Weekly Horoscopes for February 5 to 11


Urgent business seizes your attention Monday and won't let go - but you'll be so drawn into it all that you won't mind the interruption. The burning issue should die down by Wednesday afternoon, so you'll have a short reprieve from the pressure if you need one. Try to stick to the routine for the rest of the week, despite dissension in the ranks. Don't light into people you disagree with, no matter how tempted you may be. You might want to toss aside any notions of relaxing this weekend, as it's the perfect time to start new projects, especially negotiations or recruitment drives.


You'll be wrapping up disputes with just about everyone from delivery guys to the board, so make sure to stand your ground when you know you're in the right. If you go in with the right mindset, you'll start with a leg up on the competition. By Wednesday the dust will have settled for the time being and you can focus on patching things up, which should be surprisingly easy, even with those who were being petty. Take the weekend to relax from all the stress - you'll need to be refreshed come Monday.


You'll be down with the in crowd early in the week, so much so that you might forget that you're paid to hang out with such awesome people. It's a good time to cement your position with customers or peers. Chatter starts to take over the workplace on Wednesday, slowly at first. You'll start to lose interest by midday and might start to resent the distraction by Thursday. Dive into paperwork or other tasks and keep your head down and you'll come out ahead. The weekend brings good times. If you need to get tasks done, you'll do well to take them as they come.


Make a big show of new business or purchases early in the week. It might not be in your DNA, but ostentatious displays will actually get you further than modesty now. You can settle down on Wednesday and turn back to the tasks at hand. Planning on any scale will go well later in the week, with or without assistance from peers or supervisors. Partnership problems might erupt over the weekend, so be wary of those closest to you. It could be an opportunity to strengthen your work relationships.


The early part of the week finds you reaching a new peak - but there are higher points waiting for you in the distance. Enjoy the view, consolidate your resources and get ready to move on. You'll need to get serious about budget and finance issues by the end of the week, and the earlier you get started, the better. The plans you made recently will need to be revised in the light of unforeseen events, but you'll come out looking even better. The weekend brings a recruitment opportunity; you might be on either side of the offer, so stay alert.


You may be feeling sluggish early in the week, but don't let that stop you from organizing and planning. Your flexibility will be a strong asset in the days and weeks to come, and having all your tasks and records together will help immeasurably. By Wednesday your energy should pick up considerably, and you'll be helping customers and coworkers while keeping your own tasks well under control. The right people will take notice. The weekend is a time to withdraw and consider options - something that appears to be a setback might be an opportunity.


Clients and peers that you work closely with will be especially valuable to you early this week - solicit advice and assistance from everyone you can think of. Most people will be quite helpful. Thursday and Friday bring a few worries, most of them misplaced. You'll still fret over small problems that you can't control, but your diligence will look good to supervisors. The weekend is too nice to be spent working, but if you must, you'll find yourself having a great time with the people you meet.


Monday won't be boring - it will be full of surprises. A new challenge arises and must be dealt with immediately, and it will be harder than usual for you to marshal your forces. Try stalling if you can, because by Wednesday afternoon you'll be stronger than the forces you're dealing with. In fact, by the end of the week your hard work will be recognized almost as a public service, and you'll be rewarded commensurately. You've got a tough decision to make over the weekend, but some hard thinking should make the choice clear.


The early part of the week is great for business-related travel - the farther, the better. If you're not going anywhere physically, try reaching out electronically to foreign countries. There are new markets you haven't explored yet. Your relations with the boss will be on the cool side for the latter half of the week, so don't rock the boat and make sure not to ask for anything extra. The weekend is a good time for you to prepare to make changes in your career. Ask friends for advice. 


Monday and Tuesday will be challenging at best. Your rivals are temporarily ascendant, and any sharing arrangements could be tough to negotiate. Keep plugging up holes - at least you won't get tired easily. You'll be on top of the situation by the end of the day on Wednesday, and will be able to get some good planning done for the rest of the week. New information will dictate some elements of your strategy, but don't let go of your unique vision. You'll need to work through at least part of the weekend, but it will be worth it in the long run.


There are struggles going on between your people. Assert your independence from all groups on Monday or Tuesday by offering a compromise. If you pull it off, you'll be farther ahead than anyone else. During the latter part of the week, you'll need to be extra wary of hidden agendas. Any agreements made through Friday should be inspected very closely. Go out of your way over the weekend to try something new, maybe even a whole new career path or a few baby steps in that direction.


Stay away from the boss early in the week; he, she or they may have nothing but attitude for everything that looks or feels like common sense. Your coworkers won't be much help, but this hoo-hah last long. By the end of the day on Wednesday, you'll be over it all and ready for action. Start with the people you know best and work outward from there, firming up the strengths and diminishing the weaknesses in your working relationships. You will most likely need to continue the effort through the weekend, but you'll feel a lot better when you're through.