Weekly Horoscopes for July 17 to 23


This week it looks like you’re going to splash the cash on the needs of some of your family members, children most likely. The trouble is, you may not agree entirely with the purpose of this expense. Even if you have a valid point try to explain it in a calm and collected manner. For the singles among you a new love is on the horizon toward the end of the week.


Work and money will be the main themes of the week for you. It could go either way, you could receive news of a raise or you’ll be dissatisfied with how much you’re being paid and you’ll set off for pastures new. Whatever the case a new situation will improve your financial outlook. Promises made by some of your friends will be broken.


Love is featuring prominently in your stars Gemini. A new romance or the promise of one will get you into a state of euphoria. As all of this is most likely to happen at work, tread very carefully. You’re still centre stage and every word and gesture is scrutinised so make sure you don’t neglect your duties. On the other hand, it is this attention that will bring love your way.


You’re standing in front of some major changes happening in your career this week. An ongoing problem could finally be solved, or an important new project will be launched. Decisions you make now will be in place for a very long time to come, so keep that in mind. Financial dealings and investments are favourable this time, especially if property is involved.


Long distance dealings and communication will require your attention this week. You could be making the final arrangements for the trip of a lifetime. The voyage you undertake could be permanent, as you could be moving to the other side of the country or emigrating to a foreign land. Leaving your past behind you will be key to your future happiness.


The lack of funds for a household purchase will cause arguments with family members this week. Each of you will blame another for careless spending and although, there is some truth to what is being said, the blaming game has no winners. The only solution will be to sit down at the kitchen table and come up with a budget and savings plan for every member of the household.


The image you project at work is somehow not in line with what is expected from you by management. Your working style could be out of place or ineffective. If your superiors fail to provide you with any feedback, you will have to pay more attention and start taking behavioural cues from the more successful among your colleagues. While imitating success is not possible, it could improve your image somewhat.


If you’re planning to launch a new business, then the stars have your back this week. Any decision that will have a major impact on your future can be taken in confidence this time, as you have the necessary clarity and energy to follow them through successfully. The downside is, you’ll tend to neglect your family life, but you can’t have it all.


Your personal relationships are going through a stormy patch right now. Your partner could complain about the fact that you’re never there for them or your children. To avoid more serious problems, schedule more time to spend with your family this week. Better yet take a long holiday together and have fun. A family that plays together, stays together.


Financial dealings related to your home are at the forefront of your activities this week. You could be approved for a loan to buy a house or you could refinance the existing one. At the very least you will spend some money on a home improvement project. Needless to say, you’ll have to be very careful with all documents you’re required to sign. Read the fine print.


At the beginning of the week try your best to minimise the damage caused by recent tension in the workplace. Keep your head down and do the best work you possibly can. You’ve hurt someone with a big ego recently and they’re not going to let it go, so do your best to avoid them. In your love life a certain suspicion is creeping in regarding your partner.


Happy moments in your family life are in the stars for you this week. Going on a long family vacation is very likely and it looks like you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Your spending is set to skyrocket but for once you don’t care, the smile on your children’s faces is priceless. If you don’t have a family of your own, you’ll have one soon as love is looking very promising.