Pisces Zodiac Sign Traits

Pisces (February 19th–March 21st)

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yin
Rulers: Neptune and Jupiter
Color: Sea-green
Gem: Aquamarine
Anatomy: Feet, immune system, hormonal system
Keywords: Compassion, universality, inclusiveness
Celebrity Fishes: Billy Crystal, Mikhail Gorbachev, Liza Minnelli, Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Taylor, Thora Birch, Drew Barrymore, Bruce Willis, Queen Latifah

Being a Pisces

Mutable water: from solid (ice) to liquid to gas (vapour). This is the character of Pisces, changing according to outside conditions. And yet Fishes live largely in the world of the imagination, the realm of dreams, where objects and events seem to have no connection to outer reality. What’s going on here? This last sign creates the possibility to move beyond self into transcendence, represented to humans as the world of dreams and faith. But this also can be a world of sheer escapism, where dreaming is done for its own sake. Fishes, we could say, can either sink or swim. Put another way, Fishes know which way the river is running and may swim with it or against it. Swimming against it can mean they may find a way to another stream (“hooked” Fishes can channel their addictions, for example), while swimming with it may mean, quite literally, “going with the flow,” and living intuitively. Fishes are highly intuitive, in fact, and Pisces is the sign that merges with others so easily that these people don’t always know what’s theirs and what belongs to someone else. Fishes are frequently so sensitive to the vibrations of others that they can go into work and instantly feel how others are doing. Unfortunately, they also may unconsciously take responsibility for how others are doing, or wonder why they feel so bad—especially when they woke up feeling so good! For this reason, fishes can have a hard time maintaining their boundaries and knowing what they’re feeling, as opposed to what others are feeling. The reason for this boundary stuff goes back to the main point of Pisces, which is to merge with others and eventually the Source or God. Fishes are in a highly spiritual sign, living in a very nonspiritual world. For this reason it’s easy for them to get off-track by merging with the wrong people and to get away from their true spiritual focus. Above all, Fishes are here to give, not just to those like themselves, but to anyone who needs their help, love, attention, or whatever.

Positives and Negatives

Compassionate Fishes can see deep into the human psyche, probe the depths of emotions, lend a sympathetic ear, or play an intuitive hunch. But they can also be oh-so-sad, shy, timid, or just plain impractical. Fishes can seem both lazy and talkative, the talk seeming to go on and on about any number of unlikely possibilities. But Fishes can change too, and change can be good: It can mean adaptability. Because of their extraordinary sensitivity, Fishes are often creative artistically, and their
understanding of people sometimes seems limitless (though the understanding doesn’t always extend to themselves). Pisces is the sign that represents spirituality, not religion, like Sagittarius, but a true
need to have a relationship with a higher power. When these spiritual needs aren’t fulfilled, Fishes become involved in the negative side of this energy, which is escapism. That’s where the drugs, alcohol, or sugar addictions come in, as well as the wrong kinds of people. Fishes need to learn to live by faith and intuition: Once they do this, they’re on the right track. Physicist Albert Einstein was a Pisces, and his theories were “impractical,” but correct. Does the universe need dreamers and people who can transcend the boundaries of normal reality? And does that make them impractical? Or just different from the rest of us?


Kind, perceptive, sensitive Fishes look at the inner soul of others, at the essence rather than the surface. Fishes are truly seeking their soulmates, the most profound love possible and so may be disappointed when real people fail to live up to their idealistic expectations. Fishes in love can create an enchanting place where love happens, a space separate from the rest of the world for Fishes and their loved ones alone. Fishes feel, and they can translate that feeling, too: You’ll always know when you’re the object of Fishes’ affection. Water, water, water: Of course Fishes will do well with Cancers, Scorpios, and other Pisces. But here’s a sign where empathy can go far, if Fishes are careful. More flighty signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may leave Fishes swimming in their wake, or raise them to new heights of awareness. Fishes can do especially well with nurturing earth signs, and earth signs’ practicality can also keep Fishes’ tendency toward flights of fancy a little more rooted. As in all areas, though, Fishes need to beware of those who would take advantage of them: They’re quick to trust, and all too easily hurt.


Fishes can tend to overindulge, and need to be careful to limit their intake of everything from bread to wine. Fishes may be overweight or have a tendency to retain water. In addition, Pisces rules the feet, and Fishes should take particular care to avoid sprains, or even breaks, to that sensitive area. Fishes don’t always take care of themselves as well as they do others, but one way to start would be through a holistic fitness regimen that takes into account both body and soul. One vitamin that can help Fishes feel their best is pantothenic acid, which helps stimulate their adrenal glands and increase their immune systems. Because Pisces appear to rule the immune system, all aids to this system are helpful for Fishes. Pisces also seems to be in charge of hormones, so keeping them in balance may be very important. Fishes are very sensitive to foods and poisons in their environment, and may need to be detoxified more frequently than any other sign. Alcohol and drugs are very difficult for them to process. Even prescription drugs can wreak havoc on their systems, so it’s very important for Fishes to watch their intake and notice the changes in their bodies.


Fishes use their homes as places for spiritual renewal or spiritual abuse. Just as they may swim with or against the current, they may use their homes as refuges or dens of iniquity, and the choice they make will spill over into other areas of their life as well. If Fishes find true love, they’re more likely to create a home as refuge, and Fishes would do well to create their own hidden cave, a place to renew themselves, to meditate, and to be introspective, retreat can bring healthy renewal.


Because Fishes love to combine their real life with their imaginary one, they can often be found in the world of theatre or film, or in any of the arts. But they also can do quite well in business or even politics, where their sensitivity can give them powerful insights less intuitive signs might miss. Fishes like to work behind the scenes or alone: Fame and recognition aren’t what drive them. Because of this, Fishes can be great manipulators or builders. Or they may be photographers, beautifully capturing others’ spirits on film. Fishes are often found, too, in areas where their capabilities for the spiritual can be used: They may be astrologers or monks, religious leaders or healers. Fishes are known for their ability to sacrifice themselves for others. Pisces also deals with images, so these people are gifted at leading others through visualisation experiences and meditations and bringing people to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Above all, Fishes are here to help the rest of us transcend our normal ruts, beliefs, and boundaries, and see the illusions we live under.


Here again, Fishes need to be wary of others’ stories: They’re all too easily convinced to hand over their life savings to help a friend (or anyone) they think is in need. Money can swim in and out of Fishes’ lives as mysteriously as everything and everyone else does, and impractical Fishes don’t always understand why. Because they’re not really prone to money-making enterprises themselves, Fishes’ money may come from outside sources, and it may go back outside, too. Many Fishes work in the service sector, so they may not get the kind of money that business enterprises pay. But what Fishes are good at are the dreams where all good ideas including potential money-making ones, begin. Here’s a sign whose intuitive hunches are always worth pursuing.