Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo with Aries

There is a lot of energy and excitement in this pairing. Sexually, the sparks will fly. Temperamentally it’s a good match, because each of you is idealistic, optimistic, and outgoing. Despite the harmony, volatile, hot-tempered individuals are sure to clash. When you do, your battles will be boisterous and dramatic.

Leo with Taurus

The combination of these two strong-willed, Fixed sign individuals can be challenging, to say the least. Everything should go very well, especially in the bedroom, until you two fail to see eye-to-eye on something. Compromise is necessary to make this pairing successful.

Leo with Gemini

This mixture of Fire and Air can be great as long as the twins don’t try to manipulate the lion or steal the regal star’s audience. Leo is jealous, and may begin to resent Gemini’s independent, freewheeling lifestyle. Still, you two have fun together, in the bedroom and out, and you’re not likely to grow bored or tire of each other’s company.

Leo with Cancer

This pairing can be difficult because of your different temperaments, but it is definitely doable. Leo is flattered by Cancer’s worshipful attention, yet resentful of the crab’s emotional neediness. Even so, you two have a lot in common. You both want to live in the grand manner that comes with success, affluence, and social prestige.

Leo with Leo

Romantically you two get along famously, with lots of hot sex and fun at the outset. However, both need to be the centre of attention, and neither wants to share the starring role with the other. If your union turns into a competition, the relationship may fizzle out.

Leo with Virgo

This isn’t the easiest combination in the zodiac. Leo is sensitive to criticism and likely to regard Virgo’s idea of “constructive criticism” as a personal attack. In bed, however, the exciting lion inflames the imagination of the hesitant virgin. Because of Virgo’s flexibility, this match can work as long as Leo has the starring role.

Leo with Libra

This blend of Fire and Air sounds ideal, but there are possible pitfalls. Both of you are romantics, and your sex life should be hot. However, Leo normally sees life in terms of “I” not “we,” whereas Libra, born under the sign of partnership, tends to think in pairs.

Leo with Scorpio

The question here is not whether you two get along in the bedroom; it’s if you can stand each other in the rest of the house. Both of you tend to be dictatorial and domineering. Scorpio’s dark secrecy presents a sharp contrast to Leo’s sunny optimism. This all or nothing union only works if both pull in the same direction.

Leo with Sagittarius

The sexual relationship between you two is sure to be fiery and exciting. However, the archer refuses to take love seriously, and this tendency to avoid commitment could bother the more settled lion. Short term you’ll surely have a wonderful time together, but may have to work at sustaining a life-long union.

Leo with Capricorn

The goat’s emotionally detached, reserved attitude presents a sharp contrast to the lion’s warm enthusiasm and cheerful temperament. Nevertheless, there is a solid sexual energy between you, and you may enjoy many passionate bedroom romps. You both honour your commitments, and prize loyalty and fidelity above all else.

Leo with Aquarius

Opposites attract, and Leo is often intrigued by the water bearer’s oddball originality. But the more conventional lion may be turned off by Aquarius’s anything goes approach to lovemaking. Although you’re both upfront and sincere, your Fixed natures make you extremely stubborn and sometimes intractable.

Leo with Pisces

You two function on totally different psychological levels. The fish dwells on an emotional inner plane, whereas the lion is extroverted and action-oriented. Nevertheless, mysterious, mystical Pisces fascinates the worldly lion. Easily enchanted by Pisces’ flattery and adulation, when the fish seeks protection, the lion eagerly obliges.