Weekly horoscopes for November 27 to December 3


Your management instincts are sharp early in the week and you'll know exactly where to allocate resources to solve any problem that comes your way. It's a good time to score some points with higher-ups. Midweek you might be called upon to lead a meeting or work group out of its in-the-box thinking. You might be surprised at how quickly the team lines up behind you. Toward the end of the week you'll want to focus on old business and not worry too much about new or future projects. Sunday comes with a bang, and you might be energised enough to burn through some work.


The early days of the week will be especially productive. If you need to firm up plans for travel or long-distance communication, do so now. By midweek you could find yourself drawn into a low-key power struggle centred on superficial qualities like dress or office decoration. Let it pass if you can. Make sure you've got the team on your side late in the week -- though it's a good time to get your wildest ideas implemented, you won't get far without your peers. Take it easy Sunday and don't worry about the rat race so much.


Other people will be problematic early in the week, so if you can lie low and stick with your own projects you should be fine. Try to put off meetings until Wednesday or later. By then the rest of the world should be more receptive to your point of view and you might find yourself unusually persuasive. Late in the week it's likely that you'll feel restless and anxious for a change in your job. Play around with different ideas, but don't settle on anything permanent or irrevocable. On Sunday you might have to make a bold move to ensure things go well in the week to come.


It might be friendly fire, but it'll still sting on Monday when problems with coworkers erupt into craziness. You might feel better hiding in your cube, but eventually you'll have to come out and face it. Money issues crop up midweek, and everyone around you will need to pitch in to make them right again. By Friday you'll be back on top of the game and ready to think big about the future -- yours and your industry's. If there's work to be done Sunday, get it over with quickly. You'll be prone to frustration, but your mind will be sharp.


You'll be on top of the world early in the week -- but don't let your enthusiasm be mistaken for arrogance. Make sure you listen to what everyone around you has to say. Midweek you might have to let go of a certain amount of power or territory in order to reap larger gains in the future. Take the long view. Toward the end of the week your sharp business sense will be dulled a little; it's a good time for research and fact-finding, but not so much for negotiation. Sunday will be fun even if you're chained to a desk.


The early portion of the week brings the first wave of visible reward for all the hard work you've put in lately. You might want to take a short break to celebrate. Open up to new ideas midweek, especially those regarding restructuring or new organisational schemes. Even people you ordinarily wouldn't think twice about might have ideas worth hearing out. By Friday you'll have so much going on that you won't be able to take on any new projects or business, so try to hunker down and work with what you've got. It might be worthwhile on Sunday to take some time to figure out budget issues.


Old grudges or battles come back to haunt you early this week. It won't feel quite right -- in fact, you might feel like you're stuck in a time warp, but at least you'll have learned from any mistakes you may have made the first time. Midweek you'll be over it and ready to move on -- new projects and assignments will be especially appealing. You should be able to convince your boss of almost anything. It's a narrow window, because Friday brings restrictions and large-scale structural impediments to projects that will slow you down until next week at the earliest.


Your interpersonal mojo is strong early this week -- it's a great time to sign new agreements, cajole favour out of the boss, ask for extensions or just get things you need out of those who are ordinarily reluctant. All this goodness is balanced midweek with a little workplace tension, especially if you've been flaunting your recent good fortune. Supervisors will be especially touchy and unresponsive. On Friday you'll fly under everyone's radar to pull off a magnificent coup, possibly something you didn't even think you could make happen. Congratulations! Take the weekend to celebrate.


Every business has money troubles, but early this week you'll have to think your way out of a doozy. The answer will lie in redefining values in one way or another, and you'll look good when you come out the other side. Midweek you can practically feel sparks of social energy flying off of you. It's a great time for picking up new contacts and meeting new partners or clients. Friday will feel like a Monday to you as you drag yourself into work and fight inertia to get anything done. You might want to take time to think strategically. You can make up for lost time on Sunday.


Everything works perfectly on Monday and Tuesday, with all the pieces of your projects sliding right into place. Expect recognition for your hard work. Money issues pop up midweek, and you'll find that a new scheme to save bucks or organise finances will be all hat and no cattle. You won't be able to stop it, but you can guide it in the right direction if you act quickly. Lateral thinking rules Friday, and you'll be best suited to make practical use of the wild ideas floating all around. Sunday could bring a conflict between your family and career.


Monday is just like Mondays always are -- slow, confusing and weird. This time it stretches out through Tuesday, but you can glide through it all by sticking with the grunt work you have to get done and not moving far from your work space. By Wednesday the whole world will shift in your favour and you'll find yourself exploring radical new territories and possibly wiggling your way toward a promotion. Check finances on Friday -- there's a good chance that there's some unnecessary spending that's eluded your attention up until now.


Expect a change in leadership early in the week. It might not be dramatic, just a shift in power toward someone different. You might be able to guide the process subtly. Midweek it will seem hard to focus on the mundane tasks at hand, but if you can get to work on a creative project or a free-form brainstorming session, you'll be in your element. By Friday you'll feel right at home wherever you are and able to devote your full attention to anything you like. Odds are you'll be in demand as people realise how on top of things you are.