Weekly Horoscopes for July 31 to August 6


Your connections with foreigners or foreign institutions are well aspected this week, there is also a growing need to pay more attention to your work which will soon bring benefits to your way; maybe the two are connected. In your private life you do need to pay more attention to the needs of your dear ones otherwise arguments and quarrels will be unavoidable.


Work and finances are the central theme for you this week. You will have to opportunity to show off your talents and that could improve your finances significantly. The launching of new projects is well supported not only by the stars but also by people in influential positions. The only downside this week is related to the jealousy of your co-workers, best to stay away from gossip.


You are a bundle of energy and a force to be reckoned with, however this also makes you somewhat impulsive in you relations with others which could cause some conflict, especially at work. New beginnings, new courses of action in all fields are strongly aspected for you this week and the heavens are backing you. You will get a blast from the past this week, either in the form of someone whom you haven’t seen in a long while or unresolved issues from your past will come back to your attention with a chance to be resolved for good.


Your relations with the people around you can be pretty chaotic and stressful this week, but these are only a mirror image of how you feel inside. Try and relax more, this will improve your standing with others as well. Some uncomfortable truths will come to light in your relationships with associates and co-workers. This may sound bad but in reality it will show you who has your best interest at heart and who doesn’t.


This continues to be a good period relating to studies, learning new thing and taking exams. Your mental state will be in top form. Not so good will be your relations with foreigners or foreign entities of all kinds which will cause you a lot of stress especially if they are work related. Unnecessary spending may also creep up on you so keep an eye on your budget and buy only what you need.


Family members and your dealings with them are at the forefront of this week’s forecast for you. Inheritance issues could be solved in your favour and that could improve your finances significantly. Your relations with your children are tense right now, more so if you are dealing with teenagers. Try and remember how you were at that age and give them some space, this will improve their self-esteem which is the greatest gift a parent can give to their child.


You could receive some unfortunate news relating to associates and co-workers, their job may be at risk and this could have implications for you as well. You are pinning great hopes to a recent love interest which may be unrealistic, you will reach a definitive conclusion this week. Relations with family members are tense as you feel that they are holding you back in some way. They may have your best interest at heart but you should live your own life.


You uncompromising attitude could lead to upheaval in your home. Problems with children and the family budget are coming to your attention this week. A heavy handed approach will not be the right answer, listen to what the others have to say and reach a compromise. On the career front leave your personal problems at the door, they will still be there when you go home.


This is a time of reckoning for you in all fields of life but especially so in your career. Either you have put in the hard work and now your reaping the benefits or you have slacked off and now you have to face the music. Either way the final showdown is this week. Your love life looks more like a train crash than a relationship but this has been going on for a while for you and it will be for some time to come.


Personal finances are the leading theme in your life this week. Issues relating to an inheritance may come up between you and close relatives, try to keep your calm and don’t overreact. Seek the advice of people in the know. Discussions relating to your family budget may also come up with your spouse or children, try to come up with a way of managing your daily expenses and cut unnecessary spending.


Behind the scenes activities are not only favoured by the stars for you right now, they are also recommended. Unscrupulous people may take advantage of you if you share your future plans with everyone. Long distance associations of all kinds are well starred at this time, romantic ones will have a great chance of success. You might reach a cherished goal soon.


Gossip and misinformation are prevalent in your work environment at this time. Do your job to the best of your ability and ignore the rumour-mongers. Despite this you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you have friends and supporters who have your best interests at heart. Frivolous spending might creep up on your budget towards the end of the week, try and contain it.