Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits

Scorpio (October 23rd–November 22nd)

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Energy: Yin
Rulers: Pluto and Mars
Colors: Burgundy, Black
Gem: Topaz
Anatomy: Genitals, urinary and reproductive systems
Keywords: Desire, transformation, power
Celeb Scorps: Bill Gates, Georgia O’Keeffe, Dan Rather, Winona Ryder, Hillary Clinton, Calista Flockhart, Jodie Foster, Leonardo diCaprio

Being a Scorpio

Scorpios are intense. They’re dealing, after all, with life and death and, by extension, with birth and sex. Scorpions are all about mystery, about how that poison stinger can so quickly change life into death, and Scorpios can be both penetrating and incisive. Scorpio is one of the signs that has two rulers, Pluto and Mars. That’s why this sign can be quite a warrior, and very powerful. Combined with their fixed nature, these people never give up! Like all water signs, Scorpios are more concerned with feelings than appearances, but as a fixed sign, they’re often resistant to change as well. Scorpios’ ability to see through others’ facades can serve them well, and they can wait forever for the right moment to get even or make their move. Scorpios are constantly probing beneath the obvious face of things, seeking what lies beneath. One of their rulers is Pluto, the invisible planet that rules beginnings and ends, both of which, like Pluto itself, occur out of natural sight. Scorpios’ intensity and probing may make them sound humourless and frightening, but these same characteristics create both passion and excitement as well. You may feel as if a Scorpion is looking right through you, but the feeling may be an invigorating one!

Positives and Negatives

Scorpios use what many astrologers call Scorpionic power to achieve their ends. But maybe we should just look at that power itself, because Scorpio is the zodiac’s most powerful sign. In pop astrology, you’ll often find this power called sex, and yes, Scorpios do have a strongly developed sexuality. Sometimes, though, they may disguise this even from themselves, in which case they may constantly be seeking something they can’t quite name. Sometimes Scorpios sublimate this energy into other projects, and they may be very aware of doing it. At their worst, they may choose to use their magnetism to coerce others in fanatical ways, like Scorpio Charles Manson! At their best, Scorpios are magnetic leaders, like Billy Graham: shrewd, faith-inspiring, compassionate, and brave. At their worst, they’re manipulative, vengeful, or even cruel. Like the nuclear energy that shares Pluto’s rule, they can use their power for good or evil, and Scorpios would do well to use their tremendous energy and power in positive ways, such as healing and learning control.


While Scorpios may know everyone else’s heart of hearts, they’ll seldom reveal their own. When they do, though, they’ll also be sharing a depth of passion no other sign can. Like their relatives the spiders, Scorpios will weave a web of romance, attracting partners with their intricacy and magnetism. But they’re also quick to retreat if they feel threatened, and once Scorpios have hidden, it may be hard to get them to reveal themselves again. You’d also do well not to injure a Scorpio in love; their vengeance has a long memory and a fierce sting! Don’t forget that Scorpio is a water sign; sometimes emotional, sometimes moody, always slow to commit but very loyal once they do. Other water signs may be the most comfortable match for Scorpio romance, Scorpio may see other signs’ approaches to love with too much clarity for romance. Earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, fed by water, can do very well with Scorpios. And Taurus is Scorpios’ opposite, as well, very  sensuous and pleasure-loving, an interesting match for Scorpio’s intensity.


Retentive Scorpios may be prone to urinary tract infections or constipation, so reluctant are they to let anything out in the open. But they also have the potential to be great healers, not just of themselves but of others, because of their strong regenerative and transformation powers. Healthy Scorpios pay attention to their dreams, for both their informative and their imaginative power, and they should pay attention to what they eat and drink as well: Scorpios’ intake can truly make a big difference in how they feel. Any relaxation techniques that help Scorpios get rid of old resentments and anger could also help them feel their best. But Scorpios’ most important health lesson is to let go—of repressed
jealousy, anger, and resentment. Scorpios need to get adequate amounts of zinc or zinc supplements in their diets. This is essential for the growth, development, and functioning of the reproductive organs and prostate gland, as well as the general healing process, both important for Scorpios.


Because Scorpios require power and control, life at home can be full of struggles, power struggles! Or it can be a place where Scorpios keep “everyone in line” until they get married and have children. Then it may not be so easy! But no matter what the kids or spouse do, Scorpios are ready to defend them with their lives and stingers if necessary. Loyalty is very important to them. When Scorpios are unhappy, though, they head off to be alone and heaven help you if you disturb them! Scorpios usually need and want time alone regularly, to process their intense feelings. Without time alone, it can become very hard for Scorpios to maintain their sense of control. For this reason, Scorpios need their own hiding place at home, where no one else will bother them. This isn’t just a corner in a room, either, but an entire room just for them, their space. When Scorpios are able to control themselves instead of others, they are very loving, loyal, and can give a great deal of themselves to their families and mates.


Scorpios thrive on change, and a career that requires any renovation or strategy works very well for
them. They may find creative outlets for their transformative energies, or they may be in the healing arts as doctors or counsellors. Scorpios also can do very well in fields like research or science, anything requiring that penetrating, probing eye will benefit from a Scorpio touch. Scorpios also are often involved in cleaning up waste or reviving the environment in some way. Scorpio is involved in eliminating toxins and regeneration, and that’s why they excel at these jobs. As the most powerful zodiac sign, Scorpios also do well in any position where they can wield that power, be it management, finance, or directing. But that power also means that any field Scorpios choose will benefit from their influence: Even the seemingly meaningless is transformed once a Scorpio is in charge.


Here again Scorpios’ retentive ways come to the forefront, and a Scorpio and his money are not soon parted. Scorpios also understand the dynamics of power and money, and their conservative approach pays off here as well. Scorpios will amass cash quietly in the background and then use it to achieve their ends. Outward appearances mean little to Scorpios; to them, it’s all about control and transformation, and they’ll apply their money only where they feel it’s necessary.