Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Sagittarius (November 22nd–December 22nd)

Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yang
Ruler: Jupiter
Color: Purple
Gem: Turquoise
Anatomy: Liver, hips, and thighs
Keywords: Understanding, enthusiasm, exploration
Celeb Archers: Woody Allen, Kim Basinger, Walt Disney, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Lucy Liu, Britney Spears

Being a Sagittarius

The Archer’s arrow searches for meaning, and Sagittarius can be thought of as the gypsy, the student, and the philosopher, all rolled into one. No other sign is so focused on finding life’s basic truth. Archers burn with this need to understand, and, as a mutable sign, they thrive on the changes this search can provide. Archers are a yang sign, too, so they’re always moving toward more and more experience. This is a party sign, and the party is marked by the fire sign’s enthusiasm, high spirits, and a whole lot of fun. Archers’ optimism is contagious, and their honesty and directness can be a breath of fresh air.

Positives and Negatives

Archers thrive on independence and freedom, and they never tire of a change of scenery. Sure, they may forget your date or miss that important deadline, but they’re always the life of the party, and just plain fun! Archers’ enthusiasm is bound to be contagious, but their lack of commitment can annoy other more responsible signs. Their generosity may spill into excess; their optimism may make them blind to details; and their honesty can make their remarks sound blunt or inconsiderate. But the carefree adventurousness of Sagittarius can be a welcome change. Most dangerous to Archers can be their tendency toward dogma. Because they’re seeking a universal truth rather than an individual one, they may mistake a trend for that truth and then become rather preachy about its powers. But Archers truly do wish to unite all people under one idea, and if they believe they’ve found it, they’re eager to share it with all. Still, for Archers, it’s the getting there that’s more than half the fun: Archers love travel, new places, and seeking. Go along for the ride if you dare and if you’re an Archer yourself, you won’t think twice!


Commitment? Sure. Just don’t expect it to go on too long! Mutable Archers are always on the move, and if they do find their true love, they may have left a bevy of admirers behind, trying in vain to find their tracks. Love is fun! Romance is a gas! Passion is excitement! See how Sagittarius breeds exclamation points? Those who require loyalty and longevity in love might do well to look elsewhere. Archers aren’t just looking for a good time, although that’s part of it: They want a trail-mate for their journey. They’re here to seek, and householders aren’t particularly interested in living a life on the trail. It takes a special person to want to adventure off with a Sag; the future is so open to possibilities, but also so unsettled. This isn’t the person you want if you’re after a mate to “settle down” with. But for another adventurer, a Sag is a great journeyer. Archers aren’t concerned with details, which means they can drive more detail oriented signs like Virgo to distraction. And Archers expect that everyone will want to have as much fun as they do, which tends to leave Scorpio and Taurus back in the dust, too. Archers will do best with other fire signs, where the romance can be both fiery and adventurous. Just don’t forget that air feeds fire, too: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may have just the kind of surprises that Archers love!


Energetic Archers can sometimes forget to slow down. And while they’re galloping along, they may be gathering more and more new projects before they’ve finished any they’ve already started. All this running can make them prone to nervous exhaustion or just plain confusion. Sometimes it’s necessary for racing-ahead Archers to stop. Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and liver, all of which can be severely harmed by overindulgence. Archers would do well to work on exercises that help them stay centred physically, and this, in turn, will help them not to lose sight of the big picture they envision. Archers need to be aware of the problems of excess sugar, fat, or even alcohol; all can harm their livers. Too much overindulgence in these foods can really slow them down and make them sick. Archers need adequate amounts of vitamin K, manganese, and molybdenum to maintain normal liver function and metabolise fats. Detoxifying their liver around mid-life also can prevent major health problems later.


Archers are great entertainers, and everyone loves a party at Archer’s house. Yes, they may forget to serve or to make a main course, but all will be having too much fun to care. You won’t often find children at Archer’s house, though. This adventurous sign doesn’t want to be tied down. Archers like to feel free to set out for the next adventure, and home can just as easily be a tent in the Serengeti or on Mt. Denali, as a bachelor pad in the French Quarter or on Beale Street. But wherever Archer’s tent is pitched, you can be sure that’s where you’ll find the action.


Because Archers tend to lose interest before a project is completed, it’s best to have them on your idea team. Archers do well, though, in all areas of communications, or anywhere a sense of humour and excitement are needed and they may be clowns, tricksters, or even court jesters! They’ll also do well as National Geographic photographers or any kind of photographer. Archers also can be found in positions that require risk, from the stock market to test piloting. They may be gamblers; Archers believe in their luck, and that optimism really does make them lucky. Archers are often found in education, medicine, the legal system, foreign relations, the travel industry, or travelling for business, such as importers/exporters, or in sales. Archers tend to be highly educated and very well read; Sagittarius often produces philosophers, preachers, or anyone associated with inspiring others.


Overconfident Archers may tend to overextend themselves and their resources for the sake of a good time. But here again, their luck comes into play: Archers will put their last $100 on that fifty-to-one shot and it’ll come in. Archers may forget that they borrowed that $20 from you as soon as they’ve got it in their hand. And their irresponsibility with money may irk their more dependable friends to no end. But those same dependable friends will always come through for Archers and  because Archers know it, they don’t sweat it. As a mutable sign, Archers can be very resourceful, so they’re able to scrape something together, even if they’re broke. Of course, that could lead back to borrowing
from others. Very resourceful of them!