Weekly Horoscopes for April 2 to 8


Sometimes the wisest business move is also the boldest. On Monday, someone is going to approach you with a particularly inventive idea, and you'd be wise to see the value in it. For most of the week, Tuesday through Thursday especially, you're going to be focused almost exclusively on the mundane details of your current projects. But on Friday, an interesting challenge in the office is going to allow you to exercise some underutilized muscles. You are more charming than most - a master diplomat. You've been thinking about work nonstop lately, and you'll probably continue to think about it all day Sunday, too.


A power struggle on Monday is going to set you back a couple of hours, but worry not. It will be over soon and certainly won't ruin your entire week. In fact, by Tuesday or Wednesday, the emotional tenor in the office is going to be one of perfect ease again. Your confidence and warmth have a strong influence on others. And for some reason, when you're happy, the cash seems to come in the door. Thursday will be particularly flush. A Friday afternoon social hour in the office - or maybe even outside the office - is going to make the routine of work seem a lot less dull. This Sunday? Sleep.


One of the reasons to have meetings is to hear everyone else's ideas, and one of the things that happens when everyone airs their ideas is that disagreements arise. It's perfectly natural, in fact, and a healthy component of any business. Use your skills as a facilitator early this week to help everyone toward the perfect solution. And you are a brilliant facilitator. Although, weirdly, you're going to have some communication problems on Thursday. Friday brings a lot of energy and a lot of stress (nothing you can't handle) your way, but worry not - Sunday will be a day of reflection and discovery.


It's time to really make a statement with the business. Lights. Publicity. An extravagant campaign. Don't do anything for cheap on Monday when you can spend a little extra for a far more valuable product. And personality-wise, too, it would be good to be somewhat over-the-top early this week, if just to get the juices flowing. It's going to be a great couple of days, although on Wednesday or Thursday you're going to have to stop thinking so big-picture and start dealing with some of the details. A weird issue with a partner might make Friday kind of frustrating, but be active this weekend and let yourself forget about it.


You knew you were going to achieve what you wanted to achieve, but you never had any idea you were going to feel as good as you do on Monday. You are plainly radiant this week. Although that doesn't mean you're going to be goofy and wild. Quite the opposite. Tuesday through Thursday, in fact, you're going to be thriftier and more financially conservative than usual. Friday might be the day to finally plunk down the funds for a new piece of equipment, however. All weekend you're going to practice looking below the surface of things, sussing out people's motives and following your intuition.


Monday is one of those days when there's just so much happening that no one's being particularly productive. Everyone's running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Find a way to stabilize the situation, and you'll be the star of the office. Although, frankly, you're going to be the star of the office this week no matter what you do. Whenever people have a question, they turn to you. Any project you touch turns to gold. When you have new initiatives in mind, everyone wants to be on your team. Watch out for impulse buying on Friday and spend the weekend in contact with your closest work pals.


Someone at your company has a wild idea on Monday, and even though you've been thinking conservatively lately, this one is well worth your attention. The entire week, you're best off keeping an open mind and not forming business judgments too quickly. The biggest advances you make are always going to involve the biggest risks. On Friday you may be distracted from thinking about long-term financial investments by an in-the-moment flirtation with someone you've been attracted to for a while. It may make your head spin, but the distraction will be brief. You'll spend the weekend mulling over your career, possible acquisitions, money matters and the like.


You never thought you'd run into another big problem with the boss, but that's exactly what's going to go down on Monday. Like any other environment, the work environment is controlled both by a set of goals and by the personalities of everyone involved. This week you'd be wise to keep your head down and do what you need to get done. Stop rumors before they get out of hand, and listen to other people's gripes without passing judgment. Do what the boss says. On Friday you have a tough decision to make. But rest assured this weekend that, come what may, people respect you.


Good fortune is smiling down on you Monday. If you're traveling for work, there's a chance that you'll be upgraded to first class. If you're in need of cash, an unexpected bonus might land in your lap. Whatever it is, you deserve it, and you should enjoy it. The rest of the week, things are back to normal. Details, details, details. There's a lot to be done and you don't have much help. It might be a grueling couple of days, at least until Friday, when a sudden outpouring of admiration and respect is going to remind you how much you're valued. This weekend? Take it slow. Sleep. Enjoy doing nothing.


On Monday, a new batch of numbers might suggest to you that a change in course is necessary, but keep this in mind: Those are just numbers. They don't tell you the full story. Sure, analysis is important, but so is actual experience. During the middle of this week, spend time out in the field doing a little research for yourself. The discoveries you make will astound you and give you fresh inspiration. Friday is a day for dreaming up new projects and figuring out the best way to go about acting on them. You might even find yourself working into the weekend. Sunday is a good day for decision-making.


Like any other relationship, happy business relationships require some amount of compromise. You have to make sure this is mutually beneficial to all of the involved parties, or it's likely to fall apart. On Tuesday or Wednesday, it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit down with everyone (or at least have a conference call) and hammer out some of the specifics, just so there aren't any surprises down the line. Everyone is coming to this with their own agenda, after all. Friday you're going to find yourself connecting with a business contact on personal terms, which will be a welcome surprise. You'll spend Sunday thinking about your career.


The better you feel, the better you'll do - that's your motto on Monday. You never expected that there'd be such a direct correlation between your personal health and your professional success, but it seems to be holding true. As you try to accomplish a lot this week, remember not to be too critical of your coworkers. Give them the benefit of the doubt and listen to their concerns. On Friday you're going to repair a fractured relationship with a business partner, and everyone's going to be relieved. Sunday you're going to feel like finally making some big work-related decisions, but hold off. You can decide next week.