Weekly Horoscope for July 3 to 9


Communication off all kinds will play an important role in your life, this week. Long distance dealings could be especially profitable as you could get a job that requires relocation to a faraway place or you could be accepted by a prestigious university that’s not in your hometown. Whatever happens, it’s guaranteed to make you happy.


Earnings from you regular job could increase this week, but the workload will increase accordingly. You could inadvertently be dragged into a power struggle that’s going on between some of your superiors at work. There are only 2 options here, either you stay on the winning side or you stay well away from it all, which I would recommend.


Money is prominent in your stars this week; you’ll either see it coming in by the bucket loads or you’ll stay up late at night to figure out a way to make this happen. Events this week will have a positive impact on your future finances, one way or the other. At work your style brings you infamy and hordes of envious co-workers. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the losers, you’re so much better than them, and they know it.


You’re full of energy this week and it will have a positive impact on your work performance. This will attract the appreciation of your superiors, but your co-workers will be annoyed, as you make them look like they’re slackers. Don’t worry about them, looking good in the eyes of management is what counts at a job, not popularity.


Your recent efforts in the work sphere could finally land you a new position or more likely, a new job altogether. Foreigners and their influence will be key to your success this week. New relationships in your personal life are also well starred, with new being the word emphasised. Embrace the things that are coming to you at this time, you’ll be glad you did.


Misunderstandings with people in your inner circle will abound this week. This will prompt you to start a weeding process, and distance yourself from those who are nothing but a drag to your life. Conflicts could arise between you and some of your children, mostly because they have expectations that you’re unable to fulfil. If they’re teenagers of working age let them get a part-time job, that will snap them right back to reality.


At work you’re eager to push things through on a recent project that took up a lot of your time. Alas, it’s not going to be that easy, the machinations of your peers will constantly block your way. Try and identify the influencers in your circle and strive to be on good terms with them. They may not be the ones you think. If all else fails, take a vacation, things will look different after a break.


Conflicts at work will exacerbate and hidden enemies will come out of the woodwork, but at least you’ll know who they are. The good news is, that whenever things escalate like this, the end is near. Make no mistake about it, justice will be served; if you’ve done nothing wrong no harm will touch you, on the other hand, you may want to update your resume.


A promotion or some kind of leg-up in your career is very likely this week. Before you get the keys to the kingdom though, you may have to take a trip, possibly to visit company HQ. Personal finances will likely require some attention, prompting you to revise a budget or even apply for a new loan. Take out only as much as you need, or you’ll regret it before the year is out.


A state of conflict continues to prevail on the work front, and even though you get moral support from friends and family, the problems will not go away by themselves. Towards the end of the week you could come up with a solution, and it may well be that you’ll seek pastures new. Chances are a new job will be far better than the one you’re leaving behind.


This week you should employ the utmost care in all of your dealings with colleagues and associates at work. You could so easily step on the toes of people with great influence and they will strike back. Things you said a long time ago will come back and haunt you. Your love life on the other hand is doing very well; new relationships have every chance to stand the test of time.


Problems in your close relationships will rear their ugly heads once again, and this time you’re determined to put an end to them. Yes, this could mean that you’ll have to issues the walking papers of an on again, off again lover. Tolerating this state of affairs any further will only make things worse, so deal with it now.