Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra with Aries

The natural chemistry between Libra and Aries is exceptionally strong, and your sex life should be pleasurable and mutually rewarding. But Libra wants partnership, and Aries demands freedom. Moreover, the ram usually makes up his or her mind in the blink of an eye, whereas Libra hems and haws before deciding.

Libra with Taurus

Airy Libra is drawn to the bull’s earthy stability, and Taurus is captivated by the scales relaxed charm and fun-loving nature. You both seek peace and harmony, and tend to avoid conflict as much as possible. Still, beneath the smooth facade, Taurus is basically a homebody, while Libra is more of a social butterfly.

Libra with Gemini

Indecision reigns when Libra and Gemini get together, since Librans can’t make up their minds, and the twins are constantly changing theirs. Nevertheless, this is an excellent match-up. You two will laugh, talk, and make love all night long, with virtually no jealousy or possessiveness to spoil your fun and games.

Libra with Cancer

Both are sociable, but Libra tends to focus on humanity in general, while Cancer is focused on home and family. The scales are also more detached than the clinging crab, and in danger of feeling suffocated by Cancer’s possessiveness. Moreover, Cancer requires considerably more attention and emotional support than Libra can give.

Libra with Leo

Each of you possesses a loving, affectionate nature with an artistic temperament. The lion is enchanted by the scales’ charm and tact, and Libra loves Leo’s strength and dependability. This can be a remarkably fine match, as long as the Libra partner acknowledges Leo as king or queen of his or her jungle.

Libra with Virgo

Virgo tends to see Libra as indecisive and too easygoing, while the scales may view the virgin as a prim stick-in-the-mud. The real problem between these two often comes from Libra’s self-indulgent ways and love of luxury, which can drive the serious, ultra responsible Virgo straight up a wall.

Libra with Libra

The attraction between these two can be unusually strong, with lots of laughter, fun, and socialising. At first, it may seem that you are perfectly compatible and have so much in common that you feel like soul mates. But, this pairing often runs into difficulty when harsh reality intrudes on your idealistic dream of the perfect relationship.

Libra with Scorpio

There is a lot of physical magnetism between these two, yet the relationship can run into major difficulties. The scorpion is down-to-earth, ardent, and extremely jealous, whereas Libra tends to be easygoing, romantic, and flirtatious. Scorpio’s passion and possessiveness may too strong for Libra to tolerate.

Libra with Sagittarius

Sexually, you’re well matched, despite the fact that the romantic Libra generally prefers a less direct approach than the frank, fiery Sagittarius is capable of providing. Libra is partnership minded, and the archer is fiercely independent. Still it’s a nice match-up, because you two enjoy each other’s company.

Libra with Capricorn

Libra is very sociable and prefers a lifestyle that involves lots of interaction with others. Capricorn is more concerned with career, family, and practical affairs. Despite some personality conflicts, you two do have traits in common. Although Capricorn is typically more physically passionate than Libra, the Libra partner is readily seduced by a show of affection and a touch of romance.

Libra with Aquarius

Relationship-minded Libra may view the quirky Aquarian as too independent and Bohemian, and the water bearer can find the scales’ hesitancy and indecision annoying. Even so, these two Air signs have a great deal in common. You both tend to live in your minds, and need mates who are mentally alive.

Libra with Pisces

Although Air and Water don’t mix well, this combination can work out beautifully. Each is basically kind, considerate, and sympathetic, and cares about people’s problems. While the devoted fish may fulfil the scales’ need to be adored and admired, Libra’s emotional detachment could disappoint the emotionally needy Pisces.