Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Virgo with Aries
Although you both value honesty and the unadorned truth, you’re better at giving advice than following it. Moreover, Aries is hot tempered and outspoken, and Virgo prefers avoiding emotional scenes. Even so, the virgin is fascinated by the sexy ram’s boldness and zest for living.

Virgo with Taurus

Sexually, this pair is well matched. Although the virgin may be slower to arouse, the bull has a ton of patience. With tenderness, warmth, and affection, Taurus easily melts the well-known Virgo reserve. Overall, these two Earth signs get along famously, and you two can build a rich and rewarding life together.

Virgo with Gemini

Sexually, you are on different wavelengths, but romantic Virgo can easily be swept away by fast talking Gemini’s seductive manner. Gemini is more of a risk taker and will gladly do something “just for the experience” while Virgo is more cautious and careful. Communication or miscommunication is the key to this union.

Virgo with Cancer

The relationship between this combination of Earth and Water often starts out as a friendship, and grows into a love match. Virgo is an incurable romantic, and Cancer is an absolute sucker for romance. Together you can develop a warm, loving, affectionate match, with a physical relationship that is extremely satisfying.

Virgo with Leo

Temperamentally, you two are very different. The typical Virgo is modest, self-effacing, and unobtrusive, whereas Leo craves approval, recognition, and applause. The virgin is practical, the lion extravagant. Virgo likes routine. Leo craves excitement. Nonetheless, you make a good team since each provides what the other lacks.

Virgo with Virgo

Perfectionism times two can be problematic. One possible difficulty is that Virgos are somewhat shy about lovemaking. You’re more likely to flourish sexually with a bolder bed-mate. Still, each one is caring and able to understand the other. Over the long term, this match can be tense, yet gratifying.

Virgo with Libra
Virgo is attracted to Libra’s charm and intelligence, and Libra relates to the virgin’s mental agility. Sexually, this match can work, because you both value good taste and discretion in the bedroom. Even so, you’re very different. The virgin is much more exacting in all areas of life than the easygoing, relaxed scales.

Virgo with Scorpio

Earth and Water get along well in most things, but in the sexual sphere modest Virgo may be a bit overwhelmed by Scorpio’s lusty sensuality. A lot depends on the Scorpio partner’s approach to lovemaking. Ultimately the virgin may be secretly thrilled by Scorpio’s attempts to entice him or her into bolder sexual adventures.

Virgo with Sagittarius

Despite common interests, the energies of these two signs don’t mesh well. You make a good working team because Virgo has an eye for small detail, while Sagittarius sees the larger picture. You’re both romantic, but sexual compatibility may depend upon the uninhibited archer’s ability to coax the virgin out of his or her shell.

Virgo with Capricorn

Both of you tend to be reserved and reluctant to express your deepest feelings. Moreover, neither of these two practical, down-to-earth signs is likely to admit to frivolous thoughts and romantic ideals. Yet you both need affection, and you’re a lot more interested in the physical and emotional side of life than you let on.

Virgo with Aquarius

Natives of these two very different signs are often great friends, and under the right circumstances can be a great deal more. A love match between this unusual duo can result in a happy union, because each is rational and cerebral, and lives to learn (and teach) new things.

Virgo with Pisces

There is often a strong attraction between these two opposite signs. Since each admires certain qualities in the other, your differences tend to balance out. Pisces is a warm, generous lover who can sense the virgin’s desires, and the reserved Virgo is swiftly captivated by Pisces’ unrestrained sensuality.