Weekly Horoscopes for April 30 to May 6


Don't be too hard on yourself early this week. The monotony of routine might bring you down, especially by Wednesday, but try not to let it have too much impact on your mental or physical health. Don't worry -- action is coming your way very soon. You'll need to think about your organization or industry as a whole on Thursday and Friday. Initiate new projects with the big picture in mind. Work worries might consume you over the weekend if you haven't confronted all your problems head-on this week, so be proactive.


From Monday through Wednesday, you'll feel like you've won a contest of some kind -- and your clients and coworkers will see you in the same light. Popularity might not be its own reward, but it should bring plenty of fringe benefits. Expect more invitations and compliments than you have time for. Routine tasks will seem more interesting later in the week, and can even be made fun with some creative effort. You'll be in demand over the weekend, and might find yourself being intensely recruited by someone unexpected.


There will be too many people poking their noses into your business during the first half of the week. If you lie low and attend to taking care of basic tasks, especially those requiring trips outside the workplace, you should be able to keep your productivity high. You'll perk up on Thursday, and really hit your stride with office mates and customers. Watch out for contradictory instructions, but don't panic when you find them. It will be a very slow weekend -- or at least seem that way, especially if you're in a service industry.


The first half of the week is great for planning and large-scale thinking. Your grasp of the big picture might be at odds with coworkers; detail-oriented perspectives, but if you persist they will defer to your judgment. That harmony might start to fray a bit later in the week, as partnership issues rise to the surface and you find yourself reliving conflicts you thought you'd resolved. You'll feel great over the weekend, but your decision-making powers will be somewhat diminished. Try to put off making any agreements or choices until next week.


The first few days of the week bring new financial opportunities, but they'll require new plans and adjustments to longstanding strategies. You'll be expected to put it all together for your supervisor or client, and will have to go it alone this time. By Thursday you'll be back in the mix and collaborating on new projects with your favorite people. Technology will play a role, especially the cutting-edge gadgetry you've been lusting after. Take time out over the weekend to look at your career from a long-term perspective.


You'll be filled with strong energy for the first few days of the week, and could spur your colleagues to get organized and boost production. You'll certainly be a powerhouse, and it won't go unnoticed by the right people. Late in the week you'll have a hard time making decisions, but resist the temptation to just junk the process and settle for something quick and easy. Stretch your mind over the weekend and re-prioritize your career goals. It could be that some are more easily attainable than you'd previously thought.


Your observational powers will be ascendant for the first half of the week -- it's a better time for watching than for acting. You'll work best on your own for now, but expect others to come to you for advice or help sorting out details. Take your time and make sure everything adds up. Thursday and Friday are perfect for you -- you'll be filled with good energy and able to balance all your needs effortlessly. Your innate sense of other people's needs will help you tremendously. The weekend is a great time for purchases and other acquisitions. Your eye for a good deal will be sharp.


Good energy flows your way for the first three days of the week, especially if you spend extra time with customers or clients. You'll have to stretch a little farther to get it all done, but it'll be worth it. Any additional service you can provide will come back to you redoubled. By Thursday you'll need to retreat a little and consider your next few moves carefully. Decisions will be hard, but you can come up with something you'll feel good about by the end of Friday. Your confidence will get a huge boost over the weekend, and it might inspire you to take a big step. Now is the time.


There will be low-key but persistent issues with supervisors through the end of Wednesday. Try not to stick your neck out too much, and don't expect any favors or requests to be treated favorably until this period ends. By Thursday, you'll be back in everyone's good graces, so much so that you might be able to pull off that idea you've been dreaming of. Clients will love your charm, and peers will respect your leadership. Expect a quiet weekend; you may want to spend time working on your resume or thinking about future career moves.


You'll come to work Monday with a strong sense of power and direction. It's a great time to plan for the future. The first half of the week will be consistently good for you, and you can expect steady relationships with customers and colleagues. You'll be extraordinarily focused later in the week, though it might not feel like you're making much progress. Interruptions could become a problem. You'll need to turn to friends or coworkers over the weekend for help with a thorny problem. One or more will have the perfect solution.


If you can lie low early in the week and avoid putting off any important deals, you'll be better off when they come to pass in the future. Hidden agendas are lurking everywhere, but most will be hidden in your blind spot until at least Thursday. By that time your perceptions will be much sharper, and you'll be ready to move ahead and try something totally new. It might be as small as changing your workspace or as big as jumping over to a new career path, but the urge will be irresistible. Seek out a receptive audience over the weekend to talk over your new ideas.


Partners or close customers will be especially important early in the week, as you struggle to figure out who you're really dealing with. Don't spend too much time worrying over inessentials; you'll need to take decisive action by the end of Wednesday. If problems arise later in the week, stick to your guns as diplomatically as possible and you'll see definite improvement. Financial issues will be difficult, but of great importance to all parties. You'll be seen as a doormat if you let folks drag you into negotiations, especially over legal documents. This weekend, lie low.