Weekly Horoscopes for March 5 to 11


Take the lead early in the week and show off your skills in the best light possible. You'll want to tell others how to do things right, but make sure they're ready to hear it. By Wednesday, your desire to get things done properly might spill over a little too much and cause friction with your peers. Try to soften the blow or suppress it. Friday is a great time to start new projects - or, better still, to sit down at the negotiation table. Get ready for a lot of prep work; it will be worth it.


The week starts off with a continuation of an ongoing power struggle that you just can't seem to wriggle free from. It could be that you're carrying too much weight to really stay flexible, so consider what you could drop and still get the job done. By midweek, the bad business should be behind you, and you'll be back in just about everyone's good graces. Try bonding with those you don't ordinarily see much. On Friday, you'll feel like mixing things up and maybe blowing off tasks that have a long shelf life. Try a new approach to your daily routine.


Monday and Tuesday are perfect for team projects - you'll be able to surf other people's brainwaves and add value to the process at every stage. You'll also be an endless source of fun, so people will likely seek you out. Midweek brings a short period of difficulty, as your usually articulate communication style hits a rough patch and you find yourself better off on your own. The good times return on Friday, though a few too many projects may be going on for you to fully engage with each one.


Start the week with a big show, even if it feels ostentatious. The right people will eat it up, and the bigger and more outrageous you can make it, the better. Planning and strategy are especially important on Wednesday and Thursday; make sure that your group has plenty of room to maneuver, or you might find changes too restrictive. Different ideas start to crop up and may lead to infighting by Friday or possibly over the weekend. Try not to let that energy infect any new projects, or delays will plague them indefinitely.


The week begins on a high note as you hit on a new success or are rewarded for a recent one. Make sure to give credit where it's due - there's plenty to go around. Midweek finds you rethinking old ideas and brainstorming new strategies for overtaking the market. Spending and other costs should be foremost in your mind. You'll feel that you've reached a good balance by Friday and might be tempted to invest in some high-tech upgrades. It's a good time for that, but make sure to shop around over the weekend to get the best deal.


Even if you feel that you're underappreciated, resist talking yourself up early in the week. You'll have plenty of positive attention soon if you keep up with current events. Midweek is perfect for starting bold new plans and transitioning between roles or jobs. Almost any change will be for the better in one way or another. An important decision waiting for you on Friday or over the weekend turns out to be much harder than you had anticipated. Go with the conservative choice this time.


The early part of the week is bright and shiny, and sees you getting along exceptionally well with coworkers and customers. Rack up as many goodwill points as you can - people love the attention they get from you. You're better off on your own on Wednesday and Thursday, as you'll be totally self-sufficient and able to take care of paperwork and other tasks more easily without assistance. You'll be back in the thick of things by Friday, only more so. You can close every deal, impress all the right people and bring smiles to every face all through the weekend.


Watch out for dissonance between your personal style and the kind of behavior your work demands early in the week. You might have to rein in eccentricities or keep yourself from cracking the wrong joke at the wrong time. By Wednesday, you're back on your feet and able to really crank out the high-quality work you're known for. Your service will be recognized by someone important. Cultivate patience later in the week; take time to absorb all the relevant information before making that big decision.


Monday and Tuesday are perfect for business trips of any distance. You'll find more than you expected wherever you go, and you leave a feeling of goodwill behind. The board or some high-level boss might present thorny problems midweek, especially if you've been bucking for a raise or promotion. Try sidestepping them for the time being, then hitting a home run later in the week. You might be called in to help with negotiations over the weekend, and your opinion will be valued highly by all parties.


The early part of the week may be hard to deal with - sharks are swimming all around you, and it feels for a short time like you've run out of allies. You'll be back on dry land by Wednesday and much more productive than even you (with your high expectations) can believe. It's a great time for clearing away old projects and making room for new ones. You'll be more and more focused as the week goes on, and you might find yourself working through the weekend without a break. It won't go unnoticed.


The first two days of the week are filled with nonstop interruptions and minor roadblocks. You'll need to use every negotiation tool you've got, but by Wednesday you'll definitely feel more grounded. You might not be on quite the same page as everyone else, but you'll be productive and eager to take on new challenges. Toward the end of the week, expect a shift in workplace culture that excites you - it could be a new team member or a reorg, but it will be more engaging than what you're used to.


If you can work on your own early in the week, do so. Working at home is optimal, but at the very least keep your head down and try to avoid engaging your coworkers or boss. Communication troubles will inflame their egos if you're not very careful. By Wednesday, you can reach out with confidence - in fact, now is the time to take that risk you've been considering. Even if you can't foresee all the consequences, you should go for it. Financial issues loom large over the last part of the week; make sure to confront them head-on.