Weekly Horoscopes for May 14 to 20


You usually like to kick off the week with a big burst of productivity, but don't take any risky chances or introduce new projects this Monday or Tuesday. As difficult as it might sound for a captain of industry like you, the wisest course of action is probably inaction. Fortunately, the environment for innovation should clear up by midweek. Wednesday and Thursday are both good days for spontaneous brainstorming, inspired emails and striking out on new paths. Any initiative you show will be rewarded. On Friday, be assertive but polite. You might need to stand up for your projects or your team.


Confide in trusted coworkers as the week begins. You might share more goals than you realize, and early in the week (Monday and Tuesday specifically) could be the right time to implement a new, forward-thinking idea - even if it sounds kind of crazy at first. You might feel the impulse to rush ahead in the middle of the week, which is unusual for you. Trust your gut (and your hard-earned experience) and slow back down instead. On Friday, enjoy a welcome wave of energy and industriousness. Plan to get your point across and get a lot done. Others will be thankful (and impressed!)


Ready for a change? You might feel the urge to move on from your current job (or maybe even make a drastic career transformation), but keep those thoughts to yourself as the week begins. Those dreams might take time to mature into proper plans, and others might jump to conclusions if you start thinking out loud. Midweek, take good advice from trusted peers. You're an excellent communicator right now (both speaking and listening), and teams and other groups will follow your lead. On Friday, try to stay patient and focused - the sooner you get things done, the sooner the weekend begins.


You might be full of energy as the week begins, but it's the kind of energy that's better suited to crazy brainstorming than filling in cells on a spreadsheet. Put off detail-oriented tasks until later in the week, and put your creativity to work instead. On Wednesday and Thursday, you can count on rapid recall and a quick wit -- just make sure you think through those brilliant insights before blurting them out in a meeting. There's no rush (and there's no need to rankle your boss, either). On Friday, take time to socialize with work friends while still getting things done. Anyone up for a long working lunch?


Expect some indecision and flaring tempers on Monday and Tuesday. Things might not be clear as the week begins, so get all the facts before making a decision. Of course, you'll have the help of your hard-earned intuition. Clarity returns by midweek, and Wednesday and Thursday are both good days for learning new skills and meeting people. You might be surprised by somebody else's fresh perspective. On Friday, watch out for conflicts fueled by ego. Your confidence could come across as arrogance - and you don't want to start a fight where everyone stands to lose. Be flexible.


Few people can match your organizational skills - a fact you'll be reminded of as the week begins. Instead of being critical, show compassion for those less detail-oriented than you and put any new projects on hold in order to give them a helping hand. By the middle of the week, you'll finally feel like things have clicked with your career. Enjoy that renewed sense of purpose, but don't let your confidence lead you into conflict with coworkers. On Friday, lose yourself in research. Learning isn't always linear, and you might be surprised where the new ideas take you.


Keep your head down as the week begins. Events will conspire to disrupt your routine, and your best bet is to stick with the same-old same-old. Steady but slow development on your current projects is better than no development at all. By the middle of the week, you'll find unexpected opportunities for compromise with coworkers. You're the master of one-on-one communication (electronic or in person), so use that charm to your advantage. On Friday, expect to be showered with praise and affection by peers and superiors. You're the very picture of grace in the workplace.


You begin the week with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of purpose. Monday and Tuesday are both good days for any kind of creative solution or playful plan you care to dream up. (Finally, that imaginative spirit of yours pays off at work!) The middle of the week bodes well for new beginnings, whether it's a big project kickoff or a new friend down the hall. Others will be inspired (and impressed) by your selfless dedication to the task at hand. On Friday, keep an open mind. What might seem like a conflict at first could actually present an opportunity for a win-win compromise. Be bold and take a chance.


That sputtering sound at the start of the week could be your mental motor struggling to turn over. Accept the fact that some days are more productive than others, and just try to spend your Monday and Tuesday listening and learning - which should be easy for an open-minded person like you. It's a good time to expand those intellectual horizons. That good-natured energy of yours should kick back into action by the middle of the week, as you find yourself full of creativity and ready to tackle anything. This Friday, tend to the details and help a coworker out.


Find creative solutions as the week begins. Where others might be struggling with a difficult project, you should be able to find an innovative workaround. Share that insight and help your coworkers out - others will be indebted (not to mention impressed). Midweek could find you having difficulty balancing home time with work time - you might have trouble getting out of the house in the morning, or a family member might call with problems in the middle of the workday. Strike a balance and don't dodge your responsibilities. This Friday, indulge yourself. You've worked hard and could use some relaxation.


Budgets could get tight as the week begins, so prepare yourself to make some on-the-fly evaluations and reassessments. Monday and Tuesday are both prime days for distraction, so pay attention, but try not to get sidetracked by too many details. You'll feel like a great weight has been lifted by the middle of the week (did you just get flex-time or something?), and you're more freethinking and freewheeling than ever. Use that fresh perspective to help a coworker out. On Friday, fight off the forces of boredom and inject a little eccentricity into your routine.


Do something for yourself as the week begins! You've had your nose to the grindstone lately, and a little self-indulgence might be just the boost you need for your morale (whether that means taking an extra-long java break or a full-fledged personal day). Monday and Tuesday both present great opportunities for starting anew and seeking out fresh projects and ideas. The middle of the week could present its share of puzzles as you try to juggle different people's perceptions of the same situation. Trust your fine-tuned sensitivity to sort out fact from fiction. This Friday, immerse yourself in interaction -- you're a master communicator right now.