Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Taurus with Aries

You two tend to approach life quite differently. Yet, despite your differences, passionate, romantic Aries poses an irresistible challenge to sensuous, affectionate, romantic Taurus. Even when your ideas are poles apart, life is a lot more interesting when slow-moving Taurus and fiery Aries form an intimate alliance.

Taurus with Taurus

This may not be the most exciting romantic combination, but it’s rock solid. Each of you is steady, reliable, practical, and devoted to home and family. A close relationship between you is virtually guaranteed to be emotionally comforting and sexually satisfying. Boredom poses the only threat to a happy, long-lasting union.

Taurus with Gemini

Sexually and emotionally both partners find a romantic union stimulating, exciting, and satisfying. However, the bull is likely to grow weary of hearing Gemini chatter on and on, and the swift-moving twin could become increasingly annoyed by Taurus’s slow reactions and stubborn, plodding nature.

Taurus with Cancer

Sexually and romantically this is a near perfect match. Both are homebodies and appreciate the simple joys of a comfortable domestic life. Even so, difficulties may arise because Taurus is stubborn and intractable, Cancer is moody and thin-skinned, and neither of you is inclined to talk about what’s really bothering you.

Taurus with Leo

Be prepared for a battle of wills between the irresistible force (Leo) and the immovable object (Taurus). Still, this can be a surprisingly loving and successful romantic union. Each of you is affectionate and loyal, and you share a desire for luxury and the many other goodies life has to offer.

Taurus with Virgo

This pair is nicely matched sexually and lovemaking is erotic and intense. Virgo may be slower to arouse, but Taurus’s patience is legendary. With tenderness and affection, the bull easily melts the virgin’s reserve. This twosome works well as long as Virgo avoids criticism, and Taurus keeps overindulgence to a minimum.

Taurus with Libra

Both love peace and harmony, and strive to avoid conflict and tension as much as possible. The affable sweetness in each of your natures makes for a pleasant relationship. While the bull’s stability and persistence anchors the scales’ airy indecisiveness, Libra’s easygoing approach to life can drive Taurus up a wall.

Taurus with Scorpio

The magnetic attraction you feel for each other can overcome any lack of common interests, and a physical relationship between you could be intense and long lasting. Even so, straightforward Taurus may be put off by the sly scorpion’s deviousness, and thin-skinned Scorpio can misinterpret the bull’s playful sense of humour.

Taurus with Sagittarius

Despite their lack of commonality, Taurus is drawn to outgoing, exciting, fun-loving Sagittarius. The passionate bull may enjoy the archer’s lusty sexuality, but is easily irked by Sagittarius’ devil-may-care attitude toward love. Taurus is settled and longs for security, and Sagittarius is a gambler and wanderer.

Taurus with Capricorn

This pairing of Earth signs usually results in a good match. Both of you want the emotional and material security of a stable, long-lasting relationship. Each of you has strong sexual needs and desires, however the goat’s passion often burns well beneath the surface and the bull may have to bring it out.

Taurus with Aquarius

The only traits you two have in common are stubbornness and a reluctance to change your ways. Even so, Taurus may be intrigued by the freewheeling water bearer’s openness to sexual experimentation and willingness to explore new erotic techniques, and Fixed Aquarius is likely to appreciate the bull’s loyalty and dependability.

Taurus with Pisces

In bed, sensual, romantic Taurus can easily get caught up in Pisces’ dreamy, erotic fantasies. The lovemaking between you two is likely to be sensuous and satisfying. But ultimately, the pragmatic, straightforward bull could be irritated by the enigmatic, impractical fish’s inability to deal with day-to-day realities.