Weekly Horoscopes for July 10 to 16


Some stressful aspects are foreseen in your dealings with family members and anything related to your house, living arrangement etc. Try to take things one day at a time and maintain your composure at all times; you’ll survive. Job interviews, examinations or any other test taken have a high chance of success, so focus your energies on these this week.


This week you’ll be thinking a great deal about investments and other ways to increase your income. Property related investments are very much favoured by the stars, as long as you practise due diligence in all paperwork and financial aspects. Crunch those numbers, they never lie, although people might.


Love is coming and it’s going to hit you like a freight train. Those of your sign often take evasive action against Cupid’s arrows, but this time he will not miss. If someone is trying to love you, don’t fight them, there is happiness in surrender. Professionally you’re very much the center of attention so be on your best behaviour, whatever that means for you.


You’re in front of deep and long lasting changes on the home front, and for those of your sign, that’s a touchy area indeed. You could move, renovate or people will come and go from the household, and all of this will make you very uneasy. If you were planning any of these things, then this is the best time to get started as the full support of the universe is behind you.


At work you could be dragooned into a new project that you don’t really fancy. This could cause some tension between you and your superiors. Refrain from expressing your opinion to categorically, chances are you’ll grow to like the thing you’re involved in. As an added bonus, new colleagues will be brought in and you’ll click with them instantly.


Conflicts and miscommunication with teenagers in your family are still a theme for you. Observe from a distance their behaviour, but don’t try to shape them to your image or isolate them from life’s hardships entirely. Allow them to fail early, it will be an invaluable lesson for them later on. Otherwise, watch your spending.


At work, rivals and some of your superiors continue to undermine your authority. Your only option will be to go on a charm offensive and bring colleagues to your side, let them empower you. Your love life on the other hand, will bring you many happy moments. If you’re looking you could meet the love of your life, and it will come with a celestial blessing too.


Things are picking up on the job front and you’ll have to do your best to keep up, otherwise you’ll be left in the dust. The road to success is rough and bumpy, but the rewards will be all worth it. Foreign connections seem to be favoured more than others, so focus your energies on those. You could also have a craving to go on a trip to an exotic place. Do it, if you have the means, you’ll have pleasant memories for a lifetime.


This week you can so easily get into financial trouble. For some reason you don’t pay attention to what you sign or what you buy. Leave your credit cards and pen at home, just to be safe. Try and postpone the conclusion of any important financial deal, if you can. If you can’t, you’ll be better off employing the services of a professional (accountant, lawyer, financial adviser etc.).


Business relationships are rather tense this week, as nothing is going according to plan, or so it seems. It’s very possible that the world is not out to get you, you just project some of your insecurities onto others, and this erodes trust. The root of all evil is probably on the home front, where you don’t feel you get the emotional support you need.


Storm clouds that were building on the work front, are ready to unleash their fury. Decisions that were forever postponed will be taken now, and it will all boil down to past performance. If you have a clean conscience you’ll emerge a winner, otherwise start updating that resume now. Events going down this week will influence your life for a long time to come, so plan accordingly.


Events involving your children or their behaviour could cause you some serious concern this week. A long distance trip could be taken to come to their help in some way. Teenagers are obviously more likely to cause trouble, but younger children should not be spared supervision. If it’s not your kids who get into trouble then they could be younger relatives, neighbours or kids that you work with.