Weekly Horoscopes for January 22 to 28


Breeze into the workplace Monday with a definite agenda - you'll be able to meet any goals you set, as long as you stick to them firmly. Your ambitions will be obvious, but don't let that deter you. Slow down midweek and don't start off in any new directions. You might be puzzled by a customer's comments, but there's not much to be gained by trying to nail them down. Friday brings a second wind and an infusion of energy that will see you working hard (or thinking about work) through the weekend.


Get ready for struggles Monday. It might be as simple as office territoriality, or as complex as international wrangling over strategic goals, but there will definitely be conflict involving you and your immediate coworkers. Allies will come to the rescue midweek, and you'll owe them surprisingly little after you emerge victorious. Despite pulling out ahead, you could feel a little down on Friday. Don't take those feelings out on your budget - you can't afford any unnecessary spending just yet.


Expect big change early in the week. If you can instigate or at least guide the change, its chances of improving efficiency will increase dramatically. It's a good time to try bold new initiatives and think strategically. Wednesday and Thursday will be a time of confusion, perhaps related to unintended consequences of the changes from earlier in the week, but it will pass and the group will feel stronger as a result. Friday and the weekend are perfect for clear communication and strengthening work relationships. Take the lead by reaching out to those you haven't heard from in a while.


Focus on finances early in the week, but do it on your own terms. You'll inevitably get drawn into weird conflicts if you try to buddy up or even ask for advice. If you must work directly with others, try not to take anything personally. Midweek you'll experience a surge of energy that should make you popular with customers and coworkers alike. Your listening skills will be powerful, and might make the difference in closing a big deal. Be careful with government authority on Friday - you'll be spoiling for a fight, and if you rub up against them you might get hurt.


Leave your assumptions - and your ego - at home early in the week. You'll need to be extraordinarily flexible to deal with the weird business that will come your way for a solid two days. By Wednesday the carnival will be over, but you'll still need a few days to settle down and take care of business. It's a good time to just do paperwork and let long-range planning wait its turn. Customer service might be important Friday, and if so, you'll have a great time. Your social energy will be perfectly attuned to the people you serve through the weekend.


Your routine won't be able to keep up with unexpected developments Monday and Tuesday, so stay cool and be ready to change course quickly when necessary. You might have to rein yourself in if the impulse to lash out presents itself. Frustration with coworkers or possibly clients builds through the week as they consistently miss deadlines or offer vague words instead of the concrete direction you need. By Friday you'll be ready to freelance or at least take a day to work on your own - and if you do, you'll find your productivity soaring.


It's all about people early this week. Sales, service and schmoozing should be the order of the day on Monday and Tuesday, and you'll be irresistibly charming to practically everyone you meet. You might feel that you've bitten off more than you can chew by midweek, so take some time to slow down, organize and delegate responsibilities. Progress will be slow, but you shouldn't have to worry about moving backwards. Your close coworkers will be especially important Friday (and probably through the weekend), so do whatever it takes to make them happy.


There could be some serious morale issues troubling the workplace early in the week, but don't take them to supervisors just yet. They might be feeling touchy right now, so lie low. By Wednesday you'll know just how to proceed, and should be able to charm just about anyone. Customer service and client-facing will go well for you. Friday is a good day for beginning new projects, and you'll be more attentive to detail than usual, so complex paperwork shouldn't get in your way.


If you're not in sales, you might want to think about switching on Monday and Tuesday - your natural charm will be powerfully energized, and you'll find people dropping whatever they're doing at the slightest hint that you need them. By midweek your energy will be flagging somewhat, and you might want to take things down a notch and explore alternative ideas to implement in the near future. Your energy levels shoot back up Friday, and you'll find yourself having a great time even in meetings or tasks you usually dread.


Focus on the future early in the week, as the present will be somewhat unrewarding. Nothing will work out quite as planned - but ironically, plans made now will work out well later on. You'll be totally in sync with peers and customers through the middle of the week, so reach out and cement those relationships. Friday is a great time to close out old business or terminate relationships that aren't working out for you. The weekend will bring worries only if you haven't tied up all the loose ends.


The first two days of this week will be filled with good buzz - your ideas will float to the top and you'll find that people are more attentive than usual. Try something new. Rein yourself in midweek, though. By Wednesday you might be seized with an extravagant impulse that should be suppressed for the time being. Financial risks will not pay off. Friday brings new opportunities, possibly too many to jump on all at once. Choose carefully, but go into it wholeheartedly. You'll feel like plowing through more work over the weekend.


There's likely to be too much going on Monday and Tuesday for you to really follow along attentively. Pick a few important events and stick with them, but stay flexible in case something bigger comes along. Midweek brings a time of strength in which you might find untapped resources at your command - it's a great time for starting out in new directions. Confusion reigns Friday, and it will be hard to get help from even your closest work buddies, as everyone seems to be grappling with their own demons. If you take your time, you can figure everything out over the weekend.