Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Pisces with Aries

Pisces is a sensitive dreamer, Aries an aggressive doer. Pisces’ idea of a romantic date may be a night at the opera, while the ram would rather go to a basketball game. However, each is caring, idealistic, and romantic. If Pisces is willing to feed the ram’s ego, you two should get along okay.

Pisces with Taurus

Both are ultimate romantics, and share a deep appreciation for beauty, art, and music. Although dreamy Pisces may sometimes try the bull’s famous patience, you two have much to give each other. As long as Pisces is caring and attentive, the bull is usually willing to overlook the inevitable differences.

Pisces with Gemini

These two Mutable signs have some interests in common, but their differing temperaments make this an uncertain match-up. Gemini may be captivated by the elusive fish’s air of mystery, but has little patience with Pisces’ emotional outbursts. The twin’s cool indifference can drive the needy, ultra sensitive fish straight up the wall.

Pisces with Cancer

This is a very compatible combination. You two feel safe together, because you’re tuned to the same wavelength and are able to protect each other’s feelings. However, both are extremely sensitive. When hurt or disappointed, the crab crawls off to hide in his or her shell and brood in silence, whereas the emotional fish collapses in tears.

Pisces with Leo

Leo and Pisces often find themselves attracted to each other, precisely because they are so different. The fish is fascinated by Leo’s dramatic persona, and the lion is intrigued by Pisces’ mystical aura. Still, before long, flamboyant Leo begins to grate on the fish’s nerves, and Pisces’ moodiness gives the lion cause to bolt for the exit.

Pisces with Virgo

Virgo is cerebral, reserved, and fault finding. Pisces is super emotional and easily hurt. Even so, Pisces finds Virgo’s common sense approach to life comforting. Pisces is a warm, generous lover, capable of sensing Virgo’s moods and desires, and the naturally reserved virgin is intrigued and turned-on by the fish’s unrestrained sensuality.

Pisces with Libra

You two are the classic “people who need people.” Each is romantic, caring, and idealistic, and you get along well together because you both want peace and harmony. Sexually you two are compatible, but emotionally you are on different planets. Pisces’ clingy nature tends to scare Libra, and the scales’ cool detachment upsets the fish.

Pisces with Scorpio

The fish may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the scorpion’s power and intensity, but Pisces really likes having someone to lean on. Both are moody, yet Pisces has some difficulty understanding Scorpio’s need to be alone during dark times. Still, you two are genuine soul mates and share the Water signs’ deep psychic connection.

Pisces with Sagittarius

A match between these two can be difficult. Although Pisces is attracted to Sagittarius’ buoyant vitality, the archer’s spirit can be dampened by the fish’s tendency toward dependency. Archers are adventurous wanderers; fish are homebodies. When Pisces longs to spend time with Sagittarius, the archer usually has someplace to go.

Pisces with Capricorn

Despite differences in temperament, you two have a great deal to offer one other. While Capricorn is not as emotional as Pisces, the goat is protective and can be surprisingly patient when dealing with the fish’s insecurities. Pisces is kind and caring, and looks up to Capricorn in a way that makes the goat feel appreciated.

Pisces with Aquarius

A successful match between these two can be difficult to achieve. Pisces is arguably the most emotional sign in the zodiac; Aquarius the least emotional one. Although each of you is a visionary who gets off on helping people, in other ways you are very different. Compromise is the best hope for this pairing.

Pisces with Pisces

As psychic soul mates, you make an outstanding team. Thanks to the innate passivity of your natures, there is sure to be little conflict when you are together. However, neither of you is focused on the practical realities of daily living. Too much alike to avoid chaos, you may require hired help to keep your domestic lives in order.