Virgo Zodiac Sign Traits

Virgo (August 22nd–September 22nd)

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yin
Ruler: Mercury
Color: Blue
Gem: Sapphire
Anatomy: Intestines and colon
Keywords: Service, self-improvement, sacred patterns
Celebrity Virgins: Sean Connery, Greta Garbo, Stephen King, Sophia Loren, Cameron Diaz, River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek

Being a Virgo

How many Virgos does it take to screw in a light bulb? At least four. One to take out the light bulb, one to check the wiring, one to put the new light bulb in, and one to clean up the mess. Purity. Perfection. Practicality. These are the Virgin values. But what does this translate to? Virgins, more than any other sign, are identified with analysing, with examining everything in great detail in order to improve not just themselves, but the world. And improving the world means serving more than one’s self: It means serving the greater good. Virgins are very responsible people. But Virgins are about connection, too: They see things very clearly, and they see each part of a whole in a way that few other signs can. One of us is a Virgo, and she is forever finding the little errors her co-author didn’t bother to reread for and then, the next time through, she finds still more! This pleases her messy co-author to no end, but it pleases Virgo as well: Virgins really like to clean these messes up! Constant refinement means no discord, and Virgo does whatever’s necessary to achieve perfection.
There’s a lot of misinformation about the use of the word “virgin.” A virgin is a woman whole unto herself not just someone who has never had sex. Virgins are about finding the patterns, especially sacred patterns, and in past eras, these were the people who were the sacred priests and priestesses. They also worked in agriculture, taking care to read the natural cycles and patterns correctly so there would be enough food to feed everyone. In Native American tribes, Virgin is represented by the spider, which weaves the sacred patterns in its web. And Virgins aren’t very comfortable in our present society because the sacred patterns have largely been lost or forgotten.

Positives and Negatives

Calm-on-the-outside Virgins will fool you like no other sign; on the inside they’re all restless energy, constantly seeking, constantly improving, constantly fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Here is one of the zodiac’s liveliest minds, a consummate problem-solver, a model of methodical efficiency, bent on beauty and perfection. But yes, Virgins can think too much. They can find fault wherever they look, even where there’s none to be found. They can be inflexible, and they can worry too much along with all that thinking. But at the same time, because Virgins measure their self-esteem by weighing what they accomplish in a given day, they can increase their self-esteem by giving up this narrow view of what they’re good for. Then they’ll see themselves as whole people, with love, feelings, and other important things to offer others. No one is more organised than a Virgin. While the rest of the world is collapsing around them, Virgins are calmly making lists of what’s left. No one’s more committed, either, or more willing to make sure it goes smoothly for everybody. If there’s someone in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner while everyone else has gone on to another party, it’s most likely a Virgin, who’s probably perfectly happy to be there. Virgins like to work, and they do it very well.


There’s no denying that Virgins are seeking the perfect mate, but they also enjoy the pleasures of intimacy, especially when those pleasures can lead to personal growth. In her constellation in the sky, Virgo appears to be dancing, and, in fact, one of her greatest joys is the fruit of consummated love. Because Virgins like to serve, they will do whatever they can to take care of those they care about. Sometimes they can go too far, leaving the beloved with nothing to do, but often they anticipate the needs of others with prescient clarity. As seekers of order, it’s natural that Virgins seek out other earth signs, other Virgos, Taureans, and Capricorns, but it may be the fixed intensity of Scorpio or the mutable water of Pisces that really plants the seeds of contentment for this mutable sign. Watery
Cancer, too, can make for strong emotional connections. But Virgins shouldn’t necessarily settle for complacency just because it’s tidy; they may find far more compatibility with the excitement of Gemini or Sagittarius!


Virgins are concerned with health and its application. Their ruler, Mercury, in an earth sign like Virgo, is very practical and interested in practical applications of knowledge. Virgins will often know about vitamins or about aromatherapy; they’ll know which herbs cure which ills and why your antibiotic isn’t working on your pesky cold. Virgins’ interest in health is largely because they’re interested in practical knowledge and in sacred patterns (and what’s more sacred than healing?), as well as in keeping themselves healthy. Virgo rules the intestines and colon, and it is in these areas that problems often arise for them. Busy Virgins need to stop what they’re doing periodically to eat, and they need to relax while they eat, not rush through or worse, work through their meals. Virgins need to remember to serve themselves as well as they serve everyone else! In addition, Virgins are most likely to get sick when they have problems at work (especially if they dislike going to work) largely because of their dedication to any given project. Workaholic Virgins need to balance work with relaxation and pleasure. Virgins need a lot of B-complex vitamins to help control their anxiety. In addition, they need PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid), which is important for maintaining the health of the intestines and breaking down and using proteins.


Here again, Virgins’ love of service shows itself clearly. The Virgo home is tidy, efficient, and organised, but that just makes it easier to take care of all those who enter. You won’t find Virgins sitting down to eat until everyone else has enough on their plates, and even then, Virgins may hover rather than sit down and join in. Virgins are great lovers of beauty, and coupled with their understanding of botany, this can mean homes surrounded by lovely gardens and filled with thriving plants and herbs. Virgins are likely to have aloe-vera growing over their sinks and even more likely to snap off a leaf to rub on your wound! It can be interesting, living with Virgins, and with all those “sacred” patterns they find with their family members.


Count yourself fortunate to have a Virgin on your work team, with their love of challenge and constant need for self-improvement, they’ll bring a strong dose of clarity to any project. Virgins can be good planners, good organisers, and good finishers, but the same knack for details can also make them very strong in any field where they use their hands. Best of all, no matter what they do, Virgins are always reliable, whether they’re the boss or an employee. And with their desire to serve, they’ll see the job gets done in a fine way. The two largest job categories for Virgo are in the health field and any jobs that require analysis, including marketing, systems analysis, and computers. Virgins love
details and excel at jobs that require them.


Detail-oriented, organised Virgins always have their chequebooks balanced and often know exactly how much money they’ve got in their pocket as well. Here’s an area where Virgins, with their eye for every detail, can tend to be highly critical of their own abilities, but they are in reality not only able money managers, but also clever ones, staying within their budgets, never frivolous. In fact, you may often find that the folks we call “bean counters” are Virgins.