Weekly Horoscopes for August 7 to 13


Your social life will pick up this week with gatherings and parties being at the center of your interests. Love or possibly lust will also feature prominently and the above gatherings will be the source of it. Do be careful however, not to cause a scandal out of a misunderstanding. Staying well away from gossip at the workplace will be a necessity, or else.


Your professional life failed to bring the results you’ve hoped for, so this week you’ll be doing whatever you can to discover new ways of moving forward. It looks like your work will not be in wain, you will find a way out of your present predicament even if it’s a fresh start altogether. Revelations about certain friends and co-workers will make decisions easier for you.


You can expect an eventful week at work. The image you project is attracting a lot of attention your way, and a lot of envy too. The great unwashed masses will try their best to take you down, but to no avail. At times it may feel like you’re all alone but rest assured that the people who count are on your side, they trust in you, don’t betray their trust.


Your attitude towards certain family members will need to be revised. Forgive and forget seems to be the best strategy at this time. If wounds are deep, then reducing contact to a minimum or a parting of ways could be in order. Listen to your gut feeling and follow its advice. To a lesser extent the same energies could be applied to a work situation where a rethinking of alliances will be necessary.


If you’re not on holiday this week then you’ll do everything in your power to take one soon. Events going down at work will be anything but glamorous. Whether good or bad it will be up to your individual karma, but the effects will stay with you for a long time to come. Personal relationships could also see a changing of the guard in some way.


The way you relate to certain of your co-workers will change this week, and not for the better. Gossip you got involved into will come back to haunt you, some of you will even be asked to leave. Otherwise keep your head down and your mouth shut until the whole thing blows over. Be mindful of your spending towards the end of the week.


The current wave of endings and beginnings will be a theme for your sign too, but this time in your love life. If single, a fairy tale romance could begin this week, likely with someone born in a different country than yours. If coupled, and the relationship had more than its fair share of problems, then events this week will be the final straw and you will decide to end it all right here.


You’re looking at a period where your domestic situation could change dramatically, and it’s all connected to your love life, of course. You could be moving in with someone, starting a family, buying a house or, on the downside, you could finally leave someone and a place behind forever. Some of you may have seen this coming for a while, but for most of you the events of this week will be completely unexpected. Stay strong.


Family members or close friends could get you into a lot of trouble this week, if you let them. Some of them engage in self-destructive behaviour and you’ll feel the need to intervene. It’s ok to give advice but go no further than that, don’t make their drama your own, it will be your undoing. Stay out of it and focus on your own path in life.


Be very careful in your profession this week, as you could be led down a garden path. What you hear may not be the entire story and if you make final decisions based on these half-truths you’ll live to regret them sooner rather than later. It could also be a case where the truth was out in the open, you just chose to ignore it because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.


Clarity on the work front is in store for those of your sign this week. A murky situation will suddenly clear and this will help you make a decisive move. A steady hand will be needed to resolve a personal situation where you will finally be able to leave behind a place or person you don’t like. Money expected to come in will fail to show, don’t make it worse by overspending.


You’ve suspected for some time now that enemies are watching your very move at work. Information coming to light this week will confirm your suspicions, and they are not who you’d think. A confrontation may be unavoidable but at least you know where you stand. Don’t let events at work overshadow other parts of your life, it’s just not worth it.