Weekly Horoscopes for June 26 to July 2


This week you’ll run the risk of scattering your energies without a direction or purpose, as you take on every challenge in your way but quickly get bored and jump to the next one. A conscious effort will be needed to concentrate on one thing at a time and this will allow you to reach your goals. There is some friction in your dealings with your extended family or that of your spouse, stay calm and don’t say things that you’ll later regret.


Changes in the way you relate to co-workers are in the stars for you this week. You’ll finally see who is on your side and who is better to avoid. If you’re the boss, you’ll likely start a weeding process among your protégés as some of them will prove ungrateful. Jointly held resources in your private life will also cause the exchange of some heavy words; reaching a compromise will be best for everyone involved.


Work and money will be the main theme for you, and it’s looking better than ever. You’ll finally start to see rewards coming in for past efforts, or at least signs that you’re on the right path, which will raise your spirits. Make no mistake about it, these rewards will only come to those who have put in the effort; for those of you who’ve been slacking off the opposite will be true and may even be shown the door. Either way it’s reckoning time.


Tension in the family and close relationships are at the forefront of events for you, this week. You’ll have the distinct feeling that others have ganged up on you, and they’re taking your opinions into consideration less and less. This may not be the case, you’ve learned to play the victim card and the effects are now in. If you want to be taken more seriously you’ll have to assume more responsibilities and not be afraid to state your case. Be a leader and the world will follow.


A business or project that you’re launching this week will be a success in the future. The only downside is that people around you are jealous of your success and they may try to hinder your progress; it’s the bucket of crabs effect. Keep your own council and if necessary cut any contact with people whose actions seem even remotely suspicious. Oh yeah, it’s lonely at the top.


This week you may have to cut loose some people in your life, who have overstayed their welcome. Friends who have disappointed you will need to be issued their walking papers, doubly so for romantic partners. On the money front you may discover some irregularities or losses and it may all be connected to the actions of the afore mentioned friends and partners. The sooner you move on, the better.


You’ll burry yourself deep into your responsibilities at work and this may prevent you to notice some of the subtler effects of office politics and behind the scenes activities. Keep an eye out and listen which way the wind is blowing; it will save you a lot of trouble in the near future. That person who apparently is hated by everyone is actually the favourite in the race, stay on his good side.


You may be witnessing some disturbing events at work. Some of your hidden enemies will finally show their true colours and you will be surprised by who they are. The good news is, when people come out like that, they’re getting desperate so the end is near. Keep doing what you’re doing, the more opposition you encounter, the more you know you’re on the right path.


Some unsettling information will come to light within a group or association you’re involved in. It may not be all bad, just very different than what you imagined. It’s very likely that something you’ve been stressing over since the beginning of the year has been decided a long time ago and it was kept secret by the people running the show. Financial news will be disappointing as a loan application could be rejected or a credit extension denied.


Close relationships and the troubles within are likely to take up most of your time this week. Your partner could vent all their frustration on you, and you may find all this so unfair. Try and analyse objectively the things being said, they may have a lot of truth in them. As bad as it all sounds, events going down now will actually improve the way you relate to others in the future. Lessons are everywhere, you just have to learn.


At work the pressure is on, and as much as you try to hide your frustration it will be apparent to everyone. Promised support fails to materialise as the people who had your back are on shaky grounds themselves. In your love life, if you’ve been waiting for an answer it will arrive this week and it looks very promising.


This week you should turn all your attention towards your personal finances. There is a good chance that you’ve neglected some of your taxes, bills, payments etc. and you may have to pay a fine or penalty. Tend to these matters as soon as possible, call the institutions or companies in question and ask them nicely to forego the penalties, they often do.