Leo Zodiac Sign Traits

Leo (July 23rd–August 22nd)

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Energy: Yang
Ruler: Sun
Color: Gold
Gem: Ruby
Anatomy: Back, spine, and heart
Keywords: Willpower, creativity, expressing the heart
Celeb Lions: Lucille Ball, 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Lisa Kudrow, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck

Being a Leo

Talk about self-confidence, Lions invented it! Ruled by the Sun, Lions bask in the spotlight. They’re dramatic, they’re bold, they’re creative, and they’re strong; no other sign can grab and hold the spotlight the way a Lion can. Lions are great fun to be around, too: Their exuberance is contagious, and when they get to the party, everyone knows it’s really begun. Not only can Leos lead, they will lead: Lions expect to be at the head of the line, and of the pride. Lions don’t give up, as anyone who has watched a lion chase and catch its prey can attest to. The point of being Lions is to be at one with the creative principle, and to learn how their willpower affects what they create in their lives. Self expression and creativity are everything to Lions, eventually they learn to follow more than just their own will, aligning themselves with the higher Self and the creative principles of the Universe.

Positives and Negatives

Because Leo is a fixed sign, Lions can be determined, stubborn, or even habit-bound, but confident Lions are born to lead, and they’re proud, courageous, and self-assured to a fault. Lions can be generous, commanding, ambitious, and proud, and this means they can also be intolerant, demanding, self-righteous, and vain. Lions can lead others to tremendous victories, but they can be ruthless with their enemies, though their memories are short and they also are quick to forgive. Because Lions are always leading, they are often surrounded by yes-men and sycophants. This, in turn, can lead to gullibility, because Lions are easily flattered and can forget that not all may love them. And, as much fun as they can be, they also can become overbearing or self-centred if things aren’t going their way. Because Leo is a fixed sign, Lions are exceptionally loyal, and so expect loyalty in return as well. They are very up-front about their needs and expectations, and this lack of guile can also be their undoing; Lions might do well to trust a little less, but they expect adulation, and others can’t help but give it to them.


Generous Lions expect generosity in return: they love being in love, and the drama being in love provides. Lions are loyal too, which can actually make it difficult to end a relationship with them.
Lions expect adoration, but they’ll give it as well. Like kings, they’ll graciously give their loyal subjects all they can. A fire sign, they’ll usually do best with other fire signs, other Leos, Sagittarians, or Arians, but Lions also can be caught up in the intensity of Scorpios or the refinement of Libras.
Airy Geminis, and Aquarians (Lions’ opposite), are also a good match; remember that opposites attract. Lions learn a lot in particular from the detached Aquarian, who can provide them with perspective and give them balance.


No one is healthier than Lions; the ailments that touch the rest of us seem to pass them by. This strength is due in no small part to Leo’s rulership of the back, spine, and heart: Even the words suggest Lions’ strength. But Lions can be less strong emotionally. When they fail to get the adoration and respect they deserve, they can become physically ill. And Lions, like all cats, can be lazy, too; the only evidence of life in them may be the continual twitching of their long tails. Because Leo rules the spine and heart, these areas also can cause them trouble when things don’t go well. They may make a trip to the chiropractor or a cardiologist to get them back on track, but it’s also important for them to deal with the underlying emotions that set off the problems to begin with. Lions need plenty of magnesium and calcium on a 1:1 ratio to protect their hearts (a muscle) and circulatory systems. And Lions need to pay more attention to their potassium and salt balance than other people, because that balance is very important for their hearts. Coenzyme Q10, an enzyme that strengthens the heart, may also provide them with additional energy when they get older.


Lions call their homes their “castles,” and they love to show off their castles almost as much as they love to show off themselves. Lions give great parties and won’t hesitate to keep the food and wine coming. Home is another place where Lions’ generosity is evidenced: There’s always a place for
everyone to sleep, and friends are welcome to stay as long as they please. If they’re not entertaining, you may find Lions roaring when they’re upset, but you may also hear them purring like kittens when everything is in order and they get the attention they need.


No one leads like a Leo, and Lions will naturally gravitate toward careers that allow them to shine. They may be generals or presidents, but Lions may be teachers as well, firing up their students’ enthusiasm with their own. And Lions can often be found in the performing arts, shining with the brightness of the Sun. In the public eye, a Lion is charismatic and magnetic, but even in less visible
fields, a Lion always shines. Above all, Lions need an audience (what good is it to be king without subjects?) and often choose jobs where they can get one. These fields include sales, teaching, consulting, tour guiding, management, and, of course, performing.


Image matters a lot to Lions, so if the checking account balance and Lions’ needs are saying different things, it’s the needs that are going to win out. Big night out with the gang? Count on Leo, broke or not, to pick up the tab. Nothing’s too good for a Lion, so they’re not likely to notice what something costs. In fact, Lions seldom think to bargain; when they see something they want, they get it. Living the good life, according to Lions, has nothing to do with what things cost, and this makes them most generous, nearly royal in their magnanimity!