new experiences.

Gemini with Gemini

The pace is frenetic, and you two are never bored when you’re together. Sharing dreams and ideas makes you feel like true soul mates. Sex for Gemini is fun and games, so you’re both open to trying anything new and different. But emotional coolness and the need to over analyse everything may open up a huge gulf between you.

Gemini with Cancer

Temperamentally, the two of you are not at all alike. Cancer is sensitive and emotional, and Gemini’s a cool intellectual. Moreover, the crab’s mood swings are about as frequent as the twins’ mind changes. Even so, adoring Cancer is able to fulfil all your sexual fantasies, and your cheerfulness can brighten up a crabby disposition.

Gemini with Leo

This is a lively, fun-loving combination that works great as long as you’re willing to concede center stage to the lion or lioness. Each is super sociable and enjoys a good party, but Leo demands loyalty and won’t tolerate Gemini’s flirtatious ways. Both of you are playful, passionate, amorous lovers, and in bed you set off sparks.

Gemini with Virgo

Both of these signs love to talk, but neither of you is comfortable opening up and expressing your true feelings. Sexually, you’re on different wavelengths, yet romantic Virgo can be swept away by Gemini’s fast-talking seductive manner. Despite the differences in temperament, you two share many common interests in and out of the bedroom.

Gemini with Libra

Libras can’t make up their minds, and Geminis are always changing theirs. Still, you make an affectionate, fun-loving couple that enjoys an active social life, and adores entertaining and travel. Each of you is fervent in bed, yet neither is jealous or demanding. Libra usually goes along with Gemini’s taste for sexual diversity.

Gemini with Scorpio

Gemini’s airy openness is hard for serious, secretive Scorpio to comprehend, and the scorpion’s burning intensity frightens and fascinates the twins. Nevertheless, your differences can serve as the spark that ignites your sexual passion. However, even with strong physical attraction, an ongoing relationship may be difficult.

Gemini with Sagittarius

These two zodiacal opposites attract each other like magnets. Because of your wide-ranging and varied interests, you complement each other. Each of you has a fun-and-games attitude toward love and romance. In the bedroom, anything goes with this combination, which usually translates into exhilarating sexual encounters.

Gemini with Capricorn

This is one of the more difficult combinations. The dependable, serious goat considers Gemini irresponsible and unpredictable. Although Capricorn finds the twins’ lack of reserve embarrassing, deep down the lusty goat admires Gemini’s freewheeling sexual attitude, and may secretly yearn for the audacity to emulate it.

Gemini with Aquarius

Your compatibility is virtually assured. You take great pleasure in each other’s company, and any sexual union between you can be truly exciting. Each of you view love as an extremely enjoyable part of life, but friendship and true companionship mean more to both of you.

Gemini with Pisces

The passion quotient is likely to be high in this match-up, but so are the inevitable problems. Gemini needs freedom and new vistas; Pisces craves unending adoration. The fish doesn’t feel secure with the gadabout twins, and attempts to pull the net tighter. Still, Pisces is enigmatic and mysterious, and Gemini loves solving mysteries.