Weekly Horoscopes for January 1 to 7


The first half of the week will be taken up with financial deals and planning. It will be slow going, but it';s important work that will get you in good with the powers that be. Even if you don't have direct control over the details, your input will be vital - so make sure you're heard. Life is much easier for you and most others late in the week, as the atmosphere seems to drop its resistance to new ideas and implementations and you get twice as much done as you'd expected. You might have to force yourself to relax this weekend.


From Monday through Wednesday, you'll feel great and really comfortable in whatever position you find yourself. That easy confidence will impress potential customers and employers alike. If you spend energy on any ongoing projects, it'll come back twice over. You might be fooled by this feeling into rushing ahead with new business ideas, but these will come back to haunt you later in the week - especially if you haven't planned them out carefully and checked in with all parties beforehand. Weekend social events might give rise to networking opportunities you hadn't expected, so turn on the charm.


Get ready for a slow few days. Monday through Thursday will be like long video game levels, with unexpected obstacles and puzzles to vex you as you try to wend your way toward your bonus points and high scores. When you reach the end, things take a definite turn for the better. You won't need to worry about keeping up with deadlines either, due to a sudden extension or your own tenacious charm. Your energy will pick up your coworkers and help create unprecedented productivity. If you need to work over the weekend, keep a tight fist on your money.


You breeze into the week high on currents of charm and good fortune. You'll be the go-to person for client meetings, investor relations and any other tasks that need a convincing smile. Lunch meetings might extend past business hours, you'll be so magnetic. Later in the week you'll want to break out of your mold a little bit and try to incite changes internally. This might take more energy than you've got to spare, but your allies will step up if you ask them. The weekend is a great time to consider where you are on your career track - and where you'd rather be.


When you start work this week, take stock of your reputation. You might not have considered it much before, but until Wednesday ends, you'll need to calibrate how other people see you so as to squeeze every last bit of productivity out of them. You can meet every objection with a little thought. Convene a group later in the week to begin long-range planning. Your natural leadership will help keep things on track, but don't be afraid of going far afield. The weekend is perfect for starting new endeavors or applying for new jobs.


Everyone gets along great for the first half of the week, even die-hard opponents. If you have rivals you need to make up with or clients who haven';t been satisfied in a while, now is the time to shine their apples. Business-related travel might be good for the bottom line. You'll have the mental energy to go over all the details of your recent plans later in the week, and the determination to correct them, no matter who gets in your way. The weekend is best spent on personal and family activities, but if you must work, try not to go it alone.


You've got three days to make a fabulous impression at the start of this week. You'll be as magnetic as ever, but equally important, those around you will be primed for your particular brand of charming energy. Just don't overdo it with any one person. The latter half of the week is good for hardcore brain work. You'll be able to sift the very best ideas out of your peers and make a killer presentation on anything from systemic trends to new marketing strategies. The weekend might be a hard one for you, so work could be troublesome or a respite, depending on your unique situation.


Your peers and customers will be a little overwhelming this week, so try to deal with them firmly but respectfully. Early on, you'll need to give up a little in order to get a lot, but make sure not to give away the store. Your gut should tell you what you need to know. Later on - say Thursday and Friday - you'll need to make sure to take lots of time to go over agreements and communications before signing off. Check every detail! The weekend is a time of power for you, so plan to make your big move then.


Take every opportunity to check in with your peers and customers early this week. Your communication style is in ascendance through Wednesday, so you should find people eager to hear what you have to say and easily swayed by your arguments. You'll be eager to keep up the good talk through the week, but as Thursday and Friday roll around, you'll find that people start to turn their attention elsewhere. You might be able to get a good brainstorming session out of it, but you'll need to make sure to include everyone. Work over the weekend will go smoothly if you're on your own.

The energy that accompanies you as you storm into work Monday will bowl over your coworkers. You're usually pretty reliable, but for the first half of the week you'll be an unstoppable powerhouse of creativity, coming up with ideas and implementations that will stun everyone. You might attract attention later in the week that could lead to unwelcome diversions and distractions. Try to gently remind people that you've got to take care of business. You will most likely need to address some residual issues over the weekend, but you'll still be up for it.


The first half of this week might just drive you nuts. You'll be stuck with old projects, possibly redoing work you thought you'd never have to touch again. You might be able to drag some of your peers in to help you. Things pick up in a big way on Thursday, when you hit it off with someone new - client, coworker or even the barista at the local cafe. There could be a romantic connection there, but it will definitely pick up your spirits. You might have to bear down and finish up some work over the weekend, but once you're over this hump, it should be relatively smooth sailing.


Writing, email, sms - all of these will suit your style perfectly for the first part of the week. You'll be able to express yourself in writing more fluidly and persuasively than face-to-face - but don't let that stop you from attending meetings or interviews, where your charm will still shine through. By Thursday you'll feel overwhelmed by all the responses, and might have to take some time out just to prioritize them and figure out how to respond. The weekend will be fun and open up new creative outlets for you, whether you're at work or on your own.