Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Sagittarius with Aries

It’s nonstop fun when the archer and ram get together. You two have so much in common that you probably feel like soul mates. Still, Aries may consider the outspoken archer’s blunt remarks too candid and the easygoing Sagittarius can have difficulty with the ram’s hot temper and domineering ways.

Sagittarius with Taurus

These two march to different drummers. Sagittarius needs excitement and freedom, while Taurus demands safety and security. Where the archer is active and impulsive, the bull is slow and controlled. Although a fiery sexual relationship helps soften your differences, this combination only works if you both agree to make concessions.

Sagittarius with Gemini

Since these opposite signs are so much alike, there’s often an instant physical and mental attraction. Both are sociable, intellectual, athletic, and adore travel. Because each is restless and freedom-oriented, with a relaxed attitude toward relationships, you two may ultimately wander off in separate directions.

Sagittarius with Cancer

The crab and the archer make an odd combination, yet often find themselves strongly attracted to each other. Watery Cancer wants a permanent union with a settled home life, while fiery Sagittarius craves excitement, freedom, and adventure. Still, both like to travel, and Sagittarius enjoys the comforts Cancer provides at home.

Sagittarius with Leo

These fiery signs usually get along famously in the bedroom and elsewhere. Both are passionate, openhearted, and cheerful. Sagittarius won’t resent the lion’s need to shine, and Leo is too busy to envy the archer’s popularity. When Sagittarius allows the lion to rule, it’s fun and excitement times two for this near perfect match-up.

Sagittarius with Virgo

A love match between a Sagittarius and a Virgo is unlikely, but not impossible. The virgin focuses on the trees, whereas the archer is interested in the forest. While these different approaches may balance each other, they can also cause conflict. Tolerance and understanding of your differences are required for this to work.

Sagittarius with Libra

You two have a lot in common, and can be great pals as well as lovers. Each is friendly, outgoing, and exceedingly sociable, but the cultured scales love beauty and luxury, while the athletic archer is more the rugged outdoorsy type. Problems may arise because Librans tend to think in pairs, and archers prize freedom above all else.

Sagittarius with Scorpio

Sagittarius is intrigued by Scorpio’s magnetic sexual intensity. Scorpio, however, cannot quite comprehend the archer’s fun-and-games approach to life and love. When the open, jovial Sagittarius tries getting close to the brooding, secretive scorpion, the archer may become disenchanted and go skipping off to the nearest party.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Although this combination makes for a super-exciting, exhilarating rollercoaster ride, once the fun stops you two may drift apart. A double dose of restless independence can be too hectic and unstable for either of you. At least one archer should be capable of handling practical matters, while the other goes out to play.
Sagittarius with Capricorn

This is a difficult, but not totally impossible combination that works best if each partner is willing to accept the other without trying to change him or her. Sexually, the fiery archer is warm-blooded, passionate, and desirous, and the goat, while not overly demonstrative, is highly sexed, ardent, and responsive.

Sagittarius with Aquarius

These two usually fall in “like” at first sight, and can be great buddies as well as lovers. Your shared curiosity and adventurous spirits extend to the bedroom, where the lovemaking is uninhibited, and full of fun. While your temperaments and interests may be somewhat different, they blend together well.

Sagittarius with Pisces

Sagittarius is readily captivated by ethereal Pisces’ aura of mystery. Pisces is typically attracted to the archer’s magnetic personality and vibrant self-assurance. However, a long-term relationship between you two can be problematic. Fish are needy and possessive, and Sagittarians resent restrictions on their personal freedom.