Weekly Horoscopes for October 16 to 22


This week you’ll have to watch your back, especially at work where some of your associates are determined to stop you in your tracks. Be more proactive, your perceived lack of interest might be the catalyst for their actions. Money seems to be coming in towards the end of the week.


Changes in your love life are in the stars for you, and they are for the better. You’ll finally decide to let go of a toxic relationship and start over again with someone more worthy. If you’re the one with the bad attitude a harsh lesson will be served to you, watch your mouth.


Faraway places and new beginnings on the job front are very likely for you, or you may be seriously thinking about taking your life in a new direction. Ideas that you come up with this week have a very high chance of becoming a resounding success, so stick with them.


You’ll have the distinct impression that members of your extended family are throwing everything in to make your life hell, relax it’s just an impression. Your best bet is to cut all communications with them and focus on your near and dear ones. Singles will have an excellent chance of meeting someone new.


All things related to property and money will require your full attention this week. This could go either way, depending on your actions in the past. If you’ve been frugal and disciplined, you’ll reap significant rewards, otherwise some kind of damage control will need to be put in place.


In typical Virgo style you’ll act cold and distant towards others, especially at the beginning of the week. There is no reason for this kind of behaviour as the stars are determined to make your life a wonderful place to be. Money and love are looking up, what else could you want.


Your diplomatic skills will come very handy this week, especially at work where a conflict with a colleague could spiral out of control. You’ll be able to defuse the situation and even save face for everyone involved. Bosses will be very impressed.


This week there will be lots of work on your plate, and you’ll feel like throwing in the proverbial towel at times. Don’t despair, it happens to the best of us. If you really can’t take it, go on a short holiday to recharge your batteries. A secret love affair is in the stars, could this be the source of your anxiety?


Staying away from the rumour mill at work is never a bad idea, however this week you’ll hear some interesting things about a rival. Act indifferent but make a note of what is being said, soon you’ll be able to use it to your advantage.


Your work load is set to grow exponentially and travel for business is very likely this week. You always claimed that you can work better and more than others, here is your chance to prove it. The hectic pace will die down towards the end of the week. An outing with friends will put a smile back on your face.


Everything related to foreign lands will bring you success this week. A job, a relationship or just learning about a foreign culture will somehow make your life significantly better in the future. At work your leadership qualities could finally be recognised for their true value. Your rivals will be forced to admit that you were right all along.


Hidden desires could come to the surface this week, which could prompt you to act on impulse, especially in your love life, where a secret liaison seems like a good idea. On the other hand you could become very passionate about a career goal that you want to achieve. A new you is emerging.