Weekly horoscopes for December 25 to 31


Your reputation precedes you this week - whether you're known for slacking or getting the job done, that perception will determine how people react to you. Midweek, you'll find that you're meeting deadlines faster than expected, and probably will want to turn your attention to setting new goals. Problems will arise late in the week with clients or coworkers, so take extra care with your interpersonal relations and make sure that you keep everyone on the same page. The weekend is a time of rejuvenation; your energy will come back with interest.


Starting the week with a rush of power isn't all bad. Monday brings a sense of place that you might not have had before in this position -you should be able to exert your presence more than usual. Through the middle of the week, you'll find yourself enmeshed in struggles with your closest rivals that might feel silly on the surface but are deadly serious at a deeper level. Allies come to your aid by the end of the week, and if you ask for any level of help you'll be sure to get it. Be careful with spending over the weekend.


If you stick with your own immediate projects on Monday, you'll do fine -but teamwork and schmoozing will be difficult at best. Things pick up dramatically right away, and by Wednesday at the latest you'll be trading hot ideas back and forth with your peers. Your brainpower is peaking, so make the most of it. The end of the week sees you thinking about tweaking your career path, maybe in a radical new direction. It will be hard to figure out the specifics, so don't jump on any plan of action just yet. Ask some friends from outside the workplace for advice.


Monday is one of those all-too-typical Mondays when you'd rather wrap yourself up in your blankets than face the day. If you force yourself to work, though, you'll find that you can whiz through paperwork in record time. Financial issues, most likely related to higher-risk investments, come up midweek and might require a team effort to deal with. Thursday and Friday bring a surge of energy that forces your mind out of its narrow focus on work, but you might find some intriguing possibilities out there. Take it easy over the weekend and do your own thing.


Even though you're excited about your big plans, try to keep a lid on them, at least during Monday. Secrecy isn't that important, but few will share your enthusiasm quite yet. A big storm rolls into the workplace midweek - you might find yourself swept up in fights that arise out of nothing and disappear as quickly as they came. Don't let them make a permanent dent in your relationships. Stay away from high-level financial dealing later in the week. Make sure you research every possibility thoroughly.


The week starts with a burst of positive energy that will make even the dullest tasks feel worthwhile. It won't be hard to share this energy, so feel free to let others in on the secret. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you should be far enough ahead of yourself to take time out for reorganizing and making your routine more efficient. There might be tensions under the surface later in the week. Try not to make them worse with idle comments that might be misinterpreted. Work slowly over the weekend, if at all.


Monday brings a blast from the past: an old decision, project or coworker comes back to haunt you. It won't be the most pleasant experience, but you should be able to dismiss it with ease. Once that's taken care of, the week lightens up tremendously and you find yourself having a great time, skirting the edge of flirtation with coworkers or customers while never going too far. The fun gives way to busy-time late in the week, so be ready for more work than you can comfortably squeeze into eight hours. Good teamwork can get things done, but it will still take heroic efforts.


Monday is optimal for starting new projects and relationships. If it's your first day on a new job, it's extremely auspicious. In any case, put all concerns about new things aside for the day. There might be some troubles stirring in your immediate workplace midweek; try not to get involved unless you absolutely must. Thursday and Friday should see these troubles smoothed out, while you personally feel a new sense of excitement that should reinforce Monday's good feelings. You could be obligated to work this weekend, but you shouldn't mind too much.


Monday's issues are all about money, so be ready to crunch numbers and make your projections look better than they've ever been before. Once that's out of the way, you can turn to wooing new customers or schmoozing your supervisors to get that new pet project going. It shouldn't be tough, as you'll have charm to spare. Thursday and Friday will be harder for you - your energy level will never quite reach the peak you want it to, and you might have to leave work unfinished until the weekend. Your energy will pick up then, so try sneaking into the office on Saturday or Sunday.


Monday is just about as close to perfect as you can get - everything goes smoothly, there are few interruptions, and the spirit of agreement reigns supreme. Financial issues will dominate your attention for much of the week. Whether you're thinking of new investments, refinancing assets or just drawing up budget projections, use a little extra caution. You'll be glad you did. As the week draws to a close, most of your peers will seem to be stuck in their heads, while you're focused on reality. You won't be able to prod them out of it, so stick to your own projects.


Monday will be tough, with more than a hint of discipline coming from on high. It probably won't be focused squarely on you, but you'll definitely feel the effects. Tuesday brings a breath of fresh air and you'll be recognized for the quality of your ideas (not to mention the sheer number of them). Sound warnings about the financial situation later in the week - things might be rosy now, but you'll have the insight to see that the situation won't last forever. The weekend might bring you a fantastic new plan, so write it down for later.


You'll have plenty of help on Monday as coworkers and even supervisors check in to see what you need. Don't be shy about asking. Return the favors midweek - find out where you can make the biggest splash, then dive in. Your thinking will be much clearer than usual. Late in the week your intuitions will be strong and powerful. Listen carefully, then make sure to get the message out. You can make faster progress on your own projects if you focus on them. Try to avoid work over the weekend if possible; your time will be better spent in personal pursuits.