Gemini Zodiac Sign Traits

Gemini (May 21st–June 22nd)

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yang
Ruler: Mercury
Color: Yellow
Gem: Agate
Anatomy: Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs
Keywords: Mentality, communication, versatility
Celeb Twins: George Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Hurley, Rupert Everett, Mike Myers, Joseph Fiennes

Being a Gemini

Twins never miss a thing; their goal is to see everything. Gemini is a mutable sign, which signifies change; a yang sign, which signifies motion; and an air sign, which signifies the mind. In their quest for knowledge, Twins are always in motion, always alert, trying to live not just two, but as many lives as they can, all at one time. Often called a dualistic sign, Twins are really deceptively simple: It’s all based on avid curiosity, on finding things out and then quickly moving on to something else. Twins have been called the Great Communicators, too, and with Mercury as their ruler, it’s easy to see why. But sometimes words can mask meaning, and that’s another paradox of Twins: Meaning is not really
what they’re after, it’s the ideas themselves.

Positives and Negatives

Twins can be amusing, witty, quick, and flexible and they can be glib, sarcastic, fickle, and devious. Two sides of the same coin, and all too easy for a Twin to flip back and forth between them. At their best, Twins are masters of invention, clever and adaptable, never afraid to try something new. But this same eagerness to try everything can lead them to be scatterbrained or restless, even unreliable or ungrateful.

At their weakest, Twins can run themselves to emotional exhaustion, or feel that nothing matters. At their strongest, their wide variety of interests brings them many friends and experiences, and their quick mind enables them to take it all in. You can always count on a Twin to be the life of the party!
Twins’ flexibility and adaptability arise because this is a mutable sign, and mutability means changeability. They also are very resourceful because they’ve seen so much, and that’s part of their mutability too, the more you’re willing to change, after all, the more you’re going to see.


The Twins of the Gemini myth, Castor and Pollux, chose to be united forever in the sky rather than separated for even a moment, and so Gemini is obviously a sign of relationships. Translated to love, though, Twins have so many relationships that they can all seem a little too casual. This is because Gemini’s a mutable sign, and it’s not that a Twin won’t give you all the attention you want, it’s that
a Twin can’t; there’s too much else going on! Here’s where Twins’ fickleness can come into play: Someone who seemed fascinating last week is a known quantity this week and so is no longer interesting. But Twins also can be the ideal partners: They’re charming, witty, generous, and genuinely interested in you, it’s keeping that interest that’s the hard part. Meet them on their own
ground, wit and imagination, and let them know they can trust you by trusting them. Other air signs, other Geminis, Librans, and Aquarians, are always a good bet for Twins; air signs are lighthearted and understand each other’s need for mental stimulation. At the same time, though, two air signs may never come down from the clouds, and if they do, they may find there’s no place to land. Because air feeds fire, Twins can do well with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Down to earth Virgo is a good match, too: With the same quality and ruler as Gemini, Twins and Virgos can challenge each other, and learn a lot from each other as well!


No other sign can benefit quite so much from learning to breathe, learning to relax, and to take deep breaths and then let them out. Twins are always on the move, moving their arms like wings much of the time, and all this rushing around can mean they don’t stop and smell the roses like they should. Gemini rules the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs, and this grouping reflects yet another of Twins’ dualities, the need to flit about and the need to breathe deeply and relax. If Twins don’t learn to relax, all that flying around can lead to emotional exhaustion. Twins need strong amounts of vitamin B complex every day in order for their nervous systems to function properly, to keep them thinking, and to keep their metabolisms going. This includes all the B vitamins, and when Twins are under stress they need more than the normal dosage, because they’ll use it up quickly. In addition, sugar and alcohol chemically deplete the B vitamins in the body, so it’s best for Twins not to binge on those!


Twins at home: now, there’s a phrase that’s hard to interpret: Twins don’t often stay put long enough to let them see where home is. But maybe that’s exactly it: Twins are at home wherever they happen to be. Twins are seldom content to sit still and watch the world go by; they’d rather be on that world and going by with it! Don’t forget that Twins are great communicators, so if they are at home, you’re likely to find them on the phone or gathering new information from reading or watching TV.


Twins need mental challenges to keep them stimulated on the job, and it can’t be the same challenge over and over again. Careers like advertising, writing, broadcasting, and public relations appeal to Twins because they’re always presenting new challenges to Twins’ inquiring minds. Don’t rule out technical fields, though; the right opportunity might offer Twins just the mental somersaults they need. Twins are often found in sales positions or in other jobs where there is a lot of contact with other people. They can be “silver-tongued” with their wit and communication abilities, so they’re excellent at persuading or influencing others. This literally translates to selling products or services, or selling ideas to others, whether as a manager or a writer.


Twins like to spend their money on information, computers, travel, and cars, things that will feed their need for new ideas, communication, movement, and action. Twins don’t worry much about spending, either, and are apt to max their credit cards and then sign up for another. It’s not money that concerns Twins; it’s information and any way they can get it, they will, including buying it.