Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio with Aries

Sexually, you’re well matched, because each of you is imaginative, passionate, ardent, and energetic. Since neither is bound by convention, you’re adventurous and willing to experiment sexually. Even so, Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy can drive the happy-go-lucky, independent ram up the wall.

Scorpio with Taurus

When the jealous scorpion and the possessive bull come together, the union can turn into an ongoing battle. Despite the strong physical attraction, you can only achieve harmony through the exercise of tolerance and patience on both sides. If you overcome your differences, you may forge a bond strong enough to last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Gemini

A difficult combination. Scorpio is intense and emotional. Gemini is cool and easygoing. Scorpio has a jealous nature and Gemini can be quite fickle; if the scorpion holds the reigns too tightly, the twins might bolt. Still, the twins may find the scorpion’s sexual aura compelling. Gemini enjoys differences. Scorpio does not.

Scorpio with Cancer

The attraction between these two Water signs is typically strong and immediate. Because you two connect on so many levels, the chances of a long-lasting relationship are excellent. Still, there are some possible pitfalls along your road to happiness. Each of you is jealous, with a tendency to see rivals even when none exist.

Scorpio with Leo

The immediate and intense sexual attraction between these two often gives rise to an “all or nothing” relationship. Sunny Leo is outgoing and open, whereas the scorpion is complex and secretive. To Leo, Scorpio seems devious and manipulative, while Scorpio is likely to resent the lion’s attempts to dominate the union.

Scorpio with Virgo

Scorpio’s possessiveness scares Virgo, but it also gives the virgin a strong sense of being loved and protected. Virgo’s propensity for handing out unsolicited advice does not sit well with Scorpio, and if these two are to get along Virgo must realise that the scorpion won’t put up with nagging or criticism.

Scorpio with Libra

In this union, Scorpio leads the way in most things, and gentle Libra appears to follow. However, Librans usually find a way of getting others (even intractable scorpions) to do their bidding. Cardinal Air and Fixed Water have little in common. Yet, if this relationship can get past the initial courtship, it may very well last a lifetime.

Scorpio with Scorpio

A love match between two scorpions can be interesting, and you two actually get along surprisingly well together. You’re able to read each other’s minds, and have the same likes and dislikes. Problems may arise if either of you tries to run the show. Shared power and responsibility is the only way for a happy union.

Scorpio with Sagittarius

It’s pure sexual attraction at first sight when the archer and the scorpion meet. But Scorpio cools down pretty fast when hit with the realisation that Sagittarius is just out for fun and games. The freewheeling archer won’t stand for Scorpio’s jealousy, whereas Scorpio views Sagittarius’ flighty ways as acts of disloyalty.

Scorpio with Capricorn

Sexually, you’re very well matched. Even so, Scorpio feels things deeply, and Capricorn is cool and unemotional. Both are ambitious and each likes being in charge, so your powerful personalities may clash. However, this union works, because you two understand each other better than most.

Scorpio with Aquarius

Airy, absent-minded, freedom-loving Aquarius and intense, possessive Scorpio make an odd couple. Yet, despite all your differences (or perhaps because of them), Scorpio and Aquarius often find each other totally fascinating, and a successful love affair or even marriage between you is possible.

Scorpio with Pisces

Both Scorpio and Pisces are sensitive, feeling, and compassionate individuals, and together you have a depth of intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others. Moreover, you share a deep psychic link that typifies true soul mates. This is a good match, as long as you can put up with each other’s dark moods.